Chapter 1415 Facing a Saint Expert

Thunder boomed across the sky as palace master Sheng Yuan’s boundless killing intent engulfed the land. All of a sudden, everyone felt the surrounding Genesis Qi leave them.

They seemed to have lost the ability to wield the surrounding Genesis Qi.

That’s right, a Saint expert was the master of the land. Each word he spoke became a law of the land, and its Genesis Qi moved according to his will.

Since he had displayed killing intent, the others were naturally no longer able to utilize the surrounding Genesis Qi.

The Nascent Source experts were greatly affected by the loss of connection to outside Genesis Qi. The Law Domain experts, on the other hand, had already formed their own Law Domains which contained vast amounts of Genesis Qi. Hence, they were still capable of battle without utilizing external Genesis Qi.

Of course, their battle power would naturally weaken over time.

Hence, the entire Cangxuan alliance army fell into chaos. Fear filled their faces as they hurriedly backed away, looking at Sheng Yuan as if he was the demon king sent to destroy the world.

After ascending to the Saint stage, Sheng Yuan was undoubtedly the most terrifying existence on this land.

There was no comparison to before.

Fortunately for them, Sheng Yuan ignored the small fries as his amused gaze locked onto Zhou Yuan, sect master Qing Yang, Chi Jing and the other top Law Domain experts.

“Zhou Yuan, it seems that I’ve come out on top in today’s battle.”

Zhou Yuan frowned slightly. Anyone could see that even he was extremely wary of Sheng Yuan now.

“Zhou Yuan, I chased you out like a dog back then and I can still do the same now.”

There was a smirk on Sheng Yuan’s face, and no more cautiousness in his eyes when he looked towards Zhou Yuan. After reaching the Saint stage, he was no longer worried about a mere Zhou Yuan.

“All of you can go and die now.” Sheng Yuan was clearly satisfied having achieved his goal. He raised his hand and pointed with two fingers and a giant sun instantly appeared from his fingertips.

The sun was so resplendent that it even masked the light from the real sun shining on the horizon. 

Countless people watched in horror as the giant sun filled their eyes. To them, it represented destruction and calamity.

Terror flooded the eyes of sect master Qing Yang and the others. They could clearly feel the extremely vigorous Saint force contained within the sun and understood just how terrifying it truly was.

It was impossible for Law Domain experts like them to ever match such power.


The giant resplendent sun suddenly shot forth as the entire place fell deathly silent. The sun smashed through space and appeared above Zhou Yuan, sect master Qing Yang, Chi Jing and the other top Cangxuan alliance experts.

Even before landing, the power pulsing from the Saint force light waves already placed sect master Qing Yang and the others under a terrifying pressure. The layers of Genesis Qi defenses around their body instantly crumbled as blood sprayed wildly from their mouths. Robbed of even the right to resist, they could only watch helplessly as the sun descended.


As the Saint force sun descended, however, an earth-shaking ancient dragon roar abruptly rang out.

Everyone watched as Zhou Yuan’s clothes disintegrated, revealing purple-gold dragon scales flickering on his skin. With a ferocious expression, he stepped forward to take on the great sun’s might on his own.

In the face of its overwhelming power, his Saint Dragon Physique began to rupture and tear, the dragon scales shattering to pieces.

Sect master Qing Yang vomited another mouthful of blood and used all of his remaining energy to roar, “Zhou Yuan, get out of there!”

“A mantis trying to stop a cart. Reckless fool.” Sheng Yuan chuckled softly and pressed his hand downwards.


Flames suddenly rose from the sun. It was Saint fire!

The purple-gold dragon scales on Zhou Yuan’s body rapidly melted. The Saint Dragon Physique that had impressed even Sheng Yuan previously now seemed so frail and weak.

Zhou Yuan’s appearance was gut-wrenching. His charred flesh was visible and it seemed as if all of his skin had been burnt off.

However, he refused to take even half a step back. He knew that the moment he backed down, sect master Qing Yang, Chi Jing, Su Youwei and the others behind him would be incinerated till not even dust remained.

Saint force was not something the likes of them could withstand.

In the little courtyard in All-Heavens City, Yaoyao stared at Zhou Yuan’s skinless body as a terrifying chill slowly spread from her body. The hand that was originally gently stroking Tuntun’s fur suddenly gripped tightly, causing it to shudder as it pitifully tried its best to keep still.

Yaoyao rose from the swing, seemingly intending to do something, but an elderly figure swiftly appeared in front of her and hastily said, “Yaoyao, don’t be rash. Zhou Yuan might not need your help!”

It was Cang Yuan.

With prime sovereign Jin Luo stuck in battle against, Cang Yuan was the only one left to keep an eye on Yaoyao and stop her from acting rashly.

Yaoyao’s clear eyes glanced at Cang Yuan, but the iciness spreading from her did not weaken in the slightest.

Cang Yuan could only relax his tone and try to appease her. “Yaoyao, you have to believe in Zhou Yuan. His potential is no less than anyone else. Sheng Yuan is merely a new Saint expert and is still not proficient in wielding Saint force. Fighting against him will be a very beneficial experience for Zhou Yuan.

“Moreover, he will definitely be able to overcome this challenge!”

Yaoyao was silent, however, the terrifying cold spreading from her body finally began to weaken. In the end, she returned to the swing and sat down.

Cang Yuan secretly breathed a sigh of relief. The current Yaoyao was very difficult to persuade. Fortunately, she was still able to maintain a cool head with regards to Zhou Yuan’s affairs.

With the all-heavens and the Sacred Race both tensely watching the battle in Cangxuan Heaven, Yaoyao’s interference could potentially cause things to spiral into chaos.

Cang Yuan turned towards the screen, seeing Zhou Yuan’s pitiful figure reflected within it.

He knew that the situation was extremely bad for Zhou Yuan. After all, Sheng Yuan was a proper Saint expert now, an existence on a completely different level from the half-Saint he was before. Otherwise, a simple move from him would not have so one-sidedly crushed Zhou Yuan, a huge contrast in the close fight previously.

However, no one could help Zhou Yuan now and he could only rely on himself.

Zhou Yuan, the all-heavens are watching you. I believe in you and you will definitely create a miracle! 


“Zhou Yuan, your miracles end here.” Sheng Yuan chuckled indifferently as his hand continued to push downwards. The Saint force sun fell with a loud rumble, intent on completely wiping Zhou Yuan from existence.

Zhou Yuan’s bloody figure gazed at the falling sun and he roared once more. In the next instant, the Saint Genesis Art he had been preparing all this time was finally unleashed.

“Ancestral Dragon Moves the Heavens!” A low roar exploded in his heart. Mottled patterns appeared on Zhou Yuan’s mangled body, giving off a peculiar power that seemed oblivious to the Saint force’s pressure.

The mottled patterns converged towards Zhou Yuan’s arms as an ancient power surged out. In the end, he swung both fists as the falling sun with a ferocious expression.


An endless storm erupted from the epicenter, sweeping across the entire Shengzhou Continent.

Blinding light exploded, causing a chain reaction that abruptly brightened half of Cangxuan Heaven.

Countless people watched in shock, and even the numerous watching all-heavens Saint experts were slightly moved. They were astonished by how Zhou Yuan had dared to strike back at Saint force...

This kid...was truly a wild one.

However, could he really survive against such overwhelming power?

Countless gazes both in and outside Cangxuan Heaven looked towards the epicenter of the blinding light.

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