Chapter 1398 Shen Wanjin

The fatty covered with terrifying scars that made him look unusually ugly was Shen Wanjin who joined the Cangxuan Sect at the same time as Zhou Yuan. 

Zhou Yuan clearly remembered how the little fatty proudly regarded himself as his little brother and took care of many affairs for him.

Who would have thought that the little fatty, who was considered a little adorable back then, would become like this after ten years?

Most importantly, his Genesis Qi foundation seemed to have been destroyed. 

Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and others quieten down. 

Shen Wanjin summoned his courage to lift up his head and glanced at Zhou Yuan, looking a little embarrassed. “I just wanted to take a peek. I have no intention of disturbing everyone.”

Zhou Yuan looked at Shen Wanjin with a puzzled frown. “Why do you need to sneak a peak?”

Shen Wanjin didn't answer out loud. Little Yuan bro is no longer the same as before. He is an influential being who even the sect masters of the sacred sects won’t dare to treat with disrespect, but I am just a trash. How would I dare contact you? Besides, who knows whether you would remember the little fatty who always followed you around more than ten years ago?  

Zhou Yuan stared at Shen Wanjin, as if able to read his thoughts, and asked, “In your Shen Wanjin’s heart, am I, Zhou Yuan, that kind of person?”

Shen Wanjin remained silent but there was a look of bitterness on his face.  

“What happened?” Zhou Yuan turned to ask Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and the others.

Li Qingchan sighed. “It’s because of the situation in Cangxuan Heaven. A few years ago, junior brother Shen Wanjin and other team members received a mission, but they encountered Xu Chan, the master of the Sacred Palace’s Poison Sacred Hall. That person is ruthless and likes to torture his opponents. The entire team died tragically and only junior brother Shen Wanjin was lucky enough to survive. However, he was tortured to the point that he didn't resemble a human anymore. Most importantly, his Divine Dwellings were corroded by poison and his foundation was destroyed as a result. 

“Sect master saved his life, but he couldn’t restore his meridians and Divine Dwellings. He speculated that only Saints could help him reconstruct them. 

“We told junior brother Shen Wanjin to return to his hometown, but he didn't want to, and in the end he became a chef in the Hundred Aroma House…”

The atmosphere at the banquet grew heavy. Over the years, there had been endless chaos and endless battles in Cangxuan Heaven because of the Saint Stamp fragments. They could be said to have grown steadily from those dangerous battles, but it was unknown how many times they had witnessed their junior and señor brothers and sisters leave the sect with a smile but returned with their icy-cold corpses. 

All kinds of joys and sorrows had been displayed many times over the years.

“I wonder when the battles are going to end…” Chu Qing sighed, looking fatigued. 

Zhou Yuan gripped the wine glass in his hand, his fierce eyes reflected in the wine. He gulped down the wine and said, “It won't be too long. Once the Sacred Palace is eliminated, peace will return to Cangxuan Heaven.”

Everyone’s heart trembled with shock because Zhou Yuan's words revealed a lot of information.

“Is there going to be a battle? But palace master Sheng Yuan is a semi-saint. Who will fight him? The four sect masters likely aren’t strong enough,” asked Li Qingchan, frowning.

As her voice rang out, everyone, as though they thought of something, simultaneously cast an astonished gaze at Zhou Yuan.

“I will handle Sheng Yuan.” Zhou Yuan nodded.

Everyone was at a loss for words. They didn't know what to say. Zhou Yuan had the power to counter a semi-saint?

Zhou Yuan shifted his gaze to Shen Wanjin, stretched out his hand and grabbed his wrist. He operated his Spirit and checked the situation in his body.

He saw that Shen Wanjin's meridians and Divine Dwellings were indeed completely corroded. The poison was more overbearing than he imagined. 

All these years, Shen Wanjin was left without any Genesis Qi and worked as a chef in the Hundred Aroma House.

It was easy to imagine how painful he must have felt in those years. After all, having one’s power taken away was one of the greatest tortures.

It was similar to royalties and nobles of an empire degraded to commoner status. Although they protected their lives, their identity, power and status were taken away, and they would feel extremely painful for the rest of their lives. 

In Zhou Yuan's memory, Shen Wanjin always had a smile on his face, but now, he was almost buried in depression and despair.

After losing his Genesis Qi, he closed his heart, isolated himself and gradually lost contact with his friends. The difference between him now and then was too great. 

Zhou Yuan suddenly remembered the time when his eight meridians were blocked. In a certain way, Shen Wanjin’s situation was similar to his. Zhou Yuan once possessed the Sacred Dragon Blessing, but that was taken away and he couldn’t unblock his eight meridians and couldn’t step on the cultivation path. Shen Wanjin originally possessed Genesis Qi, but because of an unexpected change, he had become a useless person. 

Zhou Yuan slowly released his grip on Shen Wanjin's wrist and swept a glance over the people present, including Shen Wanjin, who were all staring hopefully at him. “Sect master is right. Only Saints can reconstruct the Divine Dwellings in your body.”

Everyone's eyes dimmed.

Shen Wanjin forced a smile and said, “It’s okay, I'm used to it anyway.”

The strongest person in the entire Cangxuan Heaven was Sheng Yuan, but even he was only a semi-saint. A Saint was simply too distant to them…almost like a divine being.

“There is nothing we could do for now.” Zhou Yuan shook his head. “But if you wait till I advance to the Saint stage, I will personally reconstruct your Divine Dwellings. If you can't wait that long, after I get rid of the Sheng Yuan, I will ask Yaoyao to help. It shouldn’t be a problem for her.”

Shen Wanjin raised his head abruptly, gazing dazedly at Zhou Yuan. His words revealed a lot of information, but what made him most emotional was that Zhou Yuan was willing to help him.

After a long while, he said in a trembling voice, “Little Yuan bro…you will help me?”

Zhou Yuan stood up, brushed away the dandruff on Shen Wanjin's head, and sighed. “Of course, it’s such a huge matter to you and even made you want to die. Don’t worry, since you call me little yuan bro, I won’t leave you alone.” 

Shen Wanjin teared up. He didn't expect hope to come so soon.

His little Yuan bro had now become the most influential being in Cangxuan Heaven but he was still willing to help the nobody who always followed behind him back then. 

“Little Yuan bro, I'll go make some special dishes for you.” Shen Wanjin mumbled emotionally, wiping away his tears. Then, he hurriedly turned around and ran off.

Zhou Yuan didn't stop him. He knew how important his seemingly simple help was to Shen Wanjin. It even pulled him out of the abyss of despair.

It was the same as when master Cang Yuan showed him hope when he couldn’t unblock his eight meridians.

He turned to look at Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and the others, his expression growing solemn. This was because Shen Wanjin’s situation made him understand what chaos Cangxuan Heaven had been suffering these years. 

Li Qingchan said softly, "Zhou Yuan, will you end the chaos in Cangxuan Heaven?”

“Otherwise what did I come back for?” Zhou Yuan said with a smile.

He raised his glass and said to everyone. “Make good use of our final resting time because a great battle will come soon and no one can escape then. We have to win this war. Otherwise, the entire Cangxuan Heaven will be destroyed and there will no longer be any hope.”

The Sacred Palace's action was no doubt driven by the Sacred Race, and even though Zhou Yuan didn’t know what they had planned, he was sure it wouldn’t be any good news for Cangxuan Heaven.

Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng, and Ye Ge were a little surprised, but they soon after raised their glass to one another.

Their eyes blazed with determination. “For Cangxuan Heaven.”

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