Chapter 142 Perilous Situation

In front of the lake.

Zhou Yuan’s expression had turned rather grave as he gazed upon the toying look on Wu Huang’s face. Meeting Wu Huang here was definitely not part of his plans.

This was really quite unlucky.

After all, the current Zhou Yuan was completely outclassed.

Hence, Zhou Yuan’s gaze flickered slightly for an instant, before Genesis Qi suddenly exploded below his feet. Not even a shred of hesitation could be seen as his figure turned and fled.

The only thing to do in this situation was run.

“Can you really escape?” However, Wu Huang merely smiled faintly in response to Zhou Yuan’s decisive choice to escape, a smile that contained a faint hint of mockery.

His foot slammed into the ground as vigorous scarlet-red Genesis Qi erupted from within his body. Unbearable heat pulsed, making...

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