Chapter 1416 Saint Force

A Genesis Qi storm that covered the sky frantically unfurled in all directions, scattering the nearby Cangxuan alliance army. Some of the weaker individuals were nearly blown a thousand miles away and sustained serious injuries from the fall.

However, no one could care about such things at this moment. Countless gazes gravely stared at the center of the destruction, where they had clearly seen Zhou Yuan directly clash against the Saint force sun earlier.

It had been an exceptionally moving and tragic scene, because everyone knew how enormous the gap was between Zhou Yuan and the Saint stage palace master Sheng Yuan...

To face a Saint expert’s strike with a mortal body...since time immemorial, no one knew how many once dazzling heaven prides had paid dearly for attempting this logic-defying feat. However, it was also these painful prices that slowly built up the image of the almighty Saint experts.

A Saint cannot be teased nor humiliated.

If a Saint was dishonored, the perpetrator must die.

This was perhaps one of the few things that was commonly acknowledged by both the all-heavens and the Sacred Race in the Tianyuan World.

Although Zhou Yuan was called the number one expert under the Saint stage and had created many miracles over the years, no one actually believed that he possessed the qualifications to challenge a Saint expert.

However, all of them understood that Zhou Yuan had no choice earlier.

If he had not faced the attack, Cangxuan Heaven’s elites would have been exterminated there and then by Sheng Yuan, dealing a fatal blow to the entire Cangxuan Heaven.

However, could Zhou Yuan survive an attack from a Saint expert?

No one dared to say for sure.

The torrential Genesis Qi storm finally began to weaken after raging for a long time, and the view gradually cleared up.

What appeared before everyone’s eyes was a several thousand mile wide valley. The entire valley was charred black, making it impossible to tell its depth.

The valley was clearly created from the earlier attack. Such destructive power made the eyelids of numerous Law Domain experts twitch uncontrollably.

Someone nervously asked, “Where’s alliance chief Zhou Yuan?”

No one replied as the expressions of even sect master Qing Yang and the others turned grave. Their senses had already swept through the valley, but had failed to find Zhou Yuan’s presence.

Su Youwei’s face paled somewhat, wanting to immediately dash into the valley and search for Zhou Yuan.

However, she was pulled back by Wu Yao, who said in a low voice, “Don’t be rash.”

Sheng Yuan was currently closely observing as well, and would probably unleash another fatal attack the moment he sensed anything strange.

Zhao Mushen’s expression had also turned extremely grave. He slowly said, “Although a Saint expert is terrifying, that guy has always been an abnormality and cannot be judged by common sense.”

Su Youwei breathed in deeply as she gradually calmed herself. However, her limpid eyes were still filled with worry.

While countless gazes in Cangxuan Heaven were nervously trying to find Zhou Yuan, palace master Sheng Yuan indifferently glanced at the dark valley and chuckled. “Light.”

As his voice rang out, light began to converge towards the valley, piercing the deep darkness.

In the end, the light pooled towards a certain spot deep within the valley, revealing a figure that had fallen face flat to the ground.

The figure’s eerily white bones were exposed and even his internal organs were badly damaged. Chunks of flesh still hung from his body, making him appear exceptionally pitiful.

“Hehe, how amazing. I’m surprised that you managed to survive an attack from a Saint.” Sheng Yuan gazed at the broken body and clapped softly.

Under the strong light, the figure opened his eyes with some difficulty, the remaining flesh on his body squirming as the body tried to repair itself.

However, the Saint force that had invaded his body obstructed the recovery power of the Saint Dragon Physique, even causing intense pain from time to time.

Zhou Yuan gasped weakly as he powerlessly lay on the ground, allowing blood to drain into the soil. Taking a direct blow from a Saint expert had made him understand the might of a Saint...

If not for the Sacred Dragon Physique, his grade 9 Genesis Qi and the formidable Ancestral Dragon Moves the Heavens technique, his chances of survival would have been zero.

Even with all that, he was already too heavily injured to put up any further resistance.

As expected, a Saint expert was terrifying.

Sheng Yuan’s indifferent eyes looked down upon Zhou Yuan from above. He had intentionally illuminated Zhou Yuan’s location to send this pitiful sight to every corner of Cangxuan Heaven. He wanted to tell everyone in Cangxuan Heaven that the very individual they had placed their hopes on was now powerless to even protect himself.

In Great Zhou City, Zhou Qing's eyes were red with anger and grief, while Qin Yu was already sobbing uncontrollably, unable to bear the pain in her heart.

As a mother, seeing her child in this wretched state was akin to cutting her heart with a knife.

The countless residents of Cangxuan Heaven could not help but feel enraged by this scene. However, their rage was also accompanied by a feeling of powerlessness, because they knew that there was nothing they could do.

Even so, deep respect rose within them because they understood that Zhou Yuan was fighting for every single one of them and the entire Cangxuan Heaven.

“Alliance chief Zhou Yuan, thank you.”

“It’s been hard on you alliance chief Zhou Yuan.”

“Alliance chief Zhou Yuan, I wish you never face disaster or difficulty.”


Countless people muttered, their expressions respectful and sincere. Since they could do nothing, all that was left was to pray as thanks.

Palace master Sheng Yuan cocked his head to the side as he stood in the air, as if listening to everyone’s prayers and thanks and could not help but chuckle softly.

“Look at this Zhou Yuan, I’ve done you a huge favor. You’ve now won the hearts of Cangxuan Heaven’s countless residents.”

However, he soon shook his head disdainfully and said, “It’s a pity that the hearts of these ants are useless. There are merely livestock to be slaughtered before true power.

“Never mind, allow me to completely destroy Cangxuan Heaven’s final hope in front of them. I wonder how much they will despair when that happens.”

A sinister smile rose from the corners of Sheng Yuan’s mouth. He raised his finger again, his eyes filled with pity as he stared at Zhou Yuan’s unmoving figure in the valley.

“Will you be able to survive another attack?”

Another resplendent sun expanded from Sheng Yuan’s fingertips as it was filled with endless Saint force. It abruptly shot forth a split second later, shattering space itself as it descended towards Zhou Yuan amidst countless horrified gazes.


As the great sun fell, everything melted away.

In the valley, Zhou Yuan suddenly smiled with great difficulty as he watched the sun of destruction approach. “Sheng Yuan, you are wrong. Although their hearts are small, they aren’t useless.”

“Still so stubborn till the end.” Sheng Yuan shook his head as he pressed his hand downwards, causing the sun to descend even faster.

Endless light erupted from the valley like mighty pillars that pierced the heavens.

Despair filled the eyes of countless people.

However, the endlessly spewing light of destruction suddenly froze before rapidly returning at an astonishing speed.

In the span of a few breaths, the terrifying power that could destroy everything in a ten-thousand-mile strangely disappeared.

Countless shocked gazes looked over from both in and outside Cangxuan Heaven.

Deep within the valley, an ancient, mottled stone stamp had appeared above Zhou Yuan.

The stone stamp gave off a timeless aura, as if it had existed ever since the beginning of time.

The Saint force from Sheng Yuan was completely absorbed by the ancient stone stamp.

Divine light sprinkled from the stone stamp onto Zhou Yuan’s mangled body. The body that had originally been continuously broken down by Saint force began to regrow at an alarming speed.

As he felt his energy replenish, Zhou Yuan’s eyes began to grow bright and sharp.

He looked towards Sheng Yuan, whose expression was gradually turning stormy, and displayed a dazzling smile.

“Old dog Sheng Yuan, you seem to have failed to kill me again.”

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