Chapter 1400 The Attack of the Cangxuan Alliance

When the Cangxuan Alliance integrated the many sects and factions in Cangxuan Heaven to counter the Sacred Palace, it was as though an unimaginable colossal monster was created.

That colossal monster erupted with astonishing strength when it was activated.

After a series of commands were issued under the name of the Cangxuan Alliance, the various Sacred Palace strongholds in Cangxuan Heaven began to suffer fierce attacks.

The Sacred Palace’s strength had soared over the years and no sect or faction in Cangxuan Heaven was a match for the Sacred Palace. But if all forces combined their strength, they wouldn’t be inferior to the Sacred Palace. Moreover, with the addition of the powerful team led by Zhou Yuan, the situation was gradually reversed. 

Therefore, in less than ten days, the Cangxuan Alliance's fierce counter attacks destroyed all the Sacred Palace’s strongholds outside the Shengzhou Continent.

The situation seemed very favorable, and endless cheers erupted from within the Cangxuan Alliance and the morale was high.

The Cangxuan Sect’s main peak.

This place was now considered as the Cangxuan Alliance’s headquarter because Zhou Yuan was not in the mood to change to other places. Fortunately, the other parties knew about the relationship between Zhou Yuan and the Cangxuan Sect, and so they didn't care too much about it.

The main hall.

“The Sacred Palace has repeatedly retreated during this period, and now all its powers have returned to the Sacred Palace territory in the Shengzhou Continent.” A light screen was spread out in the center of the main hall, displaying a huge map that almost covered the entire Cangxuan Heaven.

Sect master Qingyang’s brows were furrowed as he looked at the light screen. The process they made during this period didn’t make him relax.  

Zhou Yuan and the other three sacred sect masters also wore the same expression. Although other people might cheer because their plan was going ahead smoothly, they understood that the progress had little significance because the Sacred Palace hadn’t been weakened too much. More importantly, palace master Sheng Yuan was still unscathed.

Given Cangxuan Heaven’s special situation, the power possessed by a semi-Saint could reverse the situation.

“The Sacred Palace seems to be preparing for a final battle,” said Zhou Yuan.

The four sect masters kept quiet because they knew that what determined Cangxuan Heaven’s fate wasn’t the battle between the Cangxuan Alliance and the Sacred Palace, but Zhou Yuan and palace master Sheng Yuan.

“Sheng Yuan has been plotting for years. He surely would be well prepared if he fights.” Sect master looked at Zhou Yuan and reminded him.

Zhou Yuan nodded. However, a battle was unavoidable. If they didn’t launch an encirclement attack while the Sacred Palace had withdrawn, they would just be dragging the battle out indefinitely and that delay could lead to a change in the situation.

The Cangxuan Alliance was at its most powerful and imposing state and so they should take advantage of its momentum to completely eradicate the malignant tumor in Cangxuan Heaven.

“The Cangxuan Alliance seems large and powerful, but ultimately, everything depends on alliance leader Zhou Yuan,” said the Heaven Sword Sovereign. In truth, even someone like him couldn’t intervene in a battle of that level.

Of course it would be best if Zhou Yuan could defeat palace master Sheng Yuan. But if his so-called encirclement attack failed, he would become a joke, the Cangxuan Alliance would instantly collapse and countless troubles would soon follow.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were fixed on a certain red spot on the light screen, which was the Sacred Palace’s headquarters.

“Cangxuan Heaven is my hometown, I will do everything I can to stop Sheng Yuan.”

Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath and his eyes grew sharp. “Pass on the order that the Cangxuan Alliance will gather all its strength and attack the Sacred Palace’s headquarters!

“Also, I would like to ask the four sect masters for help with some preparations.”

Zhou Yuan shifted his gaze to the four sect masters. Sheng Yuan would be the strongest enemy he had ever faced and he must be well prepared for that battle.

The four sect masters assumed serious and solemn expressions when they heard his request. 

“Alliance leader, please give us your order.”

The Sacred Palace’s headquarters.

An altar was floating in an endless sea of blood. 

Palace master Sheng Yuan, whose hair was completely white, was sitting cross-legged in the center of the altar. The space behind him suddenly rippled and a figure emerged. 

“The Cangxuan Alliance’s attacks are increasingly fierce. At that speed, the Sacred Palace would likely be besieged in less than half a month,” said the figure quietly. 

Palace master Sheng Yuan turned his head slightly to sweep a glance at the person behind him. He smiled. “Lei Jun, do you regret betraying the Cangxuan Sect?” 

The figure turned out to be Lei Jun, the peak master of the Heavenly Lightning Peak, who betrayed the Cangxuan Sect!

“I like people to address me as Jiang Leijun.”

Jiang Leijun smiled faintly. His appearance hadn’t changed much from that year except there was a red light faintly visible in his eyes like a sea of blood.

“Also, the so-called Cangxuan Alliance is nothing but a mob. Although they appear powerful and imposing right now, once they fall into a disadvantaged situation, that young leader would understand why people’s heart are hard to control.”

Sheng Yuan smiled and then said with a sigh, “But he did surprise me. I never thought that the person who would be my final opponent isn’t Cang Xuan, Qing Yang or any other sect master, but the ant that I viewed as insignificant back then. If I knew this would happen, I would have crushed him back then. That would have saved me a lot of trouble now.” 

Jiang Leijun was silent for a moment before he remarked, “That boy is indeed extraordinary. He already reached this level in just ten years.”

He still remembered when Zhou Yuan was still at the Alpha-Origin stage in the Cangxuan Sect. At that time, Zhou Yuan was indeed similar to an ant to someone like him, but who would have thought that the ant would be respected and admired by so many people. It was such an unpleasant feeling. 

“The sky is always changing and there will always be heaven prides born with the change.” Sheng Yuan wasn’t as surprised. He said indifferently, “However his foundation is still too shallow. Cangxuan Heaven is now closed-off and even if he’s the strongest below the Saint stage, he can’t change anything.”

He turned his head, looking at Jiang Leijun. “As long as we complete our mission, the Sacred God will help us change our bloodline when he awakens. Then, we will truly become a part of the Sacred Race. At that time, you will have the opportunity to reach the Saint stage and truly surpass Cang Xuan.” 

A red light flickered in Jiang Leijun's eyes, and his expression was strangely distorted. “I really look forward to then!”

Palace master Sheng Yuan smiled faintly, his white hair dancing in the air and made him looked particularly striking in the sea of blood. He suddenly lifted his head, peering into the distance. 

“Zhou Yuan, back then you were just a stray dog in front of me. Do you think you can change anything now? You will understand in the end.”

A mocking gleam came to his eyes.

“A stray dog will never transform into a dragon. I will completely wipe away the reputation you worked so hard to create in all-heavens.”

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