Chapter 1396 Sees Old Xuan Again

Zhou Yuan dazedly stood outside the cave dwelling, which hadn’t changed the slightest since he left. Even the door to the cave dwelling remained exactly the same. 

“The layout of this Purple Genesis Cave Dwelling has been kept the same as when you left. No disciples have ever lived in it. It has been left in a perfect state for you.” A laughter rang out from the side. Zhou Yuan turned his head to see Shen Taiyuan.

“I must thank you peak master.” Zhou Yuan nodded gratefully at Shen Taiyuan. After all, this cave dwelling wasn’t just a former residence of his. It held many memories of him and Yaoyao. 

The relationship between Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao also rapidly grew in that cave dwelling.

“Yaoyao didn’t come back with you this time?” asked Shen Taiyuan.

Zhou Yuan shook his head. “Her situation is a little special and so she can’t come to Cangxuan Heaven for now.” 

Shen Taiyuan nodded. “Sect master has arranged the best accommodation for you, but I thought you might like this place better.”

“Of course.” Zhou Yuan smiled. Then, inhaling a deep breath, he strode into the cave dwelling.

The cave dwelling was as quiet as when they lived there. A brook ran through the cave dwelling that was adorned with stone pavilions and bridges. Additionally, deeper into the cave dwelling was a beautiful flower garden.

Zhou Yuan surveyed the flower garden, in which over one hundred flowers had bloomed, and many of which were spiritual plants. They were all planted by Yaoyao.

A warm smile curled the corners of Zhou Yuan's lips. It was as though he was reminiscing the heart-warming scenes back then. 

He slowly strode forward and came to a peach tree with thick lush leaves and its pink petals covered the surrounding ground.

Zhou Yuan stood in front of the peach tree, gazing at the peach blossoms, and the image of a beautiful and graceful figure that made him very worried was shown in his eyes. 

Yaoyao's cold but stunning face appeared before him, her every movement and smile

made his heart flutter. 

Zhou Yuan stretched out his hand to catch a peach blossom petal fluttering in the air and said softly, “Yaoyao, when I settle Cangxuan Heaven, I will definitely bring you back here and we will live here forever.”

Zhou Yuan stood under the peach tree for a long while before he left the cave dwelling. He pondered in front of the cave dwelling, and then picked up a jar of fine wine and headed straight to the rear of the Saint Genesis Peak.

Although the Saint Genesis Peak was no longer deserted like it was in the past, the rear of the mountain was still considered a forbidden area and ordinary disciples weren’t allowed to enter. This was why it was particularly quiet. 

Zhou Yuan strolled through the ancient forest until a slightly damaged building came into sight. The square in front of it was covered with withered leaves.

Zhou Yuan tread on the fallen leaves across the square and saw a crooked old figure on the steps.  He was holding a broomstick but seemed to be dozing off. There were even withered leaves on his body. 

Zhou Yuan sat down on the stone steps beside the old man and removed the fallen leaves on his body. 

His movement surprised the old man. The old man abruptly opened his eyes and stared blankly at the man who appeared without him noticing.

“Old Xuan, I haven't seen you in many years. How have you been?” Zhou Yuan beamed a smile. 

Back when he was at the Cangxuan Sect, if there was anyone he should be grateful towards for teaching him it would be the old man. He would be ranked even higher than Shen Taiyuan and sect master Qing Yang.

Old Xuan stared blankly at Zhou Yuan for a good while before he said tremblingly, “Zhou…Zhou Yuan?

“You came back?”

Zhou Yuan smiled. “It's been more than ten years, shouldn’t I come back? From the expression on your face, it seems that you haven't heard much about me.”

Holding a broomstick, Old Xuan said in a hoarse voice, “After that battle, I came back here and never went out again. I told Qing Yang and the others that if they wanted to destroy the Sacred Palace, they should come find me here. If not, don't come.”

He shook his head, “So no one had disturbed me in more than ten years.”

From his tone and words, he was evidently disappointed. He clearly didn’t want such peace and he wanted sect master Qing Yang to bring him the news he wanted to hear.

“The Sacred Palace is very strong, and sect master Qing Yang doesn't dare to make reckless moves. After all, the entire Cangxuan Sect is on his shoulder.” Zhou Yuan took out a wine bowl, filled it to the brim, and gave it to Old Xuan with both hands.

Old Xuan slowly received it, saying, “I know, I don't blame him, but I just can’t control my anger. I want to avenge my master.”

Zhou Yuan knew that Old Xuan greatly respected old ancestor Cang Xuan, and he likely only kept on living to avenge old ancestor Cang Xuan. However, he also understood that he couldn’t threaten palace master Sheng Yuan with him alone. This was why he sat there in boredom. 

Zhou Yuan stretched out his wine bowl and tapped Old Xuan’s bowl. “I know what you are thinking, so I came.” 

Old Xuan took a sip of the wine. As wine dripped down his scruffy beard, he stared puzzledly at Zhou Yuan. “What use is there for you to come back? Sheng Yuan hates you to the bone. You even dared to come back. You really do not know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

Zhou Yuan didn’t look happy when he heard that. He set down the bowl, stood up and said to Old Xuan, “I will introduce myself to you. I am Zhou Yuan, Hunyuan Heaven’s Tianyuan Region’s grand elder, an official disciple of supreme sovereign Cang Yuan, someone who prime sovereign Jin Luo acknowledges, Zhou Xiaoyao’s husband and the strongest below the Saint Stage!”

Old Xuan stared bewildered at Zhou Yuan, who just said a number of lengthy titles. But he heard the last title very clearly. “Strongest below the Saint Stage? You?”

Old Xuan furrowed his brows, and his wrinkled face grew solemn because he could feel terrifying pressure slowly exuding from the man before him. 

That pressure even dimmed that side of the world. 

Faintly, he saw a purple-gold sacred dragon hovering behind Zhou Yuan and its might even made heaven and earth quake.

Old Xuan’s hands trembled and wine splashed out from the wine bowl in his hand. While he was in shock, Zhou Yuan withdrew his power and sat back down. 

“If I didn’t have the confidence, do you really think I would have come to throw away my life?” Zhou Yuan said with a smile.

Old Xuan turned his head with difficulty and eventually studied Zhou Yuan’s face, as if confirming whether the person in front of him was the little boy back then. 

After scanning him up and down for a good while, he saw that the face in front of him wasn’t as immature-looking and was replaced by a deep look that even he couldn’t see through.  

“I met the sect masters of the four sacred sects before I came here. We agreed to establish the Cangxuan Alliance and I take on the role of alliance leader. Our next step is to combine the forces of the entire Cangxuan Heaven, destroy the Sacred Palace, and kill Sheng Yuan.”

Old Xuan’s hand shook every time he spoke. In the end, he couldn’t hold the wine bowl firmly and said in a trembling voice. “Are you serious?!” But his eyes were filled with anticipation.

“I’m serious. I won’t lie to you.” Zhou Yuan nodded firmly.   

Old Xuan trembled. “You…do you really have the confidence to win against Sheng Yuan?”

“I’m not afraid of him as long as he hasn’t reached the Saint stage. No one knows who will win in the end,” said Zhou Yuan.

Old Xuan stared at Zhou Yuan for a good while. Then, tears coursed down his wrinkled face as he mumbled, “Master really has good eyes. He would be really proud of all your achievements if he knew.” 

Zhou Yuan raised the wine bowl. “So I came to see if you still have the strength to come with me to turn the Sacred Palace upside down.”

Old Xuan gripped the wine bowl tightly and clinked their bowls together. The dispirited air around him had faded and even his voice became fierce.  

“Kill Sheng Yuan!”

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