Chapter 1411 Offering


Blood-curdling shrieks continuously rang out from the depths of the churning blood sea, causing the countless onlookers’ hairs to stand on end as their eyes filled with terror.

They were well aware of what was happening. The Sacred Palace experts were being devoured and absorbed by the blood sea...

Although these people were enemies, no one had expected they would ultimately die to their trusted palace master instead of their adversaries.

Numerous gazes turned towards the white-haired figure above the blood sea and involuntarily shivered. Palace master Sheng Yuan’s viciousness and cruelty made their hearts turn cold.

“Lei Jun…” Sect master Qing Yang, Liu Lianyi, old Xuan and the others’ expressions could not help but turn rather complicated when they witnessed the scene of Lei Jun’s self-destruction attempt failing and instead being devoured by the blood sea.

Of course, they naturally hated Lei Jun. After all, he had played a major role in patriarch Cang Xuan’s death years ago.

However, sect master Qing Yang had intended to personally end this grudge between them, and never imagined Lei Jun would die at Sheng Yuan’s hands instead.

Liu Lianyi grinded her teeth and said, “He brought this onto himself!”

“It’s good that he’s dead.” Old Xuan snorted, showing no sympathy towards Lei Jun’s pathetic death. He was a worthless ingrate in old Xuan’s eyes. The master had treated him so well, but the bastard had not only shown no gratitude but instead schemed to bring upon Cang Xuan’s downfall. It was quite fitting for him to die at his companion, Sheng Yuan’s hands.

Sect master Qing Yang sighed softly. Since Lei Jun was dead, there was naturally no need to hold on to past grudges. It was more important to focus instead on Sheng Yuan.

He worriedly looked towards the Sacred Blood Reservoir, where frightening waves were surging. As the Sacred Palace experts were devoured, a frightening power that made his heart shiver had begun to gather. When it erupted, a calamity was sure to befall them.


While sect master Qing Yang worried, a ten-thousand-feet tall wave of Genesis Qi suddenly descended from the sky. A giant life-like dragon roared within the Genesis Qi, giving off an ancient and boundless pressure.

The strength of this Genesis Qi made the eyelids of sect master Qing Yang and the other third stage Law Domain experts jump as their spirits trembled in fear.

Sect master Qing Yang could not help but turn around and look at the Genesis Qi’s owner. Who else could it be but Zhou Yuan?

Sect master Qing Yang, Liu Lianyi, old Xuan and the others looked at each other, seeing the mixed feelings in each other’s eyes.

The little Cangxuan Sect disciple from back then had already completely surpassed all of them...


The giant dragon-like Genesis Qi torrent plunged from the sky, crashing down towards Sheng Yuan with unmatched ferocity.

Before the destructive attack could land, however, the blood sea suddenly roared as a ten-thousand-feet tall wave rose and slammed into the falling Genesis Qi torrent.


The two forces collided. To everyone’s surprise, the blood wave possessed an unimaginable corrosive power. It surged forth and melted away Zhou Yuan’s giant dragon-like torrent that made even third stage Law Domain experts tremble in fear.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened a little. The power contained in the Sacred Blood Reservoir had reached a level that was shocking even to him.

Above the blood sea, Sheng Yuan’s white hair fluttered in the wind. He gazed towards the still melting Sacred Palace experts as his eyes seemed to dim faintly before quickly turning into ruthless determination.

In the air, Zhou Yuan coldly said, “You can even turn on your own people. I can’t help but acknowledge that you are indeed a bastard.”

Sheng Yuan raised his eyelids and indifferently said, “Aren’t you the one who forced me to do this?”

Venerable Lord Gu Jing interjected, “Sheng Yuan, don’t try to shift the blame with your glib tongue. You are from Cangxuan Heaven, but you willingly became a dog of the Sacred Race. Despicable!”

The other experts cast disdainful gazes at Sheng Yuan.

Sheng Yuan shook his head and said, “You fools, the Sacred Race is not something that the all-heavens can ever hope to match. Your resistance is merely akin to a mantis trying to stop a cart and such actions will only bring calamity to the all-heavens. All I’m doing is trying to at least preserve some of us.”

Zhou Yuan indifferently said, “To live as the Sacred Race’s livestock?”

Sheng Yuan replied, “If anyone performs well, the Sacred God will help wash away our human bloodline to become a member of the Sacred Race.”

As he said this, a slightly fanatical look arose in his eyes.

The crowd was speechless.

Sect master Qing Yang’s expression was complicated as he said, “Sheng Yuan, no matter what, you used to be the one who had the greatest chance to step into the Saint stage in Cangxuan Heaven. How did you fall so far?”

Sheng Yuan laughed. “None of you will understand because you do not know how powerful the Sacred God is. In the great war of the past, the Sacred God would have already become the ultimate god of the Tianyuan World if not for the Ancestral Dragon remnant will’s appearance in the end. However, it is only a matter of time. When the time comes, all of you will understand how correct my decision is.”

Zhou Yuan shook his head. There seemed to be something not quite right with Sheng Yuan. The blind zealotry he displayed was akin to an extremist. A person like this had already lost his rationality and there was no point in trying to convince him.

“Everyone, attack together and kill him.” Zhou Yuan waved his hand.


The numerous Law Domain experts nearby moved immediately. In an instant, countless astonishing torrents of Genesis Qi roared out, shaking the land as they fell towards palace master Sheng Yuan like a meteor shower. 

However, Sheng Yuan merely chuckled in response to the terrifying attacks. With a stomp, the Sacred Blood Reservoir heaved and a giant blood-red shield formed above him.

Boom boom!

Powerful Genesis techniques blasted the blood shield one after another. However, all they managed to leave were ripples, none of the attacks able to pierce through and deal damage to Sheng Yuan.

The expressions of the Cangxuan alliance’s many apex experts changed at this sight.

“It’s useless.” Sheng Yuan shook his head in pity before he extended his hand. The sealed Saint lotus bud appeared and slowly drifted down towards the blood reservoir. Zhou Yuan frowned deeply as he watched the seal gradually fall off as blood washed over it.

The Sacred Blood Reservoir could dissolve his seal!

Sheng Yuan raised his head and looked towards Zhou Yuan. “It seems that the seal you took so much effort to place is not as strong as you expected.”

Zhou Yuan looked down, meeting Sheng Yuan’s gaze. “Do you intend to keep hiding in the blood reservoir? Once you leave it, what can you do now that you’re all alone?”

Sheng Yuan laughed. “Could it be that you believe these people will be of any use?


He looked Zhou Yuan straight in the eye as a strange look surfaced within his own. “Do you really believe that I turned my Sacred Palace people into food just to strengthen the Sacred Blood Reservoir’s power?

“Zhou Yuan, you still don’t understand…

“But it doesn’t matter. All of you will soon find out what I’m going to do.”

Sheng Yuan’s white hair drifted in the wind as he sat down above the surface of the blood sea under countless watching gazes.

His hands slowly lifted and formed a seal.


The blood sea began to churn violently as a giant whirlpool appeared before everyone’s eyes. In the end, a strange blood-red altar slowly rose from its depths.

Sheng Yuan’s eyes grew increasingly feverish as he gazed at the altar.

He kowtowed deeply to the altar before a clearly crazed voice sounded, “I sacrifice the Sacred Palace an offering to the Sacred God.”

His voice was transmitted to the ears of countless people. In this moment, the expressions of all of Cangxuan Heaven’s apex experts, including Zhou Yuan, changed drastically.

Outside Cangxuan Heaven, the all-heavens Saint experts’ expression also rapidly changed.

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