Chapter 1403 Old Grudges

Many top experts grew determined and their expressions became fierce as they received a jade token. They all understood that, regardless of what Zhou Yuan had planned, they had to believe that he could stop Sheng Yuan. 

Otherwise, Cangxuan Heaven would fall into Sheng Yuan’s hands. 

Therefore, after a little commotion, the top experts with jade tokens speedily recruited a group of elites and solemnly waited for the next order. The atmosphere also turned tense. 

“Troops who hasn’t received an order, guard your spot and maintain your vigilance.” Zhou Yuan’s calm voice rang in the ears of everyone from the Cangxuan Alliance.

A little commotion broke out within the Cangxuan Alliance Army, but everyone responded in the end. 

With nervous gazes, countless people looked at the jade tokens and the top experts who were about to lead a team into the Endless Sacred Blood Reservoir. They were worried about losing those top experts because among them were sect masters as well as elders of various sects and factions. 

No one knew whether Zhou Yuan's move would cause them to throw away their lives or break out from the situation they were in. 

“Everyone, let's act.” Running his eyes over the many top experts, Zhou Yuan cupped his hands in salute.

Everyone also saluted him in response before they looked at the billowy blood reservoir and a strange feeling made them shudder.  


However, Su Youwei, Wu Yao, Chu Qing and many other top experts from the younger generation rushed out without any hesitation, speeding into the Sacred Blood Reservoir. 

Some people even closed their eyes, terrified that those people would turn into blood and the Cangxuan Alliance Army would collapse on the spot as a result.

Fortunately, the scene they were afraid to see didn’t happen. When Su Youwei and the others charged into the blood reservoir, the jade token in their hands erupted in a blaze of light that fully enveloped them. Then, swaying a little, they vanished into thin air.  

“They disappeared?!” Many people from the Cangxuan Alliance Army exclaimed out loud. 

Zhou Yuan waved his sleeve and flicked his fingers, sending flecks of light out. They rapidly expanded into multiple light screens. 

Inside each light screen was a dark-red space. Su Youwei and the others were each leading a team towards several Sacred Palace experts guarding the dark-red space!

The Sacred Palace experts gasped in shock when they saw such a huge army appear. The atmosphere stilled for a moment before mighty Genesis Qi erupted. 

Without exchanging a word, a battle broke out between the two sides. 

“I see!”

The eyes of sect master Qing Yang and the others lit up. “Our alliance leader used that token as a guide to directly send people into the spatial maze inside the blood reservoir! If we could wipe out the teams guarding the spatial maze, we can destroy the several key positions and break the blood reservoir from the inside!”

Heaven Sword Sovereign, venerable lord Gu Jing, Shan Qingzi and the others all wore different expressions but when they looked at Zhou Yuan, their respect deepened. Their previous hesitation seemed very ridiculous now. 

The four sect masters all apologized to Zhou Yuan with a one hand bow. Then, they unwaveringly led a team and charged into the blood reservoir. 

As they sped into the blood reservoir, their figures were expectedly transferred to a blood-red space.  

Sect master Qing Yang reappeared in a space filled with blood-red fog and behind him were peak master Ling Jun, peak master Liu Lianyi and a team of Cangxuan Sect members.

Ling Jun's eyes were on Liu Lianyi most of the time, but when she occasionally met his gaze, she would quickly move her gaze away. 

“Zhou Yuan is really amazing. I’m impressed he could locate the spatial maze inside the blood reservoir with such precision.” Liu Lianyi complimented. Zhou Yuan, who was just a little kid in her eyes, had surpassed them all.

Even sect master Qing Yang agreed. He said thankfully, “Master indeed has good eyes. He is the one who chose Zhou Yuan.”  

While speaking, he maintained his vigilance and surveyed the blood-red space, wondering which Sacred Palace team would be guarding this space.

While sect master Qing Yang was cautiously scanning around, the blood-colored fog in front slowly dissipated and he saw many figures loomed in the distance.

The two side’s gazes collided as the blood-colored fog completely faded.

Immediately, sect master Qing Yang’s gaze fell on the opponent’s team leader and a murderous aura enveloped his body. 

