Chapter 1405 Sacred Dragon Body


The towering white mountain not only enveloped Zhou Yuan, but even the ground beneath his feet sank in. 

Countless people from the Cangxuan Alliance stared at that scene with horrified gazes. They only swept a glance at the Saint fire blazing above the towering white mountain but they already felt their Spirit beginning to burn. This clearly showed how terrifying its power was. 

“Alliance leader Zhou Yuan!” Worried voices rang out. No one thought Sheng Yuan’s counterattack would be so fierce and could instantly suppress Zhou Yuan. Was that the huge gap between a semi-Saint and non-Saint?

The hearts of everyone in the Cangxuan Alliance Army sank. 

Palace master Sheng Yuan indifferently looked at the towering white mountain with a Saint fire blazing above it. Even if someone at the third Law Domain stage were to fall into his means, their body and Spirit would be turned to nothing and completely vanish from the world. 

However, palace master Sheng Yuan understood that only applied to ordinary third Law Domain stage experts and Zhou Yuan, who earned the reputation of strongest below the Saint stage, should possess strength superior to the third Law Domain stage. 

That mountain of Saint fire might make him panic but it wouldn’t be enough to kill him. 


While such a thought flowed across palace master Sheng Yuan’s mind, a deep rumble echoed in the Saint fire mountain. 

The Saint fire mountain fiercely quaked.


The quaking was so violent that it felt like a giant demon hammering a drum. 

Cracks spread out from the depths and covered the entire mountain like ivy.


An earthshaking ancient dragon roar resounded as the entire mountain exploded to tens of thousands of broken rocks and blasted everywhere. 

Dazzling purple-gold light surged into the sky like a purple-gold sun rising from the mountain.

Footsteps sounded inside the purple-gold sun as a figure slowly strode out and came into everyone’s sight.

It was Zhou Yuan!

It was just that his imposing bearing remained the same as before. Purple-gold light flowed along the surface of his body, and upon a closer look, his skin was protected by purple-gold dragon scales like indestructible armor. 

His eyes turned to purple-gold dragon eyes and he emitted an ancient and mighty aura. 

The greatest change was his hair, which had turned purple-gold, and draped down to his feet like needles, shining with chilling cold light. 

Zhou Yuan resembled a humanoid Sacred Dragon from ancient times. His ancient and primitive aura that filled the air caused all beings to shudder with fear. 

It was the complete Sacred Dragon form! 

Zhou Yuan was able to transform into such a powerful body after his Genesis Qi was upgraded to grade-9 Sacred Dragon Qi!

His physical body was now several more times powerful than the Great Flame Devil. Zhou Yuan speculated that even without using Genesis Qi, his physical body alone could suppress those at the third Law Domain stage. 

“That body…” Palace master Sheng Yuan naturally could detect the mighty power contained in Zhou Yuan’s present body. In a sense, his physical body had already reached the pinnacle state below the Saint stage.

With a cold expression, palace master Sheng Yuan flung his sleeve, turning the countless broken mountain rocks into strands of white hair. The hair, long and straight, resembled white needles and was surrounded in razor-sharp light that could cut through the sky. 


The million light rays sped towards Zhou Yuan like white torrents, producing an ear-piercing sonic boom that reverberated throughout the world.  

Wearing an indifferent expression, Zhou Yuan stood in the same place. His body was surrounded in rings of purple-gold light and he simply let those white needles land on him.


The razor-sharp needles stabbed Zhou Yuan’s body, but only tiny sparks sputtered out. However, the needles exploded to pieces with a clear metallic ring. 

They couldn’t break the purple-gold scales on Zhou Yuan's skin!

Zhou Yuan’s purple-gold dragon eyes were filled with chilling intent as he locked them on palace master Sheng Yuan in the distance. He stretched out his hand and the white hair suddenly gathered to form a ten-feet bow in his hand. 

Purple-gold light flowed along the bow, speedily turning the bow a purple-gold color. 

As Zhou Yuan drew the bow, a purple-gold arrow formed on the string. He inhaled deeply.

“Genesis Breaker!”

“Genesis Spirit!”

The arrow’s tip suddenly turned jet-black and a ferocious power enveloped the entire arrow body. Zhou Yuan was strengthening the arrow with all his Genesis Qi and Spirit.  

Zhou Yuan released the bowstring, shooting out a stream of purple-gold light. It pierced through the several layers of space with unavoidable speed and appeared in front of palace master Sheng Yuan in a flash. The power it contained made even palace master Sheng Yuan narrow his eyes.

“This is at last something worth seeing. Unfortunately, regardless how powerful your Genesis Qi is and how refined your Spirit is, you are still below the Saint stage and everything you do is useless under mighty Saint power,” remarked palace master Sheng Yuan. 

As his voice died away, a thin light barrier descended from the sky in front of him. 

The light barrier was no thicker than one inch and appeared particularly weak, but it contained power superior to all beings in the world.

Mighty Saint Power!


The purple-gold arrow roared towards the light screen and fiercely slammed into the thin Saint power light barrier like an enraged dragon. The barrier violently rippled and shock waves raged across the area, causing the sky within a radius of thousands of miles to tremble. It was as though the entire world was turned upside down.

However, although the purple-gold arrow contained terrifying power, as the ripples on the light barrier widened out, the purple-gold light began to weaken and eventually broke apart into flecks of purple-gold light. 

Countless disappointed sighs rang from the Cangxuan Alliance. 

Sheng Yuan was so powerful that they felt despair.


It was then that an earthshaking dragon roar resounded from the flecks of purple-gold light. 

Zhou Yuan’s figure unexpectedly shot out from them like a ghost. His right arm, wrapped in scales shimmering with chilling light, suddenly expanded and transformed into a nine-claw dragon arm. The tips were razor sharp and could tear apart space with a slight movement. 

Zhou Yuan’s purple-gold dragon eyes gleamed coldly as he controlled his Sacred Dragon body. His body suddenly became scorching-hot and his blood bubbled like lava as destructive power burst forth.  

Physical body, Genesis Qi, and Spirit!

Three tremendous powers entwined together within Zhou Yuan’s body, and as they collided, they constantly accumulated their powers together. If Zhou Yuan didn’t possess the Sacred Dragon body, he would have exploded given the terrifying strength of those three powers.

“Sacred Dragon Fist!”

A dragon roar rumbled from Zhou Yuan’s throat before he slammed his purple-gold dragon arm forward. Deafening boom echoed throughout the entire Shengzhou Continent.  

“You’re just a mere semi-Saint who had controlled a little Saint power but you’re pretending to be invincible?!

“Get lost!”

Crimson qi spiralled up from Zhou Yuan’s body and murderous intent filled his eyes. As he roared, an incredibly powerful force blasted into the light screen. `While the two were in a deadlock for a moment, a tiny crackle sounded. 

The indifferent expression on palace master Sheng Yuan’s face finally began to change.

But before he could act, the purple-gold dragon fist shattered the thin light barrier and space across thousands of miles broke apart like a broken mirror. 


That punch finally struck palace master Sheng Yuan, who was about to draw back. 


Everyone’s ears were deafened by a sudden crash of thunder. Then, under stunned gazes, blood burst forth from palace master Sheng Yuan’s chest and his body blasted from the sky like a meteorite, smashing into an ice mountain that stretched across hundreds of miles. 

An avalanche rolled down.

Countless spectators’ faces blanched with horror and shock. 

This was the first time they saw palace master Sheng Yuan, who was seen as invincible in Cangxuan Heaven, suffer a blow. 

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