Chapter 1426 Purple Lotus Incinerates Sea of Blood

When Zhou Yuan cast an indifferent gaze over him, Sheng Yuan could feel the malice and disgust between heaven and earth deepening.

“Zhou Yuan.” Palace master Sheng Yuan’s face was overcasted. The person he saw as an ant back then had become the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven and now held the supreme authority that should have belonged to him. 

How glorious Zhou Yuan was now was how regretful palace master Sheng Yuan felt. He deeply regretted not paying much attention to Zhou Yuan because if he had eliminated him, how would he be in so much trouble now? 

However, Zhou Yuan didn't care about Sheng Yuan’s emotions. He just swept an indifferent glance over him and shifted his attention to the distance. 

As though his gaze was able to penetrate through space, he saw pillars of blood-red light wreaking havoc everywhere as they rapidly spread, consuming countless people in despair. 

A chilling look flashed across Zhou Yuan’s eyes, and the temperature across the world suddenly plummeted. 

The Cangxuan Saint Stamp in his hand released dazzling rays of light and the countless mysterious and ancient Genesis runes on his Heaven Master robe grew increasingly bright and striking.  


At the same time, the sky around the pillars of blood-red light suddenly split apart and purple heavenly flames rushed out, illuminating the entire vault of heaven. The several purple heavenly flames landed on all sides of the pillars of red light, quickly spread and connected together to trap the blood-red pillars. 

The purple flames blazed fiercely, colliding with the pillars of blood-red light.


Endless screams rang out from the collision as two terrifying forces frantically pestered, corroded and tried to extinguish each other. 

Even the surrounding space was distorted into pitch-black like empty voids. 

But that stalemate only lasted a while. Cracks soon cut across the sky and purple heaven flames continued to descend. The sea of purple flames surged more and more violently. 

Once Zhou Yuan took charge of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, he could mobilize the power of the entire heaven. And with the support of the entire heaven, even if the pillars of blood-red light were tyrannical, they couldn’t withstand being constantly consumed. 

Therefore, as time passed, the pillars of blood-red light finally started to fade and were pushed back inch after inch. 

In the end, the purple flames engulfed all pillars of blood-red light.

The pillars of blood-red light everywhere in Cangxuan Heaven vanished one after another.

The people frantically fleeing under the pillars of light immediately burst into cheers and sobbed with joy. Only one who had experienced despair would know how precious time was. 

Countless people knelt down and emotionally kowtow because they knew that this was no doubt the doings of Heaven Master Zhou Yuan. 

When the last pillar of blood-red light vanished from Cangxuan Heaven, sect master Qing Yang and the others, as though a weight lifted from them, finally relaxed their tensed bodies.  

Zhou Yuan withdrew his gaze from the distance and indifferently looked at palace master Sheng Yuan on the blood sea altar.

Palace master Sheng Yuan also sensed the pillars were gone. His expression changed to its worst and his eyes were wide with disbelief. 

He couldn't believe that the sacrificial boundary he had spent over ten years to prepare would be easily destroyed by Zhou Yuan in such a way.  

Is this the power of a Heaven Master? Palace master Sheng Yuan bitterly uttered in his heart.

But he immediately suppressed his emotions and he said with a twisted face. “I haven’t lost yet. This altar is gifted by the Sacred God, so even if you became a Heaven Master, there is no way you could destroy it!”   


As his voice faded, Sheng Yuan suddenly felt the ground quaking violently. His pupils rapidly shrank. Under the sea of blood were indescribably huge purple flames rising to the surface. 

Those purple flames rose and faintly formed a purple fire lotus that covered a distance of one hundred miles. 

The purple fire lotus slowly lifted the sea of blood he was in.

That scene was too magnificent and spectacular. It even looked like a little continent rising. 

Sect master Qing Yang and the others trembled and their faces blanched with shock because such power made them feel powerless. 

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained the same. He stretched out his right hand and slowly folded his fingers tightly into the center of his palm. 

The purple fire lotus that lifted up the entire sea of blood also slowly folded its petals towards the center. 

Terrifying power gathered inside it and even the sea of blood was bubbling and blood-colored mist filled the air. But when it came into contact with the blazing purple flames, it was immediately turned into nothingness.

Zhou Yuan was promoted to Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven and the power he could mobilize was too terrifying to be described. Even a one-lotus Saint expert wouldn’t have an upper hand against him if they fought in Cangxuan Heaven. 

Moreover, this was when Zhou Yuan had only just initially controlled the Cangxuan Saint Stamp

This was the mighty power of a Heaven Master. 

Sitting cross-legged on the altar, Sheng Yuan couldn’t help but shudder as he watched the fire petals slowly close. 

The bubbling sea of blood was quickly vaporized and the bizarre and violent power contained in it was rapidly destroyed.


Suddenly, he heard a faint noise coming to his ears. He lowered his head to see the altar beneath him beginning to crack. 

“Even it couldn’t withstand the power anymore.” Sheng Yuan sighed. The warmth sweeping across the space made his Saint Spirit increasingly dim. Even flecks of purple light emerged inside the Saint Spirit, a sign that it was already corroded by the purple lotus fire.

Sheng Yuan fell silent for a few breaths. He understood that his time of death was near. 

But at that moment, he strangely felt peaceful. He raised his head emotionlessly, watching the giant fire lotus closing slowly while obscuring the sky.

“How did I come to this?” Sheng Yuan murmured.

He possessed remarkable talent and had a boundless future, but he seemed to have gradually lost himself while climbing the road to power.

When did it start?

It was when he felt envious of the tremendous mighty power possessed by patriarch Cangxuan, who was the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven, at the time. He found that no matter how he chased after Cang Xuan, he couldn’t catch up to him. The bitterness in his heart gradually turned to obsessiveness. It was unknown when it started, but a voice started to whisper in the depths of his heart. He now knew that the voice came from the omnipotent Sacred God.

Before that whisper appeared, he had explored ancient ruins, where there were traces from the great war in the ancient times. It was very possible that he was unknowingly affected by the Sacred God’s will then.

Sheng Yuan smiled bitterly, shaking his head. After all, there was something wrong with his own mind that allowed the Sacred God’s will to take advantage of it.

“Never mind, let everything end here.”

Sheng Yuan stretched out his illusory hand, patted the altar covered with cracks beneath him and smiled. “Sacred God, it seems that your investment in me is wasted.”


Increasingly more cracks emerged across the altar, and a gap split the giant fire lotus above. Terrifying power gushed out from all directions, as though to wipe out everything, including Sheng Yuan and the altar.

As Sheng Yuan watched the altar crumble, he suddenly heard a whisper in his mind.

He closely listened to the whisper, and his face changed dramatically. He abruptly lifted his head and said fiercely, “Don't destroy the sacrifice—”

But his voice didn’t come out in the end because the purple fire lotus had completely closed. 

Raging purple flames roared everywhere. 

Sheng Yuan's Saint Spirit instantly evaporated and turned into nothingness as purple flames whizzed past. At the same time, the blood-red altar broke to pieces.

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