Chapter 1392 The Once Younger Generation

It was a majestic, brightly lit hall. Four long white jade tables had been placed in different corners of the hall, with four stern and powerful figures silently seated behind each one.

Several figures were seated behind these four individuals, all giving off powerful Genesis Qi undulations. These were evidently the four sects’ most powerful experts.

Everyone in the hall was currently watching the young man leisurely walk in with mixed feelings.

Those present had repeatedly heard of this young man over the years as he rose to fame in the all-heavens, and were especially shocked when they heard of the battle for Guyuan Heaven a few years ago.

No one had expected that the one to ultimately best the Sacred Race sacred heaven pride would not be a heaven pride from any of the other heavens, but a young man that had walked out from Cangxuan Heaven.

This made many of Cangxuan Heaven’s top experts sigh deeply in pity, however, that was all they did. After all, Zhou Yuan had only been a Heavenly Sun stage expert at that time, a level that was still too low in the eyes of Nascent Source and Law Domain experts.

No one could have predicted the huge shock they would receive when they heard news of Zhou Yuan again.

From the latest reports, Zhou Yuan had distinguished himself in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain and defeated the Sacred Race’s strongest Law Domain expert. What’s more, he was now popularly known as the number one expert under the Saint stage in the all-heavens.

As for how much truth there was to this title, everyone present was naturally well aware...

In the hall, three sect masters carefully observed Zhou Yuan’s figure, still feeling somewhat dazed even with him standing right before them. After all, they had been present in the great battle where he had been forced to leave Cangxuan Heaven years ago.

Back then, Zhou Yuan was merely a young practitioner who had recently stepped into the Divine Dwelling stage. The only reason why they had remembered his name was because this extremely daring young man had shattered the saint stamp and scattered its fragments throughout Cangxan Heaven, resulting in the subsequent chaos that had plagued the land for many years.

No one would have imagined back then that the young Divine Dwelling expert would have grown to this stage when he returned...

The atmosphere was rather silent as everyone’s hearts churned like a stormy sea.

Amidst the silence, Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept across the hall, finding sect master Qing Yang seated in the host’s seat. He had not changed much despite the many years that had passed, although his Genesis Qi cultivation had clearly progressed. However, the once immeasurable power in Zhou Yuan’s eyes was now seen through in a single glance.

Behind sect master Qing Yang were several familiar figures.

The peak masters of Cangxuan Sect’s many peaks.

The Snow Lotus Peak master Liu Lianyi, the Sword Cometh Peak master Ling Jun, the Hongya Peak master Gu Tianhong, the Spirit Rune Peak master old man Bai Mei...

In the past, these peak masters had possessed strength that he yearned for, but had now been surpassed by him.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze shifted to the table left of sect master Qing Yang, where a hunched old man in hemp clothes sat. Although the old man gave off a declining aura akin to the setting sun, Zhou Yuan could sense an endlessly sharp sword will within it that was seemingly capable of piercing the heavens.

It was the Sword Seeker Sect master, the Heavenly Sword Sovereign.

On the other side of sect master Qing Yang was a beautiful mature woman in palace garments. Her figure was round in all the right places, making her extremely charming. It was the palace master of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, Shan Qingzi.

The final individual was a bare torso middle-aged man that looked plain and simple like an old farmer. Mottled markings covered his skin and the power spreading from his body made the air around him tremble faintly.

Sect master of the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall, Venerable Lord Gu Jing.

It could be said that the top powers of Cangxuan Heaven were currently gathered in this hall.

On the host’s seat, sect master Qing Yang was likewise observing the young man that was walking in. His face had lost much of its previous immarity, replaced by a seemingly untouchable calmness. His eyes were still as bright as before, but no longer contained the recklessness of youth. Instead, they held some kind of impenetrable deepness.

Sect master Qing Yang felt a little dazed. In a short dozen years, the young man from back then now made him feel a slight pressure.

However, he was rather gratified by this development.

At the end of the day, Zhou Yuan was someone who came from the Cangxuan Sect.

There were also many events that made it clear that Zhou Yuan was a person who valued his ties and not someone who would forget you just because he rose to greater heights.

