Chapter 1402 Break Out From The Situation

The strange viscous sea of blood greedily consumed everything in its way as it expanded like a living thing.  

The Cangxuan Alliance Army repeatedly counterattacked in an haphazard manner, but to no avail, and they could only powerlessly watch the sea of blood constantly expand. 

“Block it!”

Qing Yang, Heaven Sword Sovereign and other Law Domain experts’ faces grew overcast and they couldn’t help roaring out loud and acting simultaneously.

The sea of blood was incredibly vicious and could continuously swallow everything in its way. If they allowed the sea to continue to break out, the entire Shengzhou Continent would be the first to bear the brunt. Additionally, since the foundation of all major sects were present, those sects would no longer exist if the Shengzhou Continent were truly destroyed. 


Enveloped in mighty power, numerous Saint Genesis Arts rushed skywards and bombarded the strange viscous sea of blood.

Even so, those several earthshaking Genesis Arts could only tear holes into the tremendous sea of blood, which were swiftly restored by the sea of blood in the blink of an eye as it surged.   

Adding to that, the Genesis Qi contained in those powerful Genesis Arts became its nutrients and instantly helped it expand across hundreds of miles. 

The Cangxuan Alliance Army quickly drew back.

Their encirclement instantly collapsed. 

Sect master Qing Yang and the others all turned ashen-faced. 

“That sea of blood is too bizarre. Even Genesis Qi that contains Law Domain power is instantly consumed when it encounters the sea of blood,” said Shan Qingzi gravely. 

“Sheng Yuan must have been preparing it for years. If we had known about this, we would have joined forces sooner. At least that wouldn’t make his plan go as smoothly.” Heaven Sword Sovereign sighed regretfully.

Sect master Qing Yang shook his head without saying anything because he knew whatever they said wouldn’t help the situation.

He turned his head and shifted his gaze to Zhou Yuan. They evidently couldn’t deal with Sheng Yuan, who had been preparing for years, and the only one with strength that likely could threaten Sheng Yuan was Zhou Yuan. 

Zhou Yuan's eyes were fixed on the sea of blood ever since it appeared and the Decoder Saint Rune was constantly roaming around inside his eyes, preying into its mystery.

It was only after a good while that he retracted his gaze and said, “The Endless Sacred Blood Reservoir isn’t as simple as it looks. It is strengthened with multiple layers of space and resembles a spatial maze. Any attack would only fall into the endless maze and it’s impossible to destroy it that way.”

Sect master Qing Yang and the others focussed their gazes on the sea of blood. Indeed, they also faintly perceived that the space inside the sea of blood was a little distorted and anything that tried to penetrate inside was transferred to another space. 

It was just that the spatial maze inside the sea of blood was too complicated that even people at their level couldn’t see through its mystery. 

“That means it is mysterious. It should be a masterpiece of the Sacred Race, right?” Zhou Yuan lifted his head, staring at the white-haired figure hovering above the sea of blood. “Otherwise, given that you only possess the strength of the semi-Saint stage, there is no way you could create it.”

Emotionless, Sheng Yuan said, “You have good eyesight.”

He didn’t deny or admit it because he didn’t see a reason to do so since he would soon wipe out everyone present. 

“The top Sacred Palace experts must be inside the spatial maze, protecting the many key positions in the sea of blood because it is so vast that you can’t control it with your power alone,” said Zhou Yuan indifferently.

Sect master Qing Yang and the others looked a little surprised at the sea of blood before them because they hadn’t noticed that many top Sacred Palace experts were hidden inside. 

Palace master Sheng Yuan narrowed his eyes and his eyes glinted coldly as he stared at Zhou Yuan. After a while, he said faintly, “I really regret not killing you back then.

“But so what that you could see through the sea of blood? The Endless Sacred Blood Reservoir is already formed and you can’t stop it anymore. It will continue to expand until the entire Shengzhou Continent is consumed and I will also grow increasingly stronger with it and finally break through to the Saint stage. Zhou Yuan, you have no chance of winning.” Sheng Yuan’s voice was mighty and imposing like a god delivering judgment. 

The Cangxuan Alliance Army broke into commotion and many people looked desperate. Their previous smooth advancement into the headquarters made them think they could quickly end the war and bring peace back to Cangxuan Heaven, but the unexpected change made them realize how cruel reality was. 

Not only could they not quickly end the war, the Shengzhou Continent could also be destroyed. 

While in despair, everyone raised their eyes and silently stared at the slender and tall figure atop the mountain. 

Unknowingly, that figure had become the last pillar of Cangxuan Heaven.

Even sect master Qing Yang and the others fell silent and couldn’t help shifting their gazes to the same figure. They knew they had no qualification to refute Sheng Yuan’s statement because they indeed had no confidence of winning. 

But Zhou Yuan?

Could he have a means to break out from the current situation?

Under those thousands of gazes, Zhou Yuan also fell silent. As the sea of blood was reflected in his eyes, he closed them for a while before slowly opening them again.

His eyes were razor-sharp, as though could cut through the vault of heaven.

“Do you all trust me?” Zhou Yuan asked.

Sect master Qing Yang and the many other experts exchanged glances with one another and finally drew a deep breath. They firmly nodded their heads as their eyes turned unwavering. If they didn't trust Zhou Yuan, what else could they do?

Zhou Yuan nodded and immediately lifted his hand into the air. Rays of Genesis Qi quickly gathered in his palm and transformed into several glowing jade tokens.

The jade tokens floated over towards sect master Qing Yang and the others.

“I need each of you to take a jade token and lead an elite team into the Endless Sacred Blood Reservoir.” As Zhou Yuan’s calm voice rang out, many Law Domain experts’ expressions abruptly changed.

Charge into the Limitless Sacred Blood Pool?

They had clearly witnessed the Endless Sacred Blood Reservoir’s devouring power and they knew that even Law Domain experts would be reduced to nutrients to expand the Endless Sacred Blood Reservoir once fallen inside!

But Zhou Yuan wanted them to enter?!

If it weren’t their rationality, they would have thought Zhou Yuan wanted them to throw away their lives. 

While everyone was taken aback, a beautiful figure suddenly walked forward and stretched out her beautiful hand to receive a jade token. It was Su Youwei, who was smiling mischievously at Zhou Yuan. “I will follow alliance leader’s order.”

Wu Yao, Zhao Mushen, Chu Qing, and Li Chunjun also took a token with a smile on their faces and without a trace of fear.

Qing Yang, Heaven Sword Sovereign and other sect masters all smiled bitterly as they watched.

The bravery of the younger generation made them feel very old. 

Then, they stretched out their hands one after another to receive a jade token.    

Many Law Domain experts bowed in Zhou Yuan’s direction and voices rang out, quaking the mountains. 

“We will follow alliance leader’s order!”

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