Chapter 1423 The Brave is Indestructible


When those heavenly lights descended from above, thunder seemed to be rumbling throughout the world. They mightily bombarded Zhou Yuan. 

Of course, Zhou Yuan also sensed the mysterious heavenly light and divine thunderbolt. His scalp immediately numbed because the power contained within them was much more terrifying than he imagined.  

Zhou Yuan couldn’t help asking, “Patriarch, didn’t you say it would be simple?!”   

“It will be fine. Believe in yourself. You can do it!” Patriarch Cang Xuan encouraged him with a smile. 

Zhou Yuan felt tricked when he saw his smile. He rolled his eyes and his body quickly expanded. 

Purple-gold dragon scales fully covered his body like armor, and his Sacred Dragon Body was unreservedly activated within seconds. Sacred Dragon aura broke out and formed a purple-gold nine-clawed dragon above Zhou Yuan. 

Zhou Yuan didn’t dare to be careless in the face of a means used to test people at the Sant stage.


Just as he made all preparations, the divine thunderbolt that resembled a pillar of heavenly light suddenly struck down. The nine-clawed purple-gold dragon hovering above Zhou Yuan roared out in pain. 

Even the purple-golden dragon scales broke apart. 

But Zhou Yuan was more severely affected. His mind rang endlessly and his body shook continuously. If he hadn’t activated his Sacred Dragon Body, even the sound waves alone would be difficult to bear.

Too terrifying!    

This was the only noise in Zhou Yuan’s mind. The heavenly light and divine thunderbolt contained a unique power that every strike brought indescribable pain to him. The pain wasn’t only from his body, even his Spirit felt being ripped apart. 

The giant purple-gold dragon constantly shrank as heavenly light and divine thunderbolt bombarded it. It only took a dozen strikes before the dragon became illusory-looking.

It had reached the limit it could bear.   

As for Zhou Yuan, he was in a disoriented and confused state. The shaking of his Spirit made it difficult for him to keep a clear head. 

Sect master Qing Yang, Su Youwei, Wu Yao and the others looked at Zhou Yuan with worried frowns. Although the heavenly light and divine thunderbolt was terrifying, it was only directed at Zhou Yuan, and thus such terrifying power didn’t affect the surroundings. 

But they all saw the miserable state that Zhou Yuan was in. The Cangxuan Saint Stamp’s test was clearly terrifying to push Zhou Yuan to such a tragic situation. 


Another divine thunderbolt struck down, tearing through the already illusory-looking purple-gold dragon before it pierced right through Zhou Yuan’s body that was fully protected with dragon scales.


The dragon scales split open and a hideous wound was left on his flesh, gushing out blood.

That severe pain snapped Zhou Yuan awake from his muddle-headed state. He did everything he could to endure the pain and fully circulated his Sacred Dragon Qi. 

The blood and flesh around the wound  rapidly squirmed, and his wound was quickly healed.

Then, layers of purple-gold dragon scales spread out like battle armor.


Heavenly light and divine thunderbolt continued to strike down, and its blinding light made even the chilling sea of blood much dimmer than before. 

Sheng Yuan's Saint Spirit that was wrapped in strange traces of blood was also watching the scene. His face twisted as he said with a sinister smile, “Cang Xuan, you want him to become the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven?! Although that kid has remarkable potential, he hasn’t reached the Saint stage. You’re dreaming if you think he can control the Cangxuan Saint Stamp!”

“That heaven will tribulation can easily destroy him. Hahaha!” Amidst his sinister laughter, the heavenly light and divine thunderbolt continued to tear apart Zhou Yuan’s body. His imposing and burly Sacred Dragon body broke apart inch by inch, and he looked so tragic that no one could bear to watch. 

However, Zhou Yuan showed his unswerving determination at that moment. Even though his face was twisted with pain and his eyes were red, he didn’t give up and he did everything he could to circulate his Sacred Dragon Qi. 

Every destroyed inch of the Sacred Dragon Body was restored by the Sacred Dragon Qi.

His flesh was constantly destroyed and restored in such a way. 

But that clearly wouldn't last forever. Zhou Yuan’s Sacred Dragon Qi would be exhausted sooner or later, and if he couldn’t restore his body, he could be completely destroyed by the heavenly light and divine thunderbolt. 

Patriarch Cang Xuan's expression grew solemn. The tribulation of heaven will was used to test Saint experts and Zhou Yuan was able to endure so long because his foundation was incredibly strong. 

But Zhou Yuan could be in danger if it continued.  

Patriarch Cang Xuan drew a deep breath, gripped the Cangxuan Saint Stamp and activated it with the help of the last trace of his authority power. 

A ripple suddenly widened out, teleported through space, and spread to every corner of Cangxuan Heaven.

Images flashed to the minds of all people in Cangxuan Heaven. 

Those images were pillars of scarlet light expanding constantly across the sky like the blood of demons. They consumed everything it touched. Even the millions of people in the city were wiped out within seconds and only their anguished cries continue to echo. 

Countless people shuddered at the scene. 

Images flickered and eventually focussed on Zhou Yuan, who was desperately trying to endure the tribulation of heaven will. 

“The great calamity descended to destroy the world. May the brave be indestructible.” An imposing and majestic voice rang in countless people’s mind. As though enlightened, everyone knew what they could do to help.

On the walls of the Great Zhou Empire Palace. 

With reddened eyes, Zhou Qing and Qin Yu stared at Zhou Yuan, whose body was constantly tearing apart and destroyed under the heavenly light and divine thunderbolt and a voice suddenly rang in their heart. 

They unhesitatingly closed their eyes and sincerely prayed in their hearts. “May the brave be indestructible.”

All officials and citizens of the Great Zhou City closed their eyes and sincerely prayed the calamity wouldn’t come. 

“May the brave be indestructible.”

People prayed on their knees in every corner of Cangxuan Heaven. They knew that the last hope for Cangxuan Heaven was the figure desperately trying to endure the divine lightning. 

“May the brave be indestructible.”

Countless prayers filled the air, and as though gathered into a torrent, it flooded the Cangxuan Saint Stamp through a special passage. 

Mysterious light runes emerged on the Cangxuan Saint Stamp and those prayers, after a mysterious transformation, rushed into Zhou Yuan’s body in a special way that even Saints couldn’t detect. 

Zhou Yuan, whose physical body was frantically corroded by the tribulation of heaven will, suddenly felt something strange.

He felt he had gained an indestructible ability. 

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