Liu Lianyi's eyes instantly reddened with fury, which made even her beautiful face appear distorted. “Jiang Leijun, you traitor!”

The leader of the team guarding the blood-red space was precisely Jiang Leijun, peak master of the Lightning Prison Peak!

Jiang Leijun was equally surprised to see sect master Qing Yang and the others. “It seems that Zhou Yuan is indeed quite impressive. He not only saw through the Sacred Blood Reservoir’s mystery but also managed to send you directly in.”  

There were no less than one hundred people guarding the blood reservoir. It clearly wasn’t just luck that helped sect master Qing Yang and the others break into there.

“I must thank Zhou Yuan for finding this chance for me to clean up my sect.” Sect master Qing Yang reached out to stop Liu Lianyi, who was going berserk, and glared coldly at Jiang Leijun. 

Sect master Qing Yang had always wanted to kill Jiang Leijun because even though Sheng Yuan was the true culprit in old ancestor Cang Xuan’s death, Jiang Leijun was an accomplice and the role he played was more hateful. 

Sect master Qing Yang had constantly been looking for a chance to kill Jiang Leijun, but Jiang Leijun was incredibly cunning and always hid himself inside the Sacred Palace. 

Who would have thought that they would face each other?

Jiang Leijun snorted. “Clean up your sect? I never thought of myself as a member of the Cangxuan Sect. Cang Xuan only wanted to make himself dazzling so he made me stay in the Cangxuan Sect and watch how bright and brilliant he is all the time. He just wanted me to experience how he felt when he looked up to me when he was young.”

“Don’t insult my master!” Liu Lianyi fumed with red eyes.

Sect master Qing Yang’s face didn’t ripple in the slightest as he said indifferently, “Beasts are heartless and naturally think that everyone else is heartless.”

"Jiang Leijun, today we will completely settle the grudge between you and our Cangxuan Sect.” Sect master Qing Yang stepped forward and a giant Law Domain suddenly spread across the area. Inside the Law Domain was a huge azure sun rising. 

Jiang Leijun narrowed his eyes and his eyes gleamed red. “Qing Yang, do you really think I wasted all these years?” 

His sleeves flapped in the wind and the space behind him rippled violently. Deep booming noise resounded through the air as countless lightning roared down, except those lightning were blood-red and ominous-looking. 

Jiang Leijun soared into the sky as a blood-colored lightning roared out from him and blasted towards sect master Qing Yang. 

Sect master Qing Yang inhaled deeply, opened his mouth and a bird covered in azure flames shot out to directly meet the lightning. 


Both sides attacked mercilessly, causing the bold-red space to quake violently.


Outside the billowy sea of blood.

The Cangxuan Alliance nervously watched the dangerous battles through the light screens.


Claps suddenly broke out above the sea of blood, drawing terrified gazes. 

“The Saint Rune in your eyes is from the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, isn’t that right? It’s because of it that you can see through the sea of blood and see the spatial maze,” said Sheng Yuan indifferently as he stared at Zhou Yuan’s eyes.

Zhou Yuan smiled and didn’t say anything.

“I have to say I really underestimated you. It seems you really built your reputation in all-heavens with your own strength.” 

Sheng Yuan sighed, “Based on your potential, I think you could become a Saint in Cangxuan Heaven in due time. This is why it’s best to get rid of someone like you when there’s a chance.”  

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. “Can you?”

Sheng Yuan said indifferently, “The Sacred Blood Reservoir has already formed. Even if you managed to send people in to destroy the key positions, it will at most delay its expansion. It’s impossible to destroy it. You must have seen through this.”

“Correct.” Zhou Yuan nodded.

“Because the core area of the Sacred Blood Reservoir has already connected with your Spirit. In other words, as long as you’re alive, the Sacred Blood Reservoir will never be destroyed.”

He smiled, “But I don’t plan to destroy the blood reservoir. My goal is to suppress it here and stop it from expanding and destroying the Shengzhou Continent. As for you…”

Zhou Yuan slowly rose into the air, his eyes turning into purple-gold dragon eyes, and an earthshaking dragon roar caused the entire world to quake. 

“It’s time to settle the grudges between us.”

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