Chapter 139 Attack

By the time the next day arrived, the entire Saint Remains City was already boiling with excitement.

Especially when six streaks of light flew out from the city lord residence and headed directly for the Saint Remains Domain. The countless geniuses inside the city also rose into the air, treading on Genesis Qi as they shot forth, covering the sky and earth like locusts.

Zhou Yuan gazed upon this magnificent scene, before turning his head towards Yaoyao, Luluo and Zuoqiu Qingyu. “We should go too.”

Zuoqiu Qingyu had practically attached herself to Yaoyao for the past few days. Yaoyao could not be bothered to explain, while Luluo was purely waiting for the fun to start when the truth was revealed. This was why Zuoqiu Qingyu had yet to realise that the beautiful man in her eyes was actually a fake.

Yaoyao and the rest naturally had no objections. Hence, the group also moved, heading towards the Saint Remains Domain.

The Saint Remains Domain was about thirty miles from Saint Remains City. At full speed, it did not take much time for the group to reach their destination.

Zhou Yuan peered into the distance, where a giant, practically endless basin had appeared at the end of his sight. Mist shrouded the sky above the basin, giving off faint but strange undulations that made one’s heart shiver.

Under the mist was an incomparably large river. Light glimmered on the surface of the river’s calm and rippleless waters that gave one a feeling of depthlessness.

This should be the holy river that encircled the outer region of the Saint Remains Domain.

Countless figures descended, extending all the way to the end of one’s sight. No one knew just how many people had come.

Outside the Saint Remains Domain were six titanic stone platforms on which figures were landing one after another.

Zhou Yuan’s group also landed on one of the platforms.

Above the platforms, six powerful Genesis Qi torrents whizzed about like storms. Within the  storms, one could just barely discern six seated figures.

Zhou Yuan inquired in a low voice, “Are those the envoys from the six sacred sects?” 

Luluo nodded and replied, “Yes, it is said that all six are experts that have reached the Divine Dwelling stage.”

“Six Divine Dwelling stage practitioners.” Zhou Yuan could not help but sigh in admiration. These experts were top class even in the Cangmang Continent.

Zuoqiu Qingyu was making a ‘binoculars’ with her hands as she said with a grin, “I heard that the one above this stone platform of ours comes from Sacred Palace.”

“Sacred Palace…” Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. The barefoot uncle from yesterday had mentioned that the Sacred Palace envoy had already taken a liking to Wu Huang. As long as the latter’s performed well in the Saint Remains Domain, he would be accepted into Sacred Palace, ascending the heavens in a single step.

While these thoughts swirled in Zhou Yuan’s mind, he suddenly lifted his head and looked towards a certain spot in the distance where a golden figure was standing with his hands behind his back. A strong and powerful aura pulsed from his body, making it such that none of the surrounding geniuses dared to approach.

That pressure naturally originated from Wu Huang.

Wu Huang also tilted his head at this moment, his emotionless gaze sweeping across Zhou Yuan before pausing.

“His Spirit has reached the advance Illusory stage.” Wu Huang’s eyes rippled faintly. The crippled dragon of the Zhou clan did have some ability.

“Truly a troublesome fly.” Mumbled Wu Huang as a strange light suddenly appeared in his eyes.

It was at this very moment that Zhou Yuan suddenly felt all the hairs on his body stand as an indescribable feeling of danger surged in his heart.

His eyes firmly locked onto Wu Huang.

The latter suddenly raised his hand at this moment, his five fingers tightly clenching into a fist, before throwing a punch at Zhou Yuan.


Scarlet-red Genesis Qi whizzed forth like a scorching sun, swift as thunder as it shot towards Zhou Yuan.

“Wu Huang, you’re too much!” Luluo and Zuoqiu Qingyu detected the attack and immediately shouted out in anger, vigorous Genesis Qi exploding from their bodies.

Iciness also flashed across Yaoyao’s eyes as the Spirit on her bright forehead began to shake.

Tuntun also released a low roar from her arms.

However, just as they were about to stop the attack, an overwhelming pressure suddenly descended from the sky, forcing all of their Genesis Qi back into their bodies.

“The Sacred Palace envoy?!” Luluo’s and Zuoqiu Qingyu’s pretty faces changed. The pressure had come from the Sacred Palace envoy seated in the sky above.

Meanwhile, the scarlet-red fist of light had already arrived before Zhou Yuan. Even an advance Heaven Gate practitioner would fear the immense power contained within it.

“That guy is dead.” One of the geniuses in the vicinity sighed. No one had expected that Wu Huang would suddenly attack, not to mention his mercilessness. He clearly intended to kill Zhou Yuan with a single punch.

Scarlet-light filled Zhou Yuan’s eyeballs, the ferocious undulations that swept towards him naturally making his pupils tighten. However, he did not panic at this critical juncture, but instead suddenly took half a step forward.

