Chapter 1424 Heaven Master Zhou Yuan

The so-called indestructibility and immortality was naturally an illusion to Zhou Yuan. After all, even a true saint wouldn’t dare say those words.

In a sense, that was the territory of God.

Although that immortal and indestructible feeling was an illusion, a mysterious power did appear in Zhou Yuan’s body, and that power made both his physical body and Spirit become unbelievably tough.


The heavenly light and divine thunderbolt continued to strike down, tearing several hideous wounds into Zhou Yuan’s body. 

But when those wounds appeared, before Zhou Yuan even activated his Sacred Dragon Qi to heal those injuries, that mysterious power had penetrated his flesh and blood.  

Zhou Yuan felt his own flesh twitching and squirming frantically, and his flesh buds twitching. In just a few breaths, he had repaired all those hideous wounds.

Furthermore, following the restoration, Zhou Yuan’s flesh and blood became even tougher and more powerful. 

Sensing such a change, Zhou Yuan's heart trembled with shock. His physical body was already at the limit of the Law Domain stage. If he progressed even farther, he would possess the Saint body unique to Saint experts. 

But it was extremely difficult to make such improvements. Even palace master Sheng Yuan, who had cultivated for years, had to use the gift from the Sacred God to complete that transformation. But Zhou Yuan’s physical body that hadn’t changed much in ages began to improve again under that mysterious power. 

If that refining increased, wouldn’t his physical body break the restraint and touch upon the

Saint stage?  

The discovery made Zhou Yuan’s heart rate quicken. 

He lifted his head, peering at the heavenly light and divine thunderbolt descending from above with a fiery gaze. The thunderbolt that made his scalp numb before seemed incomparably adorable to him now. 

Zhou Yuan opened his arms to welcome the divine thunderbolts’ arrival.


Divine thunderbolts continued to strike down, but unlike before, someone noticed Zhou Yuan’s physical body expanding as more and more divine thunderbolts bombarded him. 

His normal body size gradually increased until he was a hundred feet tall like a giant. 

The purple-gold dragon scales that fully covered his body had vanished already and his skin resembled white jade.

That white jade was untainted by any impurity and exuded the purest aura. 

Gold-lined runes loomed on his white jade body, and although they seemed to be appearing randomly, if connected, one would find it created the outline of a lotus bud!

The sky full of divine thunderbolts continued to land on Zhou Yuan’s body, but they were completely absorbed upon contact with Zhou Yuan’s white jade-like body. They flowed around his body and made those golden runes become even brighter and mysterious. 

Sect master Qing Yang and the others stared bewildered at the hundred-of-feet-tall figure because they could feel indescribable oppressive pressure released from his body.

That pressure, which only Saint possessed, wasn’t unfamiliar to them. 

A light flashed in Wu Yao’s phoenix eyes and she cried out in surprise and disbelief. “His physical body…seems to have reached the Saint stage?!” 

Su Youwei nodded with a bright and charming smile. “As expected of His Highness. He not only endured the test, his physical body even improved under that kind of destruction and rebirth!”

Zhao Mushen said snappily, “It’s obvious that patriarch Cangxuan activated the Cangxuan Saint Stamp to help him.”  

His eyes weer full of envy because he knew what an opportunity that was.

The Saint stage was the pinnacle of all-heavens. 

Generally speaking, only when one’s Genesis Qi reached that level and when mighty Saint power refined a mortal body would it be transformed to the so-called Saint body. 

But Zhou Yuan unexpectedly skipped this step because the mysterious tribulation of heaven will had accidentally helped him complete that refining. 

The Saint lotus bud mark was a sign that one had touched upon the Saint stage, the same as the saint lotus bud that palace master Sheng Yuan formed with his Genesis Qi. Once it bloomed, his physical body would transform into a true Saint body. 

Divine thunderbolt continued to rage above. 

But following the changes in Zhou Yuan’s body as well as the Saint lotus bud’s appearance, the divine thunderbolt couldn’t wound him anymore and the mirror-like space in the horizon gradually dimmed.  

The divine thunderbolt also gradually came to a stop before completely vanishing.

The rioting universe Genesis Qi also restored its calmness. 

Countless people stared astonished at Zhou Yuan, whose eyes were tightly closed, because his tremendous body was slowly shrinking. It resumed his normal shape after a few dozens of breaths. 

His upper body was bare and his skin glistened like white jade. The lotus bud mark on his chest shone with a mysterious light, making him appear specially imposing and powerful. 

It was the might of a Saint!

Zhou Yuan glanced down at the mysterious lotus bud mark on his chest, somewhat disappointed. He had absorbed the power of so many divine thunderbolts, but the bud still hadn’t bloomed.

The fact that the bud mark hadn’t bloomed signified that it hadn’t become a complete Saint body.

But even so, Zhou Yuan's physical body was already considered a semi-Saint body. That, coupled with his Sacred Dragon body, might give him the qualifications to go head-to-head with a true Saint body.

Zhou Yuan could distinctly feel how strong his physical body had become. He was mesmerized and almost couldn’t free himself from that power that could easily reach the stars and moon with a slight movement.   

“It seems you withstood the test.” But a laughter awakened Zhou Yuan from his entranced state.

He peered at the transparent figure in front of him with a sincere smile and gave a cupped fist salute. “Thank you, patriarch for your help.”   

If patriarch Cang Xuan hadn’t borrowed the Cangxuan Saint Stamp’s power to gather the prayers of the people in Cangxuan Heaven, he might not have been able to endure the tribulation of heaven will.  

Furthermore, it was precisely that mysterious power that helped transform the divine thunderbolts’ power and made Zhou Yuan's physical body improve even more.

“The power from people's prayers just added luster to the flower. It can’t have a decisive effect. If you weren’t at that stage, the prayer transformation wouldn’t have much of an effect.”

Patriarch Cang Xuan looked at Zhou Yuan with a pleased smile. He raised the Cangxuan Saint Stamp in his hand and said, “Congratulations, you passed the Cangxuan Saint Stamp test…it has fully acknowledged you.”

Zhou Yuan gazed at the ancient stone seal. He indeed felt he had formed a very mysterious connection with the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, and with that, the coordination between him and the entire Cangxuan Heaven reached an unprecedented level.

The Cangxuan Saint Stamp in patriarch Cang Xuan's hand slowly rose and floated in front of Zhou Yuan.

Patriarch Cang Xuan looked at Zhou Yuan’s young face and said, “Zhou Yuan, when your Spirit stamps on the Saint Stamp, you will completely control the Saint Stamp and become the new Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven.”

Zhou Yuan nodded, clasping the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. The center of his brows suddenly lit up and a gush of Spirit power rushed into the Saint Stamp. 

He felt his Spirit spreading to every corner of Cangxuan Heaven, and countless images flooded his mind like he was viewing flowers on horseback. 

With one thought, all scenes in the Great Zhou City appeared in his mind. He saw Zhou Qing and Qin Yu on the city walls, as well as many officials of the Great Zhou Empire.

Many faces of the Cangxuan Heaven people were imprinted in his mind.

While Zhou Yuan was observing Cangxuan Heaven, all citizens simultaneously felt a feeling in their hearts and an image suddenly flashed across their minds.

It was an imposing and majestic figure with his upper body bare like white jade. 

The face of that figure wasn’t clear as though it was impossible to pry into, but they all simultaneously received a message. 

He was the new Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven.    

Patriarch Cang Xuan’s eyes glistened with delight and relief. With a pleased smile on his face, he bowed his body and gave a cupped fist salute at Zhou Yuan. 

His gentle yet majestic voice resounded. “Congratulations, Heaven Master Zhou Yuan.” 

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