Chapter 1420 Saint Perished

The four ancient rings of light hovered in the four directions around the Saint lotus throne, gushing out vast torrent-like power. Everyone was shocked to see the impenetrable Saint lotus throne gradually melting under the impact of those ancient powers. 

But the one most shocked was of course palace master Sheng Yuan.

His expression dramatically changed and the calm and indifferent expression he previously wore was completely gone. He cried out loud, “How is this possible?!” 

He was now a true Saint and no art should be able to wound him under the Saint lotus’ protection, but the Saint lotus failed to defend against patriarch Cang Xuan’s attack

This was a huge blow to palace master Sheng Yuan’s confidence. 

“Sheng Yuan, you shouldn’t be so surprised. Although the Saint stage is strong, it isn’t invincible. Even I ended up like this when I controlled the entire Cangxuan Heaven, let alone that you’re just a new Saint. Why would you think you’re invincible?” said patriarch Cang Xuan with a faint smile. 

Palace master Sheng Yuan's face turned ashen and his eyes blazed with flames of fury but also fear.

However, as a ruthless character, Sheng Yuan quickly suppressed his emotions and hissed through gritted teeth. “Cang Xuan, don’t be so smug. I haven’t lost yet!” 

He swiftly folded his hands together in a seal and his roar reverberated throughout Cangxuan Heaven. “Saint Lotus Golden Art!” 

Thousand rays of gold light erupted from the Saint lotus beneath him, and inside those golden lights seemed to be countless extremely mysterious dust-like golden runes. 

Under the golden light’s illumination, the Saint lotus turned a dazzling golden, as if made from gold.  

Following Sheng Yuan’s desperate resistance, the melting of the Saint lotus’ indeed slowed and eventually stopped. 

However, patriarch Cang Xuan didn’t look worried when he saw this. Instead, he shook his. “Sheng Yuan, although a Saint possesses vast amounts of power, can its vastness be compared to a heaven? The conflict between us has been going on for years. It’s time we put an end to it all.” As patriarch Cang Xuan sighed, the world began to alter.

The ground quaked and split apart as countless brown torrents shot into the sky.  

The wind gusted, forming countless blasts of astral wind that lashed the vault of heaven.

Boundless waves rushed over and blotted out the sky and sun.

Volcanoes erupted and vast seas of fire spread everywhere, causing the temperature to soar. 

The four different ancient and mighty powers poured into the four rings of light, turning them even brighter and dazzling. At that moment, the Saint lotus began to melt away again. 

Even if the golden light started to fade, the Saint lotus’ petals showed signs of melting.

Countless beings in Cangxuan Heaven couldn’t help cheering out loud, and their eyes were filled with joy as though their lives were renewed after a calamity. This was because palace master Sheng Yuan had clearly fallen into a huge disadvantage. 

The saints of all-heavens outside Cangxuan Heaven sighed inwardly at that scene. Given their sharp eyes, they of course could tell palace master Sheng Yuan had fallen into a hopeless situation. Patriarch had successfully borrowed Zhou Yuan’s power to activate the Cangxuan Heaven’s source power. 

That power was more profound and mysterious than Saint power. It seemed impossible for palace master Sheng Yuan to escape his doom now.  

Cangxuan Heaven’s crisis seemed to have finally been averted. 

In Cangxuan Heaven.       

Ancient power flooded the sky while the golden Saint lotus gradually grew fainter and its sacred petals started to wither.

The shrinking of the Saint lotus indicated that palace master Sheng Yuan’s defense was crumbling.

Sitting inside the Saint lotus, Sheng Yuan snapped out from his fury and fear. As the four ancient rings of light were reflected in his eyes, he seemed to have fallen into a trance-like state. 

He evidently didn’t think his plan would fail despite reaching the Saint stage, and he even fell into a hopeless situation. 

After staring dazedly for a good while, he finally chuckled out loud and looked at patriarch Cang Xuan and Zhou Yuan. “I thought I would surely win this time. I never thought this would be the outcome.” 

“I also never would have thought of such a result ten years ago.”

Patriarch Cang Xuan said indifferently, “In truth, I also didn't think of such a result. However, you didn't lose to me, but to him.”

He naturally was referring to Zhou Yuan.       

Patriarch Cang Xuan didn’t expect the chess move he made ten years ago would become a decisive move ten years later.

Palace master Sheng Yuan fell silent. Of course he knew about this, but he just couldn’t accept it. In his eyes, Zhou Yuan was as insignificant as an ant, but the ant, who he never paid much attention to, turned his plan upside down. 

“Zhou Yuan, your future achievements may even surpass Cang Xuan.” Palace master Sheng Yuan finally nodded. 

However, Zhou Yuan didn't care about his approval and just smiled faintly. “Is this why they say a man’s words are only good when death is near?”

Palace master Sheng Yuan couldn't help chuckling. “It might be true for ordinary people, but that doesn’t include me. I will never regret my decision.” 

He stared at Zhou Yuan and patriarch Cang Xuan and said, “I indeed lost this time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have won.”

Zhou Yuan and patriarch Cang Xuan narrowed their eyes.      

Patriarch Cang Xuan activated the four ancient rings of light without any hesitation to quicken the process.

Sheng Yuan evidently noticed this, but he made no response except a slight smile. It was just that the smile was psychotic. 

“Do you know what my ultimate mission is?”

Before the two could say anything, he answered his own question, “My ultimate mission is to obtain the Cangxuan Saint Stamp and become the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven, and then…I will sacrifice the entire Cangxuan Heaven. I will present it to our Sacred God and he would fully awaken and end this world.”

Sheng Yuan's voice wasn’t particularly loud, but Zhou Yuan, patriarch Cang Xuan and other Saints of all-heavens couldn’t stop their expressions from changing dramatically. 

No one ever thought Sheng Yuan would have such a crazy plan!

That beast wants to sacrifice the entire Cangxuan Heaven!?   

“That crazy man mustn’t be spared!” Killing intent burst forth from patriarch Cang Xuan’s eyes as he exhausted all his strength to activate the Primal Chaos Saint Refining Gourd and caused his already illusory figure to become transparent.    

However, as he desperately activated the gourd, the Saint lotus beneath Sheng Yuan rapidly melted and soon his body was exposed to the power of the four rings of light.

However, Sheng Yuan smiled. “It seems I can’t complete my biggest goal, but fortunately, I am prepared for the worst outcome…”

He peered at Zhou Yuan and patriarch Cang Xuan. “I already told you that although I lost, you can't win. Cang Xuan, Zhou Yuan, I hope you will be able to survive the situation. Otherwise, the vast majority of people in Cangxuan Heaven would leave with me.” 

He folded his hands together and cracks split his body. Rays of light quickly gathered to form a lotus seal between his eyebrows. However the seal was gradually shattering.

Wind suddenly rose, clouds scudded across the sky and tragic cries rang throughout the world. 

When patriarch Cang Xuan and other Saints saw this scene, their pupils readily shrank and they murmured, “The sorrow of heaven and earth. A Saint perished!”

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