Chapter 1399 Alliance Order

The four sect masters were extremely concerned about the establishment of the Cangxuan Alliance, and thus the news about its establishment spread to every sect and faction in Cangxuan Heaven at an incredible speed.

It unsurprisingly caused earthshaking shock. 

All forces were shaken because the Heavenly Ghost Sect, one of the six great sacred sects in Cangxuan Heaven, was already destroyed and the other four sacred sects were struggling to contend against the Sacred Palace. But even though they were faced with such a difficult situation, the four sacred sects hadn’t truly taken a step to unite. 

Many intelligent people knew what the real reason was. It was because all four sacred sects had an equally deep foundation and it was difficult to find an alliance leader who everyone would acknowledge when they formed an alliance. 

But since an alliance was established, did that mean the four sacred sects had finally compromised with each other?

Then who became the alliance leader in the end?!

The very curious sects and factions very quickly received their answer. 

The leader of the Cangxuan Alliance was Zhou Yuan.

The various sects and factions were all at a loss for words when they learnt about this. No one ever thought Zhou Yuan would become the alliance leader. The various sects and factions in Cangxuan Heaven weren’t unfamiliar with Zhou Yuan because he was the one who shattered the Cangxuan Saint Stamp into countless fragments and led chaos to Cangxuan Heaven for years. 

Of course, they didn’t blame Zhou Yuan because they understood that if Zhou Yuan hadn’t made that decisive decision then, the Cangxuan Saint Stamp might have fallen into Sheng Yuan’s hands. If Sheng Yuan became the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven, it would no doubt be the darkest time for all sects and factions in Cangxuan Heaven. 

In the past few years, news about Zhou Yuan was occasionally passed back to Cangxuan Heaven, and many people in Cangxuan Heaven felt incredibly proud of his achievements, particularly in the Battle of Guyuan Heaven. After all, Cangxuan Heaven was ranked at the bottom of all-heavens and it had been years since a heaven pride from Cangxuan Heaven had received honour or praise from all-heavens. 

Although some people might not know what Zhou Yuan’s cultivation level was, since he had received recognition from the four sect masters, his strength was surely not a problem. This was why there weren’t many people questioning his qualification. 

The establishment of the Cangxuan Alliance was no doubt a good thing for all sects and factions in Cangxuan Heaven because the Sacred Palace was incredibly powerful and they would stand no chance against it alone. A strong alliance would no doubt give them shelter. 

Many people had proposed to establish an alliance in the past, but in the end it couldn’t pass the four sacred sects and nothing definite was settled. 

Zhou Yuan's return was an opportunity to facilitate the establishment of the Cangxuan Alliance.

As a result, the Cangxuan Alliance was smoothly established and it was a grand occasion for Cangxuan Heaven to celebrate.

But the celebration didn’t last long because the newly established Cangxuan Alliance issued a notice to ask everyone to hand in the Cangxuan Saint Stamp fragments that they had.

Like a bee’s nest being stabbed, many sects and factions strongly refused. They had sacrificed a lot to win the Saint Stamp fragments that they had but the Cangxuan Alliance wanted to collect those fragments as soon as it was established. Who would allow that to happen?

As Zhou Yuan had said, not everyone could remain calm and rational, and many were more concerned about their own profits. 

But even some calm people felt that the Cangxuan Alliance acted too hastily. The Cangxuan Alliance had just been established and it still hadn’t demonstrated its power. Therefore, it was understandable that many people would protest. 

Additionally, that move could even affect the might and influence of the Cangxuan Alliance in the future. It was a very bad move.

It didn’t seem like a move that the four experienced and calculative sect masters would make, but the new alliance leader Zhou Yuan. After all he was still young and would be more reckless in his actions. 

As a result, it aroused discussion regarding whether Zhou Yuan could take on the role of alliance leader. 

However, that was only a minority. Many more people were still waiting and watching.

It was under that atmosphere that the Cangxuan Alliance officially issued an alliance order.

Simply speaking, the alliance order stated that it hoped everyone could hand in their Cangxuan Saint Stamp fragments and anyone who does so can exchange them for Ancestral Dragon Pills at an exchange rate of ten to one.

When the alliance order was issued, disputes immediately broke out when people read the first half of the order. But when they continued on to the second half, they swallowed their anger and stared dumbfounded at the alliance order. They even read it over and over again to confirm whether there was a mistake. 

“Is this alliance order correct?!”

“Ancestral Dragon Pills? The legendary Ancestral Dragon Pills?!”

“Those pills are extremely rare even to Nascent Source and Law Domain experts. Can we actually exchange them here?!” 

“Is this right? Are they trying to trick us to hand in fragments?!”

“I’ve heard that alliance leader Zhou Yuan is an assistant in refining Ancestral Dragon Pills. If that’s the case, it’s possible that he could bring out so many Ancestral Dragon Pills…"

“This alliance order could be real!”

“If it’s true, this is simply an opportunity that alliance leader Zhou Yuan brought to Cangxuan Heaven. I’m really too narrow-minded to doubt him before!”  

The entire Cangxuan Heaven was stirred. The fame of Ancestral Dragon Pills had spread like rumbling thunder even in the close-off Cangxuan Heaven. No one thought Zhou Yuan would bring out such rare and precious pills.

Although Saint Stamp fragments were precious, they couldn’t be compared to Ancestral Dragon Pills. After all, not many people could actually acquire opportunities from the fragments, and even if they did, it might not be as good as one Ancestral Dragon Pill because it was just a little fragment and not the complete Saint Stamp.

Amidst the commotion and overwhelming singing of praises, Zhou Yuan's operation of exchanging Ancestral Dragon Pills for fragments received everyone’s full support.

Zhou Yuan’s prestige skyrocketed.

In the next few days, the Cangxuan Sect was bustling with noise as the leader of all sects and factions gathered there. Firstly, they wanted to express their support for the Cangxuan Alliance and secondly, they came to exchange their precious Saint Stamp fragments. At the same time, they wanted to come pay respect to Zhou Yuan, the new alliance leader. 

With the enthusiastic support of all forces, all Saint Stamp fragments except for those in the Sacred Palace’s hands fell into Zhou Yuan’s hand within a few days. 

Since everyone had gathered, Zhou Yuan, as the Cangxuan Alliance Leader, took the opportunity to recruit all forces in Cangxuan Heaven to fight back against the Sacred Palace.

The group of heroes responded and the curtain to the battle of life and death in Cangxuan Heaven was lifted. 

There was a foul smell in the rising wind and blood in the coming rain. 

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