Chapter 1407 Eight-armed Star Spirit King

A berserk howl rippled across the sky.

Red chains rapidly wrapped around Zhou Yuan’s body like giant pythons, the multiple layers completely burying him from sight. Mysterious runes squirmed on the red chains, pusling with a unique rhythm.

In Canguxan Heaven, the hearts of countless onlookers suddenly rose in their chests. The physical collision between the two had been akin to a clash between two gods of destruction. However, it appeared that the palace master Sheng Yuan had obtained the upper hand and trapped Zhou Yuan.

“Zhou Yuan, now that you’re trapped by the Ultimate Dragon Binding Chain, your body will be turned to mush no matter how sturdy it is!” Iciness flashed in Sheng Yuans’ eyes as he rapidly formed a hand seal, boundless killing intent unfurling along with a howl, “Sacred Rune Erosion!”

Red light blossomed from the mysterious runes on the red giant-python-like chains. The light rapidly converged like a school of fish and swarmed towards Zhou Yuan, who was trapped deep within.

A cold smile emerged from the corners of Sheng Yuan’s mouth.

Once the Sacred Runes invaded Zhou Yuan’s body, he would be turned into a pool of blood by their erosive power.


However, the smile on Sheng Yuan’s mouth did not last for long because strands of silver light suddenly shot out from deep within the layers of red chains.

The sudden turn of events caused Sheng Yuan’s eyes to widen as he immediately hastened the Sacred Runes erosion speed.

However, it could not stop the outpour of silver light. Silver light escaped through every tiny crack, growing stronger and stronger as a low roar echoed from deep within the chains.

“Eight-armed...Star Spirit King!”


Millions of silver rays erupted and the red giant-python-like chains were flung off by an overwhelming force.

A silver sun rose into the sky, drawing the attention of countless shocked gazes.

A several-dozen-feet tall giant stood in the silver sun. Its body was covered in strange silver patterns, eight giant silver arms reaching out behind him and stirring the surrounding Genesis Qi.

The silver giant resembled a titan from mythology, overflowing with a torrential pressure.

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s expression sank a little when he saw Zhou Yuan in this form. An expert like him could naturally tell that the silver patterns and eight arms were the product of some kind of Sacred tier artifact.

In a certain manner of speaking, these silver patterns were similar to his Sacred Runes.

In other words, the armor-like silver patterns could be considered as some kind of external half-Saint body. Combined with Zhou Yuan’s Sacred Dragon Physique, his power had now been pushed to a level that even Sheng Yuan did not dare to underestimate.

“This kid…” Sheng Yuan’s brows slowly furrowed together, finally feeling that things were becoming a little problematic.


Before he could say anything the silver giant’s chilling gaze turned towards him. In the next instant, it stomped its foot, shattering space as its body disappeared from the spot.

Sheng Yuan’s expression was ice-cold. With a wave of his sleeve, layers of space began to distort as he took a step back, retreating within to conceal himself.


Despite concealing himself within the layers of space, a streak of light still charged straight over in a barbaric manner, shattering each layer and appearing in front of Sheng Yuan in a single breath.

“Why are you running?! Didn’t you want to compete in physical prowess? Let’s go again!”

A sinister smile formed on Zhou Yuan’s silver rune covered face. His fists smashed through space like cannonballs, sweeping up countless spatial fragments as they pummelled at Sheng Yuan.

Terrifying power pulsed. Sheng Yuan’s expression was ice-cold as he thrust his palm forward. The strike was very ordinary but it also contained devastating power.


Fist and palm collided as a torrential wave of power unfurled, shattering the space around the two individuals. However, before palace master Sheng Yuan could attack again, he saw the eight giant silver arms behind Zhou Yuan suddenly clench their fists. Torrential silver light spewed from the fists as they ruthlessly smashed towards Sheng Yuan.


A muffled explosion sounded as Sheng Yuan’s body was blown away, smashing through layers of space along the way as deafening explosions resounded across the horizon.

Zhou Yuan had no intention of stopping. He took a step forward and his figure transformed into a sliver blur that rapidly chased after Sheng Yuan. In the next instant, the giant silver arms seemed to multiply, leaving countless afterimages as they crazily rained down destruction.

It was basically an artillery barrage!

The assault made the mouths of the countless onlookers turn dry, even some of the Law Domain experts feeling goosebumps on their skin. Their senses told them that a single silver punch was likely enough to completely obliterate them off the face of this world.

Thousands of punches converged together in a silver torrent, possessing enough power to overturn the land and sky.

Only now did they finally understand how true Zhou Yuan’s title as number one under the Saint stage was.

Even palace master Sheng Yuan seemed unable to cope under Zhou Yuan’s crazy barrage of attacks. He naturally did not fear Zhou Yuan’s two fists, but the eight silver arms were unyielding and ferocious like the arms of a demon god. Eight arms would often attack simultaneously and from every direction, the destructive power paired with Zhou Yuan’s Sacred Dragon Physique pounding him till the blood in his body shook uncontrollably.

Sheng Yuan’s expression grew darker and darker.

Although he had not underestimated Zhou Yuan, he was extremely confident in his own strength. He had believed his half-Saint power more than enough to one-sidedly beat down Zhou Yuan.

However, Zhou Yuan had in turn used his own strength to prove that his title as number one under the Saint stage was not a mere ornament.

Today’s battle would affect the Sacred Race’s plan and his future prospects. Although Saint experts from both sides were unable to enter Cangxuan Heaven, they were surely watching the battle here.

Hence, he had to subdue this arrogant brat no matter what!

Sheng Yuan crossed his arms in front of him, blocking yet another blow from the eight arms that sent his body flying once more.

He steadied his body and slowly raised his head to gaze at the demon-like eight-armed titan in the distance, chilling killing intent spreading from his eyes.

There was no need for talk at this point. He had originally believed he did not need to use his true power, but it seemed that he had overestimated himself and underestimated the ant from back then...

Expressionless, Sheng Yuan extended his hand. Wisps of light emerged from his palm as the surrounding Genesis Qi suddenly fell silent.

Zhou Yuan could feel a certain resistance suddenly appear in the Genesis Qi, making it difficult for him to utilize it.

Moreover, Genesis Qi began to surge towards him, making him feel as if he was stuck in a swamp.

However, these changes did not make him afraid. At his cultivation level, he was basically akin to a world of his own. Hence, he would not run out of energy even without drawing from external Genesis Qi.

He was more concerned instead of the mysterious light in Sheng Yuan’s palm.

Vast, sacred power converged towards the palm as a Saint lotus bud slowly emerged.

When the Saint lotus bud appeared, Zhou Yuan’s pupils could not help but shrink.

In the all-heavens, the eyes of numerous powerful existences also widened slightly as low voices sounded, “It’s a Saint lotus bud…”

“Has he already reached that step…”

“If so, Zhou Yuan is going to be in trouble…”

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