Chapter 141 Enemies Inevitably Meet

While the countless prided geniuses of the Cangmang Continent flooded into the Saint Remains Domain, no one knew that something important was happening in a certain far off continent. On this particular continent, dazzling light was currently exploding from a mountain top. One would see that an enormous Genesis Rune boundary had been inscribed into the ground. Astonishing undulations pulsed from it, gathering all of the surrounding Genesis Qi.

At this current time, five figures stood at the center of this gigantic Genesis Rune boundary.

Several figures stood in the air outside the giant Genesis Rune boundary. Extremely powerful Genesis Qi rippled from their bodies as terrifying pressures suffocated the area.

Outside the Genesis Rune boundary, a stern elder said in a low voice,  “Ye Ming, the Saint Remains Domain in the Cangmang Continent has already been opened, and we will soon start up the teleportation Genesis Rune to send the five of you in. The five of you are the most elite prided geniuses of our Dongxuan Continent, and your task will be to snatch away the greatest gift of the Saint Remains Domain. If you succeed, your futures will definitely be limitless!”

Another old granny in black said, "The Cangmang Continent is a chaotic mess in comparison to our Dongxuan Continent that it controlled by us, the five great clans. While the five of you are the most elite prided geniuses that the five great clans have spared no effort in nurturing. Therefore, you absolutely cannot lose to the geniuses from the Cangmang Continent!"

One of the five individuals inside the Genesis Rune boundary scratched the back of his head, displaying an innocent smile as he asked, "Although there are no powerful factions in the Cangmang Continent, the envoys from the six sacred sects will be there. Will they make things difficult for us if we're found out?"

The stern elder answered in an indifferent tone, "The gifts and blessings of the world do not belong to any one person. If the geniuses of the Cangmang Continent are incapable of securing the gifts offered to them, it will naturally be passed on to those with ability. That's why the six sacred sect envoys will not say anything even if they find out. As long as you succeed, you will also naturally be able to enter the six sacred sects."

In the Genesis Rune boundary, a tall and slender girl waved her hand and nonchalantly said, “Relax, it’s just a mere Cangmang Continent. We’ve already familiarized ourselves with their top geniuses, and they won’t be much of a problem.

The granny in black looked towards the center of the group where a young man in black robes stood. “Ye Ming, you will serve as the leader on this mission, and everyone else will listen to your orders.”

The eyes of the youth in black robes had been lightly shut since the beginning, only slowly opening after hearing the granny’s words. Black pupils that seemed to contain pure darkness, a sight that was incomparably strange. He did not reply the granny, but instead looked towards the other four prided geniuses with those pitch-black eyes as he said in a detached manner, “Regardless of whether it is the geniuses of the Cangmang Continent or you guys, whoever obstructs me will be… killed.”

His tone was as ordinary as could be, containing neither emotion nor killing intent. When he spoke, however, the other four elite geniuses of the Dongxuan Continent shivered and unexpectedly did not retort.

Upon seeing that no one had anything to say, the youth in black robes lifted his head, looked outside of the Genesis Rune boundary and nonchalantly said, “Let’s begin.”

The stern elder and the other four nodded. With a wave of their sleeves, vigorous Genesis Qi whizzed out and poured into the Genesis Rune boundary. It immediately began to shake as space started to twist and distort.

While the space around them distorted, the five figures within the Genesis Rune gradually faded away. With one final burst of light, their figures completely disappeared.

Upon seeing the five figures vanish, the stern elder and his group finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“The Cangmang Continent is nothing special, yet they possess a Saint Remains Domain. We can’t be blamed for having designs on it.”

“Haha, relax. Ye Ming and the other four are the most outstanding younger generation talents of our five clans. With them in play, what can the geniuses of a tiny Cangmang Continent possibly amount to?”

“Yes, there will be no obstructions this time. As long as they manage to obtain the greatest gift, an expert that can open a Law Domain might appear in our five clans. When that happens, we may even end up establishing our own sect and become a true behemoth like existence in Cangxuan Heaven.


What appeared before Zhou Yuan was an endless ancient land. Ancient trees that reached into the sky, giant mountains that seemed to pierce the clouds. The entire land was filled with an ancient and barbaric aura.

When one looked towards the sky, one would no longer see the swirling mist, but instead a dim yellow hue that was clearly different from the outside world.

“I’m afraid that this Saint Remains Domain exists in a different space.” Mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself.

This Saint Remains Domain may perhaps be a tiny corner of the Cangmang Continent, but the land reflected his eyes was extremely vast. If one really had to compare, it may even be larger than the entire Cangmang Continent.

“To think a drop of blood from a Saint would become such a mystical land…” Zhou Yuan sighed. He truly wondered how strong the so-called Saint was that a single drop of blood could transform into a world of its own.

“Hmm… I seem to be separated from Yaoyao and the rest.” Zhou Yuan scanned his surroundings, finding it completely empty and without a single soul in sight. It was more than obvious that Yaoyao and the rest were not here.

“Looks like I’ll have to get going alone.” Zhou Yuan shook his head. He was not worried about Yaoyao. Although she was unable to use Genesis Qi, her Spirit cultivation was outrageously amazing. Only a handful of prided geniuses from the Cangmang Continent would be able to threaten her.

Zhou Yuan did not hesitate for long, randomly choosing a direction as Genesis Qi began to rise around him. With a stamp of his foot, his body shot forward.

After travelling at full speed for about a dozen minutes, Zhou Yuan’s eyes suddenly focused. A lake had appeared some distance to his front.

Zhou Yuan concentrated, his expression involuntarily changing a split second later. He had discovered a figure standing by the lakeside.

Golden robes and a dignified aura. Everything about the figure was just too familiar. It was Wu Huang!

As the saying went, it was inevitable for enemies to meet!

So many people had been scattered, but he just had to encounter Wu Huang.

When Zhou Yuan discovered Wu Huang, the latter also seemed to sense something. He turned his head, his gaze instantly finding Zhou Yuan, causing him to be momentarily stunned.

However, Wu Huang swiftly regained his wits, and could not help but break out into a soft laughter that gradually grew louder and louder.

After laughing for some time, he finally stopped, staring at Zhou Yuan as he said, “Do you know what I was thinking about just now?”

“I was thinking about where should I go to find you, the cripple dragon of the Zhou clan, so I can finally eliminate any potential threat you might become.”

“And just as this problem was beginning to vex me, you decided to appear…”

“Do you know what this means?”

“It means I possess the true blessings. Whatever I wish for will naturally become reality.”

Wu Huang stared at Zhou Yuan, a toying look in his eyes as if he was looking at prey that could not escape the palm of his hand.

“Crippled dragon of the Zhou clan, that is why I am the true dragon!”

“With no one to protect you this time, how will a crippled dragon like you flail about before your inevitable doom?”

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