Chapter 1409 Sealing Technique

A dark-red pillar of light fell from the sky, containing an indescribable power. Even palace master Sheng Yuan suddenly felt his heart shiver at the red light’s appearance.

He had an unexplainable feeling that the dark-red light was capable of gravely injuring him.

Zhou Yuan seemed to be waiting for this very chance!

He had used the magical silver rune battle armor to draw Sheng Yuan’s attention, while his true body concealed itself at some unknown time during the battle, waiting for the right moment to counterattack...

These thoughts flashed across Sheng Yuan’s mind in an instant. However, the dark-red beam was far too swift, and it was already impossible to dodge when it appeared.

An ominous glint flashed in Sheng Yuan’ eyes. He refused to believe that Zhou Yuan, who had been forced into a corner, would still be able to bite back!

As long as he blocked this counterattack, Sheng Yuan would be able to launch a counter attack of his own and finally obliterate Zhou Yuan from existence.

Sheng Yuan displayed no hesitation. Divine light spouted from the Saint lotus bud, interweaving above it to form layers of defense.

In the sky, a sneer rose from the corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth when he saw this.

The Forbidden Saint Sealing Script was a Saint Genesis art he had dug out from the Ancestral Dragon Scripture when he advanced to the Law Domain stage. Moreover, it was a super tier Saint Genesis art that was not the least bit inferior to Zhou Yuan’s previous trump card, the Ancestral Dragon Moves the Heavens.

However, this super tier Saint Genesis art did not specialize in attack but sealing.

Like its namesake suggests, it possessed the power to seal Saint experts.

Of course, it was not possible for Zhou Yuan to truly seal a Saint expert given his current strength. In fact, let alone a genuine Saint expert, even a half-Saint like Sheng Yuan was already pushing it.

However, Sheng Yuan had summoned his Saint lotus bud, presenting Zhou Yuan with a golden opportunity. Although he could not seal Sheng Yuan himself, the Saint lotus bud was an excellent target.


The beam of dark-red light arrived. Upon contact, the layers of divine light instantly began to melt away at an astonishing rate like snow meeting lava.

The dark-red light engulfed the Saint lotus bud.

Sheng Yuan’s expression abruptly changed as this development, clearly not expecting his divine light defenses to be so frail.

“Humph, you’re delusional if you think you can attack the Saint lotus bud and damage it!”

Sheng Yuan understood Zhou Yuan’s intention but did not lose his composure. The Saint lotus bud was the culmination of his life’s Genesis Qi foundation. It was not that he looked down on Zhou Yuan, but it was clearly impossible for him to destroy it with his current strength.

The dark-red light descended and quietly dissipated, seemingly having a strong start but a weak finish.

The dark-red light disappeared, leaving the Saint lotus bud silently hovering in the sky. There were no signs of any damage.

Countless gazes were struck dumb by this scene.

The chance Zhou Yuan had invested so much effort into creating had ended up fruitless?!

A chilling smile emerged from the corners of Sheng Yuan’s mouth. “The idea was good, but it's a pity that you were far too weak…”

In the sky, however, Zhou Yuan's smile widened. “Is that so?”

His response made Sheng Yuan’s heart leap in his chest as he looked towards the Saint lotus bud again. This time, however, in spite of his mettle, he was so horrified that his soul nearly fled his body.

He had seen several red runes begin to spread on the Saint lotus bud, causing the originally brightly glowing bud to dim.

In the span of a few breaths, the originally dazzling Saint lotus bud that had felt like the center of the entire world had turned dim and withered as if it was about to wilt.

These changes stupefied countless onlookers.

When the Saint lotus bud simmed, the half-Saint pressure from Sheng Yuan’s body also became erratic and indistinct. 

Anyone could see that his foundation had been shaken!

Sheng Yuan hurriedly recalled the Saint lotus bud and attempted to connect to it. However, his face soon turned deathly pale, because there was no response no matter how hard he tried. The Saint force contained within felt as if it belonged to someone else now.

It was as if the Saint lotus bud had temporarily lost its power!

Sheng Yuan was swiftly able to discern the reason: the bud had been sealed!

His Saint lotus bud had been sealed!

Sheng Yuan felt as if the entire world was spinning around him and was in deep disbelief. He would never have imagined that his Saint lotus bud would be sealed by Zhou Yuan...

Such methods were basically unheard of!

Sealing a Saint lotus bud with the Law Domain stage  cultivation? How was that possible!

“Impossible! did you do it?!” Sheng Yuan had lost his composure, his face contorting uglily.

His reaction was not surprising. Even the many watching Saint experts, regardless of faction, outside Cangxuan Heaven wore looks of astonishment.

This outcome had likewise exceeded their expectations.

Sheng Yuan’s Saint lotus bud had been sealed by Zhou Yuan?!

One must know that the Saint lotus bud was the precursor to the Saint lotus and the Saint force within it was one of the ultimate powers of this world. Let alone damage it, ordinary Saint Genesis arts would naturally dissipate upon contact. Hence, it was unthinkable for someone below the Saint stage to seal anything belonging to a Saint expert..

However, this supposedly unthinkable thing had happened right before their eyes.

The Saint experts could not help but want to curse and scold that this was way too unreasonable.

Although Zhou Yuan was called the number one expert under the Saint stage. He was ultimately only at the Law Domain stage, but what kind of Law Domain could ignore Saint force and seal a Saint lotus bud?

When Zhou Yuan ascended to the Saint stage in the future, won’t he be capable of sealing them as well?!

At this thought, several Saint experts’ faces gradually turned grave, a sliver of wariness now present in their eyes when their gazes penetrated Cangxuan Heaven’s boundary wall and landed on Zhou Yuan’s body.

Since when had he become capable of threatening Saint experts?

A quiet little courtyard in All-Heavens City.

Yaoyao elegantly sat on a swing with Tuntun on her lap. There was a Genesis Qi screen in front of her that relayed the battle in Cangxuan Heaven.

When she saw the gradually dimming Saint lotus bud, a faint arc rose from the corners of her lips.

The sealing of palace master Sheng Yuan’s Saint lotus bud would greatly weaken him. If nothing unexpected happened, Zhou Yuan would soon become the victor.

Yaoyao honestly did not recollect much of Sheng Yuan even though he was the person who had caused her to fall into a deep sleep. It was just difficult for someone as insignificant as him to enter her eyes.

However, she did think he was a good grinding stone for Zhou Yuan.

Yaoyao’s clear eyes observed Zhou Yuan’s figure on the screen as she gently stroked Tuntun’s soft fur. If he managed to slay Sheng Yuan, he would have taken another step forward on the path towards the Saint stage.

The young Divine Dwelling practitioner that had been forced to leave Cangxuan Heaven all those years ago was now about to become the strongest man in Cangxuan Heaven.

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