Chapter 1421 Catastrophe in Cangxuan Heaven

Saints were the most respected in the world and were said to exist with heaven and earth.

The birth of every saint would bring about strange spectacles and draw congratulations from heaven and earth. Similarly, the death of a Saint would trigger strange spectacles. But the difference was that it would draw cries from heaven and earth. This was called the Saint perishment.  

Sheng Yuan’s body had cracked and the lotus seal between his brows had broke apart — both signs of Saint perishment. Furthermore, Sheng Yuan’s death wasn’t caused by external forces but self-destruction. 

The Genesis Qi between heaven and earth roared and fluctuated. Tides of Genesis Qi formed at the horizon before spreading across hundreds and thousands of miles, and eventually blanketed the entire Shengzhou Continent as well as several nearby continents. 

The countless experts present, many of which were at the Law Domain stage, felt an indescribable weight slowing the flow of Genesis Qi within their bodies. 

Patriarch Cang Xuan and Zhou Yuan also didn’t look too good because when Sheng Yuan activated the Saint death process, the power in that side of the world rose to an unprecedented terrifying level, preventing the power from the four ancient rings of light from directly killing him. 

Although the final result would be the same, there was a huge difference between active and passive.

But patriarch Cang Xuan and Zhou Yuan knew anything they did would be useless. After all, Sheng Yuan had paid the price of death and the power erupted from the process of a Saint’s death shouldn’t be underestimated. 


The scene that was reflected in the eyes of Zhou Yuan, patriarch Cang Xuan, as well as many others, was just indescribably bright light and power. 

The light was so intense that it engulfed all light in the world. 

The power from the Saint death process created giant blooming lotus that forcibly melted the four ancient rings of light when they collided.  

The shock waves rapidly bombarded the Primal Chaos Saint Refining Gourd, distorting and destroying the surrounding space. It looked as if the space was being separated from Cangxuan Heaven.

However, in the face of the power produced from the death of a saint, even the Primal Chaos Saint Refining Gourd, which had been strengthened with the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, couldn’t endure for long.

Crackling, the gourd shattered to pieces. 

Patriarch Cang Xuan couldn’t help sighing emotionally. With a wave of his sleeve, a light beam sped through the air, but it wasn’t aiming for the force that broke out from the death of a Saint. Instead, it enveloped all beings in the Cangxuan Alliance Army near the area and rapidly pulled them away. 

In less than ten breaths, he had brought thousands of people hundreds of miles away using the Cangxuan Saint Stamp’s power. 

The destructive power gushed across the area, destroying everything as it passed.  

Hovering in the sky, Zhou Yuan and patriarch Cang Xuan peered down and saw a bottomless black pit that they estimated to span a thousand miles. 

The force had created a huge crater where not a blade of grass grew.


Blood bubbled up from the crater’s depths and rapidly expanded to form a blood-red sea that covered more thousands of miles. 

A strange, ominous altar slowly rose in the center of the sea. 

An illusory-looking figure sat cross-legged on the altar — it was palace master Sheng Yuan!

Sheng Yuan had lost his physical body and even his Saint Spirit had become transparent. Furthermore, dazzling flecks of light constantly rose from him. 

Sheng Yuan raised his head and gave patriarch Cangxuan and Zhou Yuan an abnormal smile. Then, eyes blazed fanatically. 

“My Sacred God...please descend upon the world again!”

Blood-colored markings swiftly spread across the altar and swirled around palace master Sheng Yuan’s Saint Spirit. Like blood-sucking worms, the blood patterns frantically consumed palace master Sheng Yuan’s Saint Spirit. 


Sensing strange movements within Cangxuan Heaven, Zhou Yuan abruptly raised his eyes and his expression changed dramatically. 

He detected pillars of blood-red light shooting into the sky in various continents of Cangxuan Heaven, and they rapidly spread everywhere and engulfed all beings they encountered. 

The blood-red pillars blooming within Cangxuan Heaven polluted everything they touched.  

Patriarch Cang Xuan’s face grew more and more overcast as he watched. “This is a huge sacrificial boundary. This must have been prepared long ago.” 