Sect master Qing Yang stood up and cupped his hands together at Zhou Yuan. Although Zhou Yuan used to be a disciple of the Cangxuan Sect, his current strength was sufficient for him to stand as equals to the sect masters. Hence, sect master Qing Yang made sure to give him the proper respect.

“Zhou Yuan, welcome back to the Cangxuan Sect,” said sect master Qing Yang with his all too familiar kindly smile.

Zhou Yuan also cupped his hands together in response and smiled, “Sect master has grown much stronger in the many years since we’ve last met.”

The other three sect masters also rose to their feet and cupped their fists together at Zhou Yuan. “We thank you for coming to Cangxuan Heaven’s aid.”

The reinforcements brought by Zhou Yuan had recently entered the various battlefields and swiftly stabilized the situation in Cangxuan Heaven. This made the various factions rejoice and breathe sighs of relief. 

“Cangxuan Heaven is also part of the all-heavens. The Sacred Race is behing the Sacred Palace’s recent activities and the all-heavens will naturally not idly sit by and watch. The reinforcements were sent by the Omega Shrine’s prime sovereign Jin Luo.” Zhou Yuan did not take credit of course and told them the truth.

As the leaders of the Cangxuan Heaven’s great sects, sect master Qing Yang and the others were naturally aware of the Omega Shrine’s existence. They knew that it was the all-heavens highest power whose sole goal was to resist the Sacred Race.

The four sect masters sighed and shamefully said, “Cangxuan Heaven has become a burden to the all-heavens.”

Sect master Qing Yang shook his head before smiling at Zhou Yuan. “Zhou Yuan, please seat yourself so we can start the discussion.”

He pointed towards an empty table.

Zhou Yuan nodded and his figure disappeared. When he appeared again, he was already seated behind the long table.

The other four sect masters also seated themselves as their expressions became solemn. They knew that the real show was about to start.

“Sect masters, I’m sure you guys understand Cangxuan Heaven’s current situation better than myself. The Sacred Race is secretly directing the Sacred Palace from the shadows, and they are definitely up to something.” Zhou Yuan wasted no time beating about the bush.

The four sect masters nodded with grave expressions.

“The Sacred Palace has been growing increasingly powerful over the past few years and is no longer a faction any of the other great sects can face alone. Although the sects have shown signs of cooperation, it is not enough. The sects are unable to act as one proper entity and fight their own battles. This is one of the reasons why the Heavenly Ghost Sect was wiped out.”

Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept across the hall, a feeling of oppressiveness spreading from his calm voice that made the four sect masters’ hearts shiver.

“Although I do not know what the Sacred Race is up to, the more unknown something is, the more dangerous it is. We cannot keep wasting time with the Sacred Palace and must end this chaos as soon as possible or Cangxuan Heaven will only be in more and more danger.

“Hence, I suggest we establish the Cangxuan Alliance with the four great sects as its leaders. We will absorb the other Cangxuan Sect factions and consolidate our power to launch a counter attack on the Sacred Palace and destroy it!”

Zhou Yuan’s resolute voice echoed in the hall, causing everyone to look at him in astonishment.

The hall was silent for a time.

Zhou Yuan was not the first to suggest an alliance against the Sacred Palace. Others had brought similar suggestions up before, but they had ultimately been shelved.

It was because an alliance naturally required a clear leader. The four great sects were of similar strengths and had clashed repeatedly over the years. Despite gradually being forced to stand together in recent times due to the threat of the Sacred Palace, none of the four would properly acknowledge another as the leader.

Hence, such suggestions had always ended up being thrown to the side until being brought up again by Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan observed the four sect masters’ changing expressions. He lowered his eyes and calmly said, “I know what the biggest problem is, hence, I would like to nominate myself as the first alliance leader.”

In the hall, everyone’s eyes grew even wider.

They stared at the young face in astonishment. Was this not saying that since they refused to acknowledge one another, he would be their boss because he could subdue them all?

What a crazy fellow!

Sect master Qing Yang, Liu Lianyi, Lin Jun and the other peak masters stared at Zhou Yuan in shock. Only now did they finally feel his domineering and overbearing aura...

A sudden realization finally dawned upon them. This person was no longer the hardworking young man of the Cangxuan Sect...but the number one expert under the Saint stage in the all-heavens!

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