Chapter 1414 Sheng Yuan enters the Saint stage


Saint Stamp fragments zipped through the viscous blood waters, heading straight towards a certain spot at the bottom of the blood sea.

Outside the blood sea, the numerous Cangxuan alliance experts had likewise realized what was happening, causing their expressions to turn uncertain. They were likewise unable to understand why he had voluntarily sent the Saint Stamp fragments into the blood sea.

However, no one was stupid enough to doubt Zhou Yuan’s standpoint. Hence, they could only anxiously wait in confusion...

Even sect master Qing Yang and the others were rather concerned. However, all they could do was look at each other in silence. After all, the current situation could not grow any worse. Although Zhou Yuan’s actions were risky, maybe he had something else up his sleeve?

Of course, they were not the only ones who were conflicted. Seated above the blood sea, palace master Sheng Yuan had also become somewhat unsure.

He likewise did not know if he should stop and expel the Saint Stamp fragments, or allow them to reach the bottom of the blood sea...

It was honestly very difficult to convince himself to expel them. After all, he had desired these fragments for many years, so how could he possibly send them away when they were delivered straight to his doorstep?

But if he didn’t expel them, the exceptionally crafty Zhou Yuan was most definitely up to something...

Sheng Yuan’s eyes rapidly flickered in thought. A long time later, he took a deep breath and made his decision.

He was going to accept these Saint Stamp fragments!

No matter what Zhou Yuan was plotting, he could forget about taking back these Saint Stamp fragments since they had entered the blood sea. However, Sheng Yuan felt that he should ignore the fragments for now as it was more important to concentrate on his blooming Saint lotus bud.

Once he advanced to the Saint stage, he would be able to easily crush any schemes Zhou Yuan had.

With his decision made, Sheng Yuan slowly calmed himself and observed the situation like an unconcerned bystander.

Under the nervous gazes of the various experts, fragment after fragment zipped through the viscous blood water and ultimately arrived at the bottom of the blood sea.

As the Saint Stamp fragments shone on the bottom of the sea, a beam of dazzling light suddenly erupted from the darkness.

Light pierced through the blood sea, soaring straight into the sky.

Countless gazes stared at the bottom of the light beam and saw numerous fragments that pulsed with mysterious power gathered together, bound by several layers of seals.

They were the Saint Stamp fragments that had landed in Sheng Yuan’s hands.

Zhou Yuan was slightly dazed by the sight of the numerous Saint Stamp fragments trapped at the bottom of the blood sea. Soon after, he chuckled. “I’ve finally found all of you. Since I separated you guys back then, allow me to reconstruct you today!”

With a thought, numerous fragments shot towards the trapped fragments at the bottom of the sea.

As the fragments approached, the trapped Saint Stamp fragments began to react, violently shaking in their restraints.

A mysterious power erupted from the fragments, slowly shattering the seal around them.

This development also landed in Sheng Yuan’s eyes, causing him to frown a little. He had not expected that there would be such a strong link between the Saint Stamp fragment. This was something that had never happened before.

Zhou Yuan was truly cunning.

Sheng Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly as another petal slowly unfurled on the Saint lotus bud above his head.

The almighty pressure from his body grew even more terrifying.

Sheng Yuan was intoxicated by this power.

“Zhou Yuan, Sheng Yuan is about to complete his cultivation breakthrough!” Sect master Qing Yang and the others could not help but worry as they felt the growing pressure around them.

“It’s useless to worry.” Zhou Yuan shook his head, not bothering to even glance in Sheng Yuan’s direction. There was no need to pay any attention to him since there was no way to stop his ascension to the Saint stage. Doing so would only make them worry more.

The only thing they had to keep Sheng Yuan in check was the Cangxuan Saint Stamp!

Sect master Qing Yang and the others could only smile powerlessly at each other, feeling mixed between despair and hope. If Sheng Yuan succeeded in his breakthrough before their side managed to gain control of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, it would become a massacre.

Numbers meant nothing in the face of a true Saint expert.


While countless gazes grew increasingly nervous, four mysterious Saint Runes suddenly appeared from four of the Saint Stamp fragments.

They were the four Saint Runes from Zhou Yuans’ body!

Strings of light shot out, connecting the four Saint Runes.


An indescribable undulation erupted. The nearby Saint Stamp fragments seemed to hear a beckoning call and excited shot over like birds into the woods.

Thud! Thud!

The sealed Saint Stamp fragments began to grow somewhat berserk, frantically slamming into the seal repeatedly, making the cracks on it grow deeper and deeper.

After several breaths, the seal finally reached its limit and shattered.

Numerous Saint Stamp fragments hurriedly shot out, pouncing straight towards the glowing ball formed by the four Saint Runes.

Each fragment seemed to melt away and disappear when they shot into the ball. As more and more fragments entered, a mysterious and profound power gradually began to brew.


Sect master Qing Yang and the others were overjoyed by this development.

However, their rising joy was almost immediately interrupted by a strange undulation from the blood sea. Blood surged over from all directions, forming a blood ball that completely covered the numerous Saint Stamp fragments.

It also stopped any undulation from spreading.

In the Cangxuan alliance, the expressions of countless people changed drastically.

On the surface of the blood sea, palace master Sheng Yuan heartily laughed at the heavens and said, “Many thanks, Zhou Yuan. Since you so kindly sent them to my doorstep, I will happily accept them all.

“Besides...I believe we’ve already had enough fun, right?”

The smile on Sheng Yuans’ face gradually turned sinister. Everyone watched in horror as the final petal of the Saint lotus bud above his head slowly unfurled.

The Saint lotus was finally complete!

The entire world seemed to fall silent, even the sound of wind fading into oblivion.

Sheng Yuan rose to his feet, his long scarlet hair dancing behind him. He extended a hand as the Saint lotus landed on his palm. He stared at the Saint lotus he had always yearned for even in his dreams, the corners of his mouth slowly raising as his body trembled with emotion.

“Hahahaha!” He laughed so hard that his back bent backwards, the exaggerated laughter resounding across the silent land.

“Cang Xuan, do you see this? I’ve also finally stepped into the Saint stage! You’ve failed! I’ve long said that I would ultimately replace you and become Cangxuan Heaven’s strongest expert!

“No, this place will no longer be called Cangxuan Heaven in the future…” Sheng Yuan shouted at the heavens as his face distorted. Mountains nearby began to crumble, turning the mountainous region into an endless plains, before quickly being covered by blood-red flowers.

It was Saint force, an almighty power that could shape and transform the very land itself.

Terror filled the faces of countless people.

Sheng Yuan finally began to calm his emotions. He raised his head and gazed towards sect master Qing Yang and the others, ultimately pausing on Zhou Yuan’s figure. He smiled faintly as terrifying killing intent drew thunderclouds in the sky above.

“It’s time to clean out all you irksome trash.”

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