Chapter 1389 Carefree

With Zhou Yuan’s return, Great Zhou City was saved from destruction. Everyone in the city cried tears of joy as they celebrated their newfound lease of life, countless people devotedly bowing in the direction of the royal palace. It was as if the guardian prince of Great Zhou had already become an all-powerful god in their eyes.

Of course, someone at Zhou Yuan’s level was honestly as mysterious and immeasurable as a god to people like them.

Regardless, Zhou Yuan’s timely return had saved the countless citizens of Great Zhou City, and it was likely that the prince’s position in the hearts of the people had already surpassed Zhou Qing.


A flower park deep inside the royal palace.

“I think you only need to say the word and you’ll be the king of the Great Zhou Empire.” Zhou Qing listened to the fanatical voices outside the palace before grinning as he looked towards the young man that was leisurely feeding the fish.

By the side, Qin Yu rolled her eyes at him. “Given Yuan’er’s current status, why would he even bat an eye at your tiny Great Zhou Empire?” 

Zhou Qing sighed and said, “Then who can pass the Great Zhou Empire to in the future?”

Although he was the king of Great Zhou, he did not have any concubines. He and queen Qin Yu loved each other deeply and thus only had a single son, Zhou Yuan. 

“You can make another one.” Zhou Yuan chuckled cheekily.

Qin Yu blushed and cast an annoyed glare at Zhou Yuan. “Cheeky brat, how dare you laugh at your parents.”

Zhou Yuan laughed as he massaged Qin Yu’s shoulders.

Qin Yu let out a soft chuckle as she enjoyed her son’s massage and presence. After a while, she suddenly recalled something and said, “Yuan’er might not be interested in the Great Zhou Empire, but he can leave us grandchildren.”

Zhou Qing was taken aback, but soon recovered and delightfully said, “That’s an excellent idea!”

Soon after, he mischievously stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “You’re always gone for several years every time you leave, making us constantly worry. When are you going to give us a grandson or daughter?”

Zhou Yuan was a little dazed, realization only dawning upon him after a while as he observed the looks in his parents eyes. These two likely had such thoughts long ago and had finally found the chance to voice them out.

Zhou Yuan helplessly said, “Where am I going to find a grandchild for you two?”

Smiling, Qin Yu answered, “Aren’t there two candidates in that little courtyard in the city? Although I still have some ill-feelings towards Wu Yao, if she can continue the bloodline of our Zhou clan, your father and I will fully accept her.”

Zhou Qing nodded in agreement.

Zhou Yuan was dumbstruck. Even with his current cultivation, he still found himself being whirled around by his parents.

He tried to explain, “We’re really just friends.”

Qin Yu smiled faintly. “I shan’t say anything about that little lass Youwei’s thoughts and although I’ve not had much contact with Wu Yao, I can tell that she is no ordinary person. Great Zhou City is definitely not a place she’s fond of, and yet she has insisted on staying here for the past two days. Do you actually think she’s staying to accompany Youwei?”

Zhou Yuan wiped away the sweat on his forehead. “Mother, you’re really overthinking this!

“I already have someone I like!”

A thoughtful look arose on Qin Yu’s face at her son’s serious expression. “Is it Yaoyao? Is this one-sided or mutual?”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched. Mom, is your son that useless in your eyes?!

“Of course it’s mutual. Yaoyao is just unable to return to Cangxuan Heaven this time or I would have brought her along!” Zhou Yuan was clearly a little miffed. This was basically doubting his charm.

Happiness immediately appeared on Qin Yu’s face. “Is this true? That’s great!”

There was no need to say how much Qin Yu was fond of Yaoyao, although she did feel Yaoyao was a little too distant at times. Qin Yu understood how difficult it was to win the love of such a girl and even though Zhou Yuan had a huge advantage, it was still very difficult to say whether he would succeed.

Since Yaoyao had not returned with Zhou Yuan, Qin Yu had been under the impression that no spark had appeared between them. From Zhou Yuan’s words, however, it seemed that they had already made a promise to be together forever.

Zhou Qing nodded with a wide grin and said, “There’s absolutely no problem if it’s Yaoyao. Someone like her will definitely be able to subdue even Su Youwei and Wu Yao.”

Zhou Yuan choked out a cough. What the hell father, stop dreaming in the daytime.

He felt that he could no longer continue this topic and immediately waved to his parents. “I’ll be going off to see them.”

As his words rang out, his figure had already faded.

Zhou Qing and Qin Yu felt somewhat helpless as they watched him flee. “This child.”

However, their eyes were clearly smiling. Zhou Yuan had been spending almost all of his time accompanying them in the royal palace for the past few days, and they could naturally feel his filial piety. Although the situation in Cangxuan Heaven was chaotic, Zhou Yuan still made the effort to spend time with them. He likely felt guilty for being away for so many years and wanted to do what little he could to make it up to them.

However, the child did not know that they would never blame him as parents, and only felt sorry for not being there for him either.


Over the next few days, Zhou Yuan spent the majority of his time with Zhou Qing and Qin Yu, occasionally visiting Su Youwei’s little courtyard when he was free to chat with the two girls or bring them around Great Zhou City. Under Su Youwei’s insistence, they even visited the Great Zhou Institute.

The Great Zhou Institute was also a place filled with memories for Zhou Yuan. After all, this was where his cultivation journey had begun.

Over his period, he also met with Wei Qingqing and her younger brother, the little boy he had saved with Genesis Runes years ago in Canglang County.

The Great Zhou Empire was not very big in Zhou Yuan’s eyes, however, it held many feelings for him. After all, no matter how famous he became in the all-heavens, he would never forget that it was this tiny empire that he had walked out from.

In the end, Zhou Yuan even visited the ancestral shrine, the place that Zhou Qing had placed his final hopes in when Zhou Yuan was unable to open his eight meridian channels.

It was through the teleportation array in the ancestral shrine that Zhou Yuan had met master Cang Yuan, Yaoyao and Tuntun.

One could say that this was where everything began for him.

If not for master Cang Yuan helping him open his eight meridian channels, Zhou Yuan would never have attained his current accomplishments.

Zhou Yuan felt a little regretful that the teleportation array was broken, likely because the domain it connected to had been destroyed. The domain had likely been destroyed in the ensuing battle between master Cang Yuan and the Sacred Race Saint experts that found him after Zhou Yuan had returned from it.

In the underground palace, Zhou Yuan stood before the shattered teleportation array with a slightly sorrowful expression. In a certain manner of speaking, this teleportation array had completely changed his future.

He cupped his hands together at the teleportation array as he fondly recalled the past.

Soon after, he turned around and left the underground palace, arriving before the ancestral shrine once more.

Two beautiful figures stood at the edge of the cliff, each a beauty in her own right that could cause the downfall of cities and nations.

Su Youwei revealed a small smile when she saw him emerge. “Senior sister Chi Jing sent news earlier that the sect masters of the four great sects have already arrived at the Cangxuan Sect.”

Zhou Yuan released a long drawn out breath as he fondly gazed at the grind city in the distance. His carefree days were over.

Next, it was time for him to put an end to the turmoil in Cangxuan Heaven.

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