Chapter 1395 Zhou Yuan’s Preparation

The collection of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp fragments was smoothly completed. 

This wasn’t too surprising. After all, the four sect masters knew that, after analyzing and trying to fathom the Saint Stamp fragments over the last years, they had little effect on the people of their level apart from the occasional benefits. Even though the Saint Stamp fragments were attractive, it was completely unrealistic to think that they could control Cangxuan Heaven with those fragments. 

But Zhou Yuan would fight Sheng Yuan in a battle of life and death, which would also determine the entire Cangxuan Heaven’s future. 

At such a time, if they could increase Zhou Yuan’s chance of winning, that would give Cangxuan Heaven a higher chance in the future. 

They only hesitated to do so in the beginning because of their reluctance to part with the fragments, but after they cleared their mind and were thinking properly, it wasn’t difficult to make such a decision in the end. 

As for the marriage that palace master Shan Qingzi mentioned, it was of course more of a joke. She thought that Zhou Yuan was too powerful and imposing and wanted to tease him. After seeing Zhou Yuan's retreat in defeat, she stopped with a wide smile.

“Alliance leader Zhou Yuan, although the four great sacred sects hold the majority of the Saint Stamp fragments except for those in the Sacred Palace’s hand, some are still with other sects and factions. It likely would require a lot of persuasion to make them hand them over,” said Heaven Sword Sovereign. 

The other three sect masters nodded silently. Not everyone could remain calm and rational under the Saint Stamp fragments’ temptation.  

But if they were to forcibly snatch the fragments, it would undoubtedly cause a lot of dissatisfaction and it would give the Sacred Palace an opportunity to exploit.

Of course, Zhou Yuan already knew about that. After all, when he returned to Cangxuan Heaven, he witnessed city lord Xiao Tianluo from Saint Remains City caught in a calamity due to a fragment. This showed how much temptation a Saint Stamp fragment had to ordinary people. 

Therefore, they couldn’t snatch them forcibly.

Fortunately, Zhou Yuan came prepared. With a wave of his sleeves, jade bottles, emitting indescribable charm, emerged on the long table in front of him. 

The higher-ups of the various sects in the hall immediately cast their eyes towards the bottles and even the four sect masters’ hands were uncontrollably trembling. 

“This...if I'm not mistaken, those are Ancestral Dragon Pills, right?” asked sect master Qing Yang slowly, his eyes blazing.

The Ancestral Dragon Pill name had spread throughout all-heavens in just a few years. Sect master Qing Yang and the other sect masters had also obtained one before, but when they wanted another one, they couldn’t acquire one no matter what price they offered. 

However, Zhou Yuan casually displayed almost one hundred Ancestral Dragon Pills!

Even the four sect masters couldn’t steady themselves seeing such a huge amount of Ancestral Dragon Pills.

Zhou Yuan smiled. “Can the four sect masters let out news that anyone willing to hand in fragments can exchange one Ancestral Dragon Pill with ten fragments.”

A large number of Ancestral Dragon Pills was produced as a result of the harvest in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain and the refining in the past half a year. Zhou Yuan brought a lot of them back to Cangxuan Heaven. Of course, the majority was obtained from prime sovereign Jin Luo, because, according to him, they were necessary funds for the trip.


Uproar broke out in the great hall and everyone’s eyes were blazing so brightly that the jade bottles were almost melted. 

Saint Stamp fragments were rare, but for many people, there was only a very small chance of obtaining any opportunities from them. However, Ancestral Dragon Pills were known to everyone as opportunities from heaven!

If they could absorb and refine them to increase their strengths, it would be an incredible benefit!

Cangxuan Heaven was relatively closed-off and its status was considered at the bottom of all-heavens. Therefore, only a very small amount of Ancestral Dragon Pills flowed into Cangxuan Heaven. Although some sect masters had the opportunity to obtain one, the majority had only ever heard about them. Many people’s breathing became heavy when they saw so many suddenly appeared in front of them. 

If they hadn’t controlled their impulse, they would have snatched them already. 

“Sect masters, do you think I could collect the fragments with this method?” asked Zhou Yuan with a smile.

The four sect master exchanged glances and nodded firmly. “If Ancestral Dragon Pills are used as an item of exchange, I don’t think anyone would be able to refuse.”

They simultaneously breathed a sigh of relief because they previously were worried that Zhou Yuan would irrationally snatch fragments from other sects and factions. If that happened, Cangxuan Heaven would become even more chaotic. Fortunately, Zhou Yuan came well-prepared. 

“Ke…” Venerable lord Gu Jing suddenly coughed out loud and mumbled embarrassedly, “Alliance leader Zhou Yuan…the fragments we handed over, can we also exchange them for Ancestral Dragon Pills?”   

The other three sect masters didn’t say anything, but they stared at Zhou Yuan from the corner of their eyes.  

Smiling inwardly, Zhou Yuan pretended to hesitate, and he finally nodded under the nervous gazes of the four sect masters. 


Sighs of reliefs rang in the great hall, and the four sect masters also smiled from ear to ear. The four sacred sects had many fragments and should be able to exchange for quite a few Ancestral Dragon Pills. One was enough to dramatically improve their strengths that had stagnated at the same level for years.

“Alliance leader Zhou Yuan's kindness to Cangxuan Heaven will be remembered by all the sects and factions in Cangxuan Heaven." Heaven Sword Sovereign exclaimed, his voice full of respect and admiration.

What Zhou Yuan did was more like a gift to Cangxuan Heaven. After all, Ancestral Dragon Pills were very precious, who would give them away so casually?

The exchange of Saint Stamp fragments was more just an excuse.

The higher-ups finally snapped out of their shock, and after organizing their complex emotions, they couldn’t help looking at Zhou Yuan with gazes of gratitude and respect. 

Zhou Yuan waved his hand, got up and said, “I will have to trouble the four sect masters to establish the Cangxuan Alliance and collect the fragments. You all are more suitable than me to do that.” 

“Alliance leader, don't worry, we will do those tasks properly.” The four sect masters responded without hesitation.

Zhou Yuan bowed, gave a cupped fist salute at everyone and strode out the hall.

As he left the main hall, he pondered for a moment and turned in the Saint Genesis Peak’s direction.

The Saint Genesis Peak was no longer as deserted as it used to be. This was perhaps because after Zhou Yuan’s fame spread to Cangxuan Heaven, the Saint Genesis Peak was no longer unknown in Cangxuan Heaven and many new disciples in the Cangxuan Sect also began to show interest in the Saint Genesis Peak.

As Zhou Yuan strolled through the mountains, he occasionally saw some young figures sitting cross-legged in the clouds and inhaling Genesis Qi, some practicing in the forests and some diving down the waterfall on the mountaintop. It was a scene full of youthful spirit. 

People constantly weaved through the mountain forests but no one seemed to see Zhou Yuan's figure.

He slowly walked past, crossed mountain passages, and arrived in front of many cave dwellings.

In the end, he stopped in front of a secluded cave dwelling.

The cave dwelling was clean and tidy, and clearly had been taken care of all year round.

Zhou Yuan dazedly stood there, gazing at the writings on the walls of the cave dwelling. 

Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiaoyao lived here when they first arrived in the Cangxuan Sect. 

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