Chapter 1404 Battle Against Sheng Yuan

As Zhou Yuan soared into the air and his qi locked on Sheng Yuan from a distance, countless people in that side of the world also focussed their gazes on him. 

Although intense battles had broken out within the blood reservoir space, everyone understood that those battles couldn’t determine the outcome of the war. 

Only the battle between Zhou Yuan and Sheng Yuan could decide the fate of Cangxuan Heaven. 

Though no one knew if Zhou Yuan could defeat Sheng Yuan, who was a semi-Saint. Regardless how great Zhou Yuan’s reputation was, he was still the only strongest below the Saint stage while Sheng Yuan was already halfway into that mysterious cultivation level. 

Therefore many people in the Cangxuan Alliance Army couldn’t help but worry when such an earthshaking collision happened between the two. 

Sheng Yuan indifferently gazed at Zhou Yuan because he could feel ancient and mighty power as well as vast amounts of Genesis Qi spreading out from Zhou Yuan’s body. His Genesis Qi was so strong that it was superior to that of Qing Yang and other third Law Domain stage experts. 

However, that alone wasn’t enough to threaten Sheng Yuan.

Sheng Yuan flicked his sleeve and manipulated tremendous amounts of Genesis Qi to form a stunning mirror beyond the nine heavens. It seemed to possess countless faces as it shone down and reflected the scene.

“This Thousand View Mirror will project the battle here into every corner of the entire Cangxuan Heaven…Zhou Yuan, you are considered the last pillar of Cangxuan Heaven and so I will make all beings in the entire Cangxuan Heaven know who the master of Cangxuan Heaven would be in the future and that the pillar they relied on is just a joke.” Sheng Yuan said with an indifferent expression. He wanted to wipe away the intent of countless Cangxuan Heaven people to rebel against him.

If he defeated Zhou Yuan here, he would have no other obstacles in Cangxuan Heaven. 

At the same time, huge projections appeared in every corner of Cangxuan Heaven, showing the earthshaking duel outside the Sacred Palace. 

In the Great Zhou Empire, under countless panicked gazes, Qin Yu led many officials to the palace walls. They all stared fixedly at the image that clearly showed the young figure facing palace master Sheng Yuan. Their expressions were both full of worry and pride. 


Qin Yu's eyes were red and welled with tears. She could imagine how much pressure Zhou Yuan was under. Everyone in Cangxuan Heaven had put their hopes on him. 

As his mother, her heart ached for her son.

Zhou Qing, on the other hand, was much more optimistic. He clasped Qin Yu’s hand tight and reassured, “If a man has the ability, he naturally would want to lift the sky alone. Yuan’er is hundred times and thousand times stronger than his father. We should patiently wait here for the result of his battle. If he wins, the whole world will celebrate joyously. If he loses, Cangxuan Heaven will be enveloped in darkness and there’s no point in us two still living.”

Qin Yu somehow felt much more at ease when she heard what he said. She gripped his hand tightly and raised her head to look at the projection in the sky. 

“Zhou Yuan, let me see what qualifications you have to return to Cangxuan Heaven to get revenge from me.” Sheng Yuan's indifferent voice reverberated in the air and was heard by everyone in Cangxuan Heaven. 

Zhou Yuan didn't utter a word, but he assumed a serious and solemn expression. Although Sheng Yuan simply stood there without any waves of Genesis Qi rippling around him, Zhou Yuan could feel a faint dangerous aura deep in his bones.

“Sacred Dragon Law Domain!”

Zhou Yuan had no intention of testing Sheng Yuan’s strength. With a flick of his finger, an ancient and mighty Law Domain spread across and enveloped that side of the heaven.

Sheng Yuan didn’t evade and allowed the Law Domain to continue to expand. 

“Law Domain has no effect on me.” Sheng Yuan shook his head. There seemed to be a huge void formed where he stood and not only Law Domain power couldn’t enter that area, it was rapidly expanding and corroding Zhou Yuan’s Law Domain. 