He crossed his arms in front of him as a rune of light appeared on them.

“Grade 3 Genesis Rune, Mighty Tortoise Armor Rune!”

In the wake of the yell in Zhou Yuan’s heart, light began to weave together in front of him, forming a dim gray tortoise shell that was a few feet wide. The mottled shell gave off a feeling of sturdiness as if it was capable of withstanding a heavy blow that could shatter a mountain.


The scarlet-red light fist smashed into the tortoise shell, scarlet-red light raging as cracks began to appear on the shell. In the end, the shell only managed to bitterly endure for several breaths before shattering with a boom.

The remains of the scarlet-red light fist slammed into Zhou Yuan’s arms.


His body shot backwards, his legs smearing long scars on the ground as dust filled the air.

Countless gazes looked over as several people frowned. Wu Huang’s actions were really somewhat ugly. His strength was clearly far beyond Zhou Yuan’s, and yet the former still had to resort to such tactics.

“Zhou Yuan is probably dead, right?” Numerous voices rang out as they looked towards the dust cloud.

Somewhere else far away, Xiao Tianxuan, Gu Ling and the rest involuntarily burst out into laughter when they saw this scene. The sight of Zhou Yuan had finally become too irksome to Wu Huang.

Wu Huang’s expression remained indifferent, as if his previous action had merely been akin to swatting an annoying fly.

Everyone stared as the dust settled. Next, their expressions suddenly changed. They had discovered that a figure was still standing within the falling dust. The stone floor beneath his feet had fractured, and green scales could faintly be seen on his crossed arms. However, the scales were currently in bits and pieces.

Fresh blood flowed down along his arms, dripping onto the ground below.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was serene, but the killing intent that swelled within his eyes were practically akin to a bursting dam.

If not for his elementary mastery of a defensive grade 3 Genesis Rune and the defensive powers of the Magical Python Scales, Wu Huang’s punch would have killed him.

“Zhou Yuan, are you alright?!”

Yaoyao, Luluo and Zuoqiu Qingyu rushed to Zhou Yuan’s side.

Tuntun jumped out from Yaoyao’s arms and roared, its tiny body rapidly growing as it transformed into a mysterious giant beast. Black light pulsed from its enormous mouth as it glared at Wu Huang.

It was extremely intelligent, and although it normally treated Zhou Yuan with disdain and dislike, in Tuntun’s eyes, Zhou Yuan was the closest person to it besides Yaoyao. It was fine for it to bully him, but the fact that this person had suddenly attacked was truly unforgivable.

The surrounding prided geniuses hastily retreated when they felt Tuntun’s ferocity.

By the side, Yaoyao’s pretty face had turned inconceivably cold for the first time. Her hands were tightly clenched and her gaze eerily frosty as the rune between her brows began to ripple faintly

“Don’t be rash!”

Zhou Yuan reached out a bloody hand, grabbing Yaoyao’s tiny hand and gripped it tightly. He remembered master Cang Yuan had said never to allow the seal on Yaoyao’s head to loosen.

Yaoyao looked towards Zhou Yuan. Her normally clean freak self did not mind Zhou Yuan’s bloody hand this time. She blamed herself slightly; she had nearly allowed Wu Huang to kill Zhou Yuan in front of her.


A booming shout descended from the sky at this moment. The Sacred Palace envoy had turned his gaze down, the pressure of a Divine Dwelling expert sweeping down, suppressing Tuntun such that it was unable to move.

The Sacred Palace envoy growled, “The Saint Remains Domain is about to open, don’t cause any trouble!”

Luluo angrily said, “Then why didn’t you stop Wu Huang earlier?!”

The corners of Zuoqiu Qingyu’s also curled downwards as she remarked, “This envoy doesn’t know the meaning of fair.”

How could they not understand by now that the Sacred Palace envoy had purposely suppressed them earlier, preventing them from aiding Zhou Yuan.

It was obvious that the envoy of Sacred Palace was protecting Wu Huang.

The surrounding geniuses also broke out into whispers. The actions of the Sacred Palace envoy was indeed rather unfair.

In the sky above, the envoy’s expression turned somewhat ugly. He swept a cold glance at Zhou Yuan and the rest and declared, “Since you have complaints, don’t enter the Saint Remains Domain.”

Luluo’s and Zuoqiu Qingyu’s faces turned somewhat ugly. What a disgraceful envoy.

However, just as the Sacred Palace envoys’ words rang out, a figure within a similarly dazzling ball of light in the far off sky seemed to turn his gaze and looked in their direction as a mocking voice subsequently followed.

“Heh heh, Zhao Pan, you’re representing the Sacred Palace after all, so can you not look so ugly?”

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