Chapter 1406 Battle Between Bodies

An avalanche swept across thousands of miles and white currents gushed down and covered the entire world like white blankets. 

The Cangxuan Alliance Army couldn’t help but erupt into thunderous cheers when they saw such a scene. 

Even if palace master Sheng Yuan hadn’t stepped out of the Sacred Palace in years, his invisible title had spread throughout Cangxuan Heaven. Even the sect masters of the four sacred sects couldn’t compete against palace master Sheng Yuan if they joined hands.

However, he, who was seen as invincible, was struck back on the battlefield for the first time. Although everyone understood that there was no way he would be defeated like that, many people in Cangxuan Heaven couldn’t help cheering. When they cast their gaze up towards the young figure in the sky, the awe and hopeful expression in their eyes deepened.

Perhaps, their Cangxuan Alliance leader indeed possessed the strength to face off against Sheng Yuan.

Zhou Yuan's face didn’t ripple at all when he heard the endless cheers. Instead, his eyes, still solemn, were focussed on where the avalanche happened. 

That punch seemed incredibly fierce, but Zhou Yuan knew it wouldn’t cause significant damage to Sheng Yuan. This was because when Zhou Yuan poured all his strength into that attack, he could feel that palace master Sheng Yuan’s physical body was much tougher than he imagined. 

The battle was bound to be a bloody and bitter one.

As such a thought flashed across Zhou Yuan’s mind, the avalanche sweeping across thousands of miles suddenly solidified as though an indescribable power had forcibly made it still. 

A whirlpool began to take shape in the sea of snow while snowflakes formed a staircase down to the whirlpool. 

A figure ascended the steps from the whirlpool’s depths.  

That figure was of course Sheng Yuan. His white hair danced in the air and his bare upper body glowed with multiple mysterious runes. Additionally, those runes, ancient and indistinct, glimmered indefinitely, and faintly, there seemed to be  

with his upper body bare revealed multiple mysterious tunes on his body. They were not only ancient and obscure, it flickered indefinitely and vaguely, there was the sound of rushing water coming from his body. 

It was blood roaming around.

Dong !

Noises like the roll of low thunder sounded slowly and every vibration triggered a thunderstorm above. 

It was his heart beating.

Many Cangxuan Alliance experts’ expressions dramatically changed because even they, who had a lack of experience, knew that it was a sign of one’s physical body reaching its pinnacle state. It appeared that Sheng Yuan’s physical body had leaped to an unimaginable level. 

His physical body was in no way inferior to Zhou Yuan’s Sacred Dragon Body!

“There are two great gifts at the Saint stage — spirit transformation, which could be called Saint Spirit, and physical body evolution, which could be called Saint body. These two are known to be indestructible.” Under countless gazes, Sheng Yuan slowly ascended the snowflake steps as a cold and detached voice echoed throughout the world.  

“Although I haven’t completely reached the Saint stage, after refining my body with mighty Saint power, my physical body is now considered a semi-Saint body. I’m curious to know whether your so-called Sacred Dragon Body is stronger than my semi-Saint body?!


Palace master Sheng Yuan’s eyes grew cold as he slammed his feet, causing the surrounding space to instantly crumble while he instantly vanished and reappeared above Zhou Yuan as though teleported. 

Wearing an indifferent expression, palace master Sheng Yuan thrust his hand down. That palm, like a fierce blazing sun hanging in the sky, made the entire world become increasingly hot.

The snow-capped mountains across millions of miles rapidly melted.

As Zhou Yuan balled his hand into a fist, his purple-gold dragon scales glimmered and a dragon roar reverberated through the air as if a dragon was soaring into the sky to meet palace master Sheng Yuan’s fierce blazing sun. 


A storm brewed from the collision, raging across thousands of miles of space. 


The two silhouettes clashed madly above at a speed imperceptible to the naked eye, and in just a few breaths, they had already collided over a thousand times and sent sparks sputtering everywhere. 

No spectator could capture the two figures any longer with their eyes and could only hear violent thunder rumble one after another. 

Even the tiniest shockwave from the impact of such power made countless experts’ scalps go numb. 


The two figures once again collided like lightning bolts, shattering the space behind them to pieces while blasted thousand of feet away. 

Standing in the air, Zhou Yuan’s body that was covered with purple-gold scales was a little crimson-red and wisps of white qi constantly spiralled up from him — signs that his physical body was operating to its pinnacle state. 

“What a powerful Saint body.” Zhou Yuan took a deep breath and his eyes were grave. The Saint stage was indeed incomparably mysterious. Even though Sheng Yuan was only a semi-Saint, his semi-Saint body refined from Saint power was still terrifying. 

If even a semi-Saint body is that powerful, I really don't know how terrifying a real Saint body is. 

The Saint stage was indeed worthy of being all cultivators’ long cherished dream. 

White qi was similarly spiralling up from palace master Sheng Yuan’s body as he stared at Zhou Yuan with a hint of envy in his eyes. 

Even though Zhou Yuan hadn’t touched upon Saint power yet, he was already able to cultivate his physical body to such a stage. If he were to break through to the Saint stage,  ordinary Saint wouldn’t be able to contend with him. 

Such talent and potential were truly blessed by heaven.  

Such a powerful enemy mustn’t be allowed to live. 

Chilling murderous intent filled palace master Sheng Yuan's eyes as he folded his hands together and a roar came up out from his throat.  


The blood in his body appeared to be bubbling while his skin turned crimson. Even the mysterious marks on his skin began to creep across his skin like living creatures.  

Those marks were only formed when one’s physical body was refined by mighty Saint power, and Sheng Yuan’s Saint body power was precisely from those marks.  


Suddenly, those marks broke out from his skin, expanded as it met the wind and transformed into crimson chains. 


The crimson chains twisted and turned in the air like giant pythons, producing strange sound waves. Anyone who heard those sound waves would feel their physical body suppressed in some way, and those who were weaker even let out tragic screams. This was because they saw their body beginning to break down. 

Horrified, countless people frantically circulated their Genesis Qi to block their ears to stop those sound waves from entering.  

Watching the crimson chains take shape, Zhou Yuan furrowed his brows in a frown because he sensed extreme danger from the chains. It was as if it was targeted at one’s physical body. 

“Do you feel it?”asked Sheng Yuan indifferently as he swept a gaze over Zhou Yuan. “Regardless how powerful your body is, once you are trapped in it, your body will begin to break down. This is the power of the Saint stage. I call it the Ultimate Dragon Binding Chain!”

As his voice faded, crimson chains shot across the air, and regardless how Zhou Yuan tried to flee, he couldn’t escape from them. 

Zhou Yuan came to an abrupt stop after a few breaths. A crimson chain had coiled around his ankle like a venomous snake.

At the same time, other crimson chains frantically rushed over to completely cover Zhou Yuan.

The crimson chains were mottled with mysterious marks that contained mighty Saint power, and once caught, it would be difficult to break free. 

As the crimson chains madly twisted around Zhou Yuan’s body, his field of vision rapidly narrowed and everything before him gradually darkened. 

However, Zhou Yuan slowly closed his eyes before darkness completely filled his vision.

Flecks of silvery light emerged on the surface of his body.

Behind the silvery light there seemed to be an illusory-looking eight-armed figure. 

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