At that speed, it wouldn’t be too long before Zhou Yuan’s entire Law Domain would be consumed. 

Evidently, it wasn’t particularly effective to suppress Sheng Yuan, who was a semi-Saint, with a Law Domain.  

Zhou Yuan focussed his gaze and folded one hand in a seal. Without any hesitation, he activated his Sacred Dragon Law Domain to its peak state. 

Space was suddenly torn apart as a purple-gold dragon claw slashed across the air and shrouded the world. An ancient and majestic aura filled the air. Under such pressure, even ordinary Law Domain experts would find it difficult to circulate their Genesis Qi and their Spirit suppressed. They likely could only close their eyes and wait for death.   

But Sheng Yuan only smiled faintly and pressed the tips of his fingers together and pointed to the distance.     


A ray of light around the thickness of a thumb streaked across the sky. It looked simple and ordinary compared to the purple-gold dragon claw that shrouded the sky, but when the two collided, a blaze of light erupted and tore the purple-gold dragon claw into two in just a few seconds. 

Zhou Yuan’s expression grew even more solemn when he saw Sheng Yuan so easily break his Sacred Dragon Law Domain attack. He drew a deep breath, and dazzling purple-gold light within the Law Domain quickly gathered together and transformed into an incomparably huge purple-gold nine-claw sacred dragon. 

The complete form of the purple-gold nine-claw Sacred Dragon hovered in the air as an ancient majesty as well as pure Genesis Qi filled the air. Even Sheng Yuan couldn’t help raising his eyebrows when he saw it. 

“Sacred Dragon….

“That must be the Sacred Dragon Blessing that you and Wu Huang fought for back then, right? I didn't think the weak Blessing back then could become this strong,” exclaimed palace master Sheng Yuan.


However, he was responded by a gush of purple-gold dragon breath. The dragon breath, containing terrifying destructive power, mightily sped through space and towards palace master Sheng Yuan.

That dragon breath contained all power of the Sacred Dragon Law Domain. Even sect master Qing Yang and the others would have been instantly destroyed including their Spirit if they were present.  

As the dragon breath was reflected in Sheng Yuan’s eyes, he opened his mouth wide and spewed out a faint flame. 

The flame wasn’t particularly striking, but the flame immediately took the shape of a flame shield in front of him.  

Unexpectedly, the ordinary-looking flame shield immediately melted the dragon breath as it neared as though it was incinerated by a terrifying object. 

It was a Saint Fire Shield.

Although palace master Sheng Yuan was only a semi-saint, he possessed a true Saint Fire. 

Countless people’s eyes dimmed when they saw that scene because Sheng Yuan had easily countered all of Zhou Yuan’s attacks. Zhou Yuan simply couldn’t threaten Sheng Yuan. This clearly showed the huge gap between them. 

“Zhou Yuan, although I am only a semi-saint, I have gained control of some Saint power over the years. Those powers aren’t something that your Law Domain could contend against. Under mighty Saint power, all your attacks are useless.” Sheng Yuan looked pitifully at Zhou Yuan, shaking his head.

“You have been playing for a good while now…it’s now my turn, right?”

The entire world darkened. Strands of hair suddenly fell from palace master Sheng Yuan’s head as a Saint fire rose. 


Those strands of white hairs sped across the air and vanished. When they reappeared, they were already above Zhou Yuan, gathering together to form a giant white mountain. 

A fire blaze above the towering mountain.

The whole world seemed to be quaking beneath it.

“Zhou Yuan, your performance disappointed me.”  Sheng Yuan smiled, shaking his head.

He slightly pressed his palms together and the surrounding space suddenly exploded to pieces. The giant white-haired mountain crashed down towards Zhou Yuan.


The Sacred Dragon Law Domain instantly crumbled, the ground split apart and Zhou Yuan was ruthlessly suppressed under countless gazes of horror and despair. 

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