Chapter 1391 Friends Gather Once More

“Zhou Yuan?!”

Lu Luo, Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others could not help but cry out in shock when they saw the slim figure emerge. However, their shock was replaced by joy a split second later.

“Zhou Yuan, you’re really back!” Lu Luo cheered as she excitedly pulled Zhou Yuan’s sleeve. “I just knew that you won’t be missing!”

Zhou Yuan wore a gentle smile as he observed his old friends. It had been a few years since their last meeting in the battle for Guyuan Heaven, and Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others had clearly grown tremendously since then. Among the five, Lu Luo, Zhen Xu, Zuoqiu Qingyu and Ning Zhan had reached the peak Nascent Source stage, while the strongest Li Chunjun had soared all the way to the pseudo Law Domain stage.

They were definitely part of the fastest batch among their peers in Cangxuan Heaven.

In addition, their auras had also become sharper and harsher. Even the most innocent and easy-going Lu Luo seemed to have matured substantially. Zhou Yuan understood that it was likely because of the constant killing and battles they had been a part of.

After all, the friction between the Sacred Palace and the other Cangxuan Heaven factions had only grown in recent years due to struggle for the Cangxuan Saint Stamp fragments, numerous battles erupting one after another. His small group of friends were already considered higher-ups in their respectives sects, and were naturally unable to avoid being dispatched into battle.

After experiencing enough death and fighting, one’s aura would naturally change.

The young companions that had walked out from the Cangmang Continent years ago had unknowingly already become irreplaceable figures in their respective sects.

Lu Chunjun asked in his raspy voice, “I heard that you killed the Sacred Palace Golden Sacred Hall master Pang Yang at Great Zhou City?”

Zhou Yuan grinned and nodded. “He was behaving atrociously in my Great Zhou City and even wanted to massacre the entire city. I would have let the citizens down if I didn’t butcher him there and then.”

The group was speechless. Pang Yang was no stranger to them, and they had even exchanged blows with him before, although it would always end up with them on the losing end. However, Zhou Yuan described this very same individual as livestock to be slaughtered as he pleased.

Zhou Yuan had evidently grown to a very terrifying level in the few years since they last met.

Li Chunjun asked, “Third stage Law Domain?”

Zhou Yuan waved his hand and modestly said, “The all-heavens friends are too kind when they call me number one under the Saint stage.”

The group looked at each other before Lu Luo curled her lip and said, “Zhou Yuan, you look like you need a beating.”

As she spoke, the others could not help but laugh. Even the corners of Zhen Xu’s mouth twitched a little.

“I heard what happened to the Heavenly Ghost Sect.” Zhou Yuan looked towards Zhen Xu and sighed.

Zhen Xu responded in a downcast voice, “Honestly, the Heavenly Ghost Sect master only has himself to blame for this fate. Even till the end, he entertained the delusion of joining hands with the Sacred Palace and thus did not fully commit to the alliance with the other four great sects. In the end, this delusion gave the Sacred Palace the chance they needed.

“The Heavenly Ghost Sect paid the price for his foolishness. Since I am a member of the Heavenly Ghost Sect, I have been doing my best to gather the last of our members for the past few years.

“We’re wandering ghosts whose only wish is revenge. However, the Sacred Palace is too powerful and our numbers have only fallen over the years.” A look of exhaustion appeared on Zhen Xu’s face.

Zhou Yuan was silent for a moment before he patted Zhen Xu’s shoulder. “There will be revenge, but it will not be moths plunging towards the fire. Dealing with the Sacred Palace is the shared responsibility of Cangxuan Heaven’s numerous factions.

“I’ve returned to settle my grudge with Sheng Yuan. If I triumph, the Sacred Palace will naturally be destroyed. When that happens, the Heavenly Ghost Sect will get its chance to rebuild.”

Zhen Xu stared blankly at Zhou Yuan as a sliver of hope finally appeared in his dull gray eyes. “ can defeat Sheng Yuan?”

Palace master Sheng Yuan was a half-Saint and the strongest expert in the entire Cangxuan Heaven. Since no Saint expert could currently descend onto Cangxuan Heaven, Sheng Yuan was basically invincible. This was something everyone was clearly aware of.

Zhou Yuan met his gaze and chuckled. “There will be a chance as long as he is not a true Saint expert.

“Moreover, even if he does cross that final step, I will drag him down from the clouds and into the mud because Cangxuan Heaven has the Great Zhou Empire, the Cangxuan Sect, and you guys, my friends. I will not let him destroy this place even if it costs me my life.”

Icy, unwavering determination flashed deep in his eyes as he smiled.

Zuoqiu Qingyu cupped her beautiful face, her glittering as she stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “Zhou Yuan, you’re starting to become nearly one percent as handsome as Yaoyao in my heart.”

Zhou Yuan’s face turned black with anger as he glared at Zuoqiu Qingyu. How dare this evil woman still have designs on my future wife.


While they were conversing, a gong suddenly sounded from the main peak.

Upon hearing the noise, Zhou Yuan said, “It seems that the other sect masters have arrived. I’ll be going off to see them first.

“Right, after my discussion with the sect masters is over, we will be sending an expedition against the Sacred Palace. When the time comes, this war will quickly sweep across the entire Cangxuan Heaven.”

With a wave of his sleeve, several streaks of light shot towards Zuoqiu Qingyu, Lu Luo and the others.

“Here’s a small present for everyone. Quickly absorb it and prepare for the upcoming war.”

His figure disappeared as his voice rang out.

Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others hurriedly caught the incoming objects and found them to be small jade bottles. A round longan-like pill floated within each bottle, a faint halo shimmering around each one.

“This is...the Ancestral Dragon Pill?!”

Their hearts shook as they looked at each other in shock. They had naturally heard of this famous pill, but never had the chance to see one till now. They never imagined that Zhou Yuan would give one to each of them.

“This feels like a young and rich business man has returned to his rural hometown and casually gives away expensive gifts, shocking everyone.” Ning Zhan smiled bitterly.

The others nodded in agreement.

“So do we take it or not?” Lu Luo licked her lips as she stared at the Ancestral Dragon Pill in her hand.

Li Chunjun slowly said, “Keep it. After all, this is a small gift compared to everything he’s given us. If he needs anything in the future, we’ll just stake our lives to repay him.”

He was straightforward as usual, like a sharp sword.

The other four nodded. There was indeed no need to worry about a little more when they already owed so much. Instead, they were more concerned about the war that would soon arrive...

The thought of it excited them. Although the four great sects were currently allied against the Sacred Palace, they had, in a certain manner of speaking, only fought their own battles. It was difficult for them to properly integrate due to being on similar power levels.

With Zhou Yuan’s return, this situation might begin to change.


While the small group grew excited about the future, Zhou Yuan’s figure appeared in front of the grand hall on the Cangxuan Sect main peak.

He stood with his hands behind his back, a look of reminisce on his face as he observed the familiar scenery. In the end, he walked into the hall under the curious and fanatical gazes of the surrounding Cangxuan Sect disciples.

He immediately felt four stern gazes converge on his body, three of which were closely examining him.

Zhou Yuan raised his head, looking towards the four sect masters that represented four of Cangxuan Heaven’s strongest factions as he cupped his fists together and smiled.

“Long time no see sect masters, I hope that all of you have been well.”

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