On the altar, as Sheng Yuan’s Saint Spirit grew increasingly transparent, palace master Sheng Yuan smiled. “I have prepared for today for over ten years.”  

“You're crazy.” Zhou Yuan's eyes were icy-cold. In his opinion, what Sheng Yuan had done was worse than a beast. He was a member of Cangxuan Heaven but he was willing to sacrifice the entire Cangxuan Heaven. 

“You don't understand my pursuement for the Saint stage. I would only get what I want by believing in the Sacred God. Although I haven’t experienced the Saint power for long, they say that once one has heard the Way in the morning, one will die content in the evening,” said Sheng Yuan with a smile. 

Patriarch Cang Xuan waved his hand, stopping Zhou Yuan. “He has already been corrupted by the will of the Sacred God. He won’t listen to anything. The current Sheng Yuan is just a puppet of the Sacred God now.”

Zhou Yuan clenched his hands and his face turned fierce and terrifying. 


The space in the distance suddenly ripped as several figures sped across the air — it was Su Youwei, sect master Qing Yang, Chi Jing and many other Law Domain experts.

“Master, Zhou Yuan, we received news that blood-colored pillars have appeared in various continents in Cangxuan Heaven and they are constantly expanding and consuming all living beings they encountered!” Sect master Qing Yang hurriedly reported. “We have to stop the blood pillars from expanding. Otherwise Cangxuan Heaven will suffer huge casualties!” 

Patriarch Cang Xuan let out a long sigh. “It will be difficult. Now that the sacrificial boundary is completed and Sheng Yuan has sacrificed his body to activate it, it will be very difficult for even a true Saint to stop it, let alone me.” 

Everyone turned ashen-faced at his words, and some even trembled. They couldn’t control their overwhelming emotions. 

If the boundary were allowed to continue to expand, at least half of Cangxuan Heaven would be destroyed, which would be a huge blow to Cangxuan Heaven. 

The atmosphere turned heavy.    

They peered through the space with their penetrating gaze and saw countless beings wailing with sorrow as blood-red pillars of light expanded. But regardless of how they tried to flee, they couldn’t escape from the blood-red light. 

It was unknown how many people were consumed as the blood-colored light spread.

The entire Cangxuan Heaven was plunged into chaos and despair.

This was the greatest catastrophe that Cangxuan Heaven had suffered in thousands of years.

“How would it become like this…”

The eyes of sect master Qing Yang and others were cracking. They had already exhausted themselves to deal with the Sacred Palace, but who would have thought that it would still become like this? 

“Hahaha!” Palace master Sheng Yuan burst into wild laughter even if his body was increasingly faint and weak. His face twisted as he shot a glance at Zhou Yuan and the others. “It’s worth dying to have so many people buried with me.”    



Sect master Qing Yang and many other Law Domain experts were so furious that their eyes almost shot out flames. They simultaneously launched multiple monstrous genesis arts to kill Sheng Yuan. 

But before those attacks even neared Sheng Yuan, they all strangely dissipated as if wiped away by a terrifying force. 

Sect master Qing Yang and the others finally stopped their meaningless venting attacks. Sect master Qing Yang turned to patriarch Cang Xuan and said in a hoarse voice, “Master, is there really nothing we could do to save the situation?” 

Seeing those hopeful gazes, patriarch Cang Xuan fell silent for a moment. His body was already almost completely transparent and light rays could pass right through his body. It was obvious that his clone was nearing its limit.  

However, as the former Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven, he naturally could hear the sorrowful wails and howl of despair throughout Cangxuan Heaven. 

“There is a way to stop the sacrificial boundary…" said patriarch Cang Xuan.

Many people immediately cast their gaze over at him, their eyes sparkling with hope.

Patriarch Cang Xuan raised his hand, and an ancient stone seal exuding a special charm appeared in his palm. It represented authority.

It was the authority power of the entire Cangxuan Heaven.       

“The last option is for someone to hold the Cangxuan Saint Stamp and become the new Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven.”

Patriarch Cang Xuan's calm voice rang out, causing sect master Qing Yang’s and the others’ hearts to quiver. 

But patriarch Cang Xuan didn’t glance at them because his eyes were fixed on Zhou Yuan all along.

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