Chapter 1386 Sheng Yuan Arrives

On the city walls, Zhou Yuan waved his hand. The group of experts in the air bowed slightly before quickly disappearing.

Only a few figures slowly descended and appeared behind Zhou Yuan.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, is this the Great Zhou Empire? What an amazing place to have produced someone like you,” said Chi Jing in an interested voice. The Great Zhou Empire looked totally ordinary to her. After all, she used to lord over the eight hundred prefectures in the Tianyuan Region, and every prefecture was far more vast and powerful than the Great Empire. However, it was this ordinary looking land that produced a monster like Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan laughed before introducing Chi Jing to Zhou Qing and Qin Yu, “This is my senior sister, Chi Jing. She took great care of me when I first arrived in Hunyuan Heaven.”

Zhou Qing and Qin Yu hurriedly bowed in thanks.

Chi Qing courteously returned the gesture and smiled, “Your majesties are really capable to have produced a heaven pride like junior brother.”

Zhi Qing forced a smile. “I’m ashamed to admit that the two of us and the Great Zhou Empire have never given Yuan’er any help. Instead, we’re always burdening him. If not for him, the Great Zhou Empire would have ceased to exist long ago.”

By the side, Qin Yu’s eyes turned a little red as she listened. Her precious son had experienced countless pain and hardships since the day he was born, and had subsequently left home to train the moment he was barely old enough. She did not know how much he had suffered outside, but it made her heart ache as a mother that she could not give him any help.

“Your majesties, do you still remember me?” While she was silently sad, a tinkling laughter suddenly sounded.

Zhou Qing and Qin Yu followed the laughter and saw a beautiful girl wearing a purple dress. Her skin was fair as snow, and her clear, limpid eyes were filled with spirit, giving her a very approachable aura.

She was slim with a waist like a willow and long, slender legs. Even her face was so beautiful that it could probably cause the downfall of nations.

Zhou Qing and Qin Yu were stunned for a moment at the sight of this extraordinary girl. Only after some time did Qin Yu ask in an uncertain manner, “You...are you Youwei?!”

Zhou Qing was struck by a flash of realization, quickly followed by surprise. He had naturally seen Su Youwei before years ago. Though she had already been a little beauty back then, he never expected she would grow up to be so gorgeous.

Moreover, he could sense a faint pressure from her that was stronger than even Shen Taiyuan.

In other words, Su Youwei was also a Law Domain expert!

This made Zhou Qing feel rather melancholic. The kids from back then had already far surpassed the older generation.

Qin Yu seemed to be oblivious to Su Youwei’s strength. Instead, her gaze kept shifting between Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei as if trying to figure out something else.


Zhou Yuan naturally knew what was on his mother’s mind and hurriedly changed the topic by introducing the others.

However, he suddenly paused when he came to the final person, because it was Wu Yao in her iconic long red dress.

“You…” Zhou Yuan let out a bitter laugh. He had not called her over, because he did not wish for her to feel awkward. However, it seemed that she had a different opinion.

He turned his head to glance at the similarly confused Zhou Qing and Qin Yu, before he sighed helplessly.

“There are things I’ll have to eventually face, and I’m not someone who likes to escape.” Wu Yao’s tone seemed calm, but the tightly clenched fists in her sleeves revealed some of her true feelings.

She walked forward, complicated emotions in her long and narrow phoenix eyes as she gazed at Zhou Qing and Qing Yu. “Your majesties, I am Wu Yao, King Wu’s daughter.”

As her voice sounded, the originally jovial atmosphere on the city walls instantly solidified.

Horrified gaze after gaze turned towards Wu Yao. One must know that several of the ministers present had surrendered to the Great Zhou Empire after it devoured the Great Wu Empire.

Hence, they were not strangers to the name Wu Yao...she was the Great Wu Empire’s princess.

Zhou Qing and Qin Yu were clearly taken aback by her name. The Wu clan was basically a nightmare to them. King Wu had betrayed the Great Zhou Empire and taken away Zhou Yuan’s sacred dragon blessing right under their eyes, shifting it to his son and daughter...

So this Wu Yao was one of the children that had received the sacred dragon blessing.

They had originally believed things were already over with the Wu clan, and had thus deeply buried these painful memories. Who could have imagined that they would meet someone from the Wu clan today...

Zhou Qing and Qin Yu stared at Wu Yao as their expressions fluctuated indeterminately between grief and anger.

Zhou Yuan’s voice suddenly sounded, breaking the stifling atmosphere, “Father, mother, the Great Wu Empire has already been destroyed and I’ve also recovered all of the sacred dragon blessing. Wu Yao helped me previously and even saved my life. Hence, let the grudge from back then fade away along with the Great Wu Empire.”

Zhou Qing and Qin Yu were silent for a long time. In the end, they looked at each other and nodded. “You are not a child anymore. Your mother and I did not really have any opinions. As long as you feel it is right, we will support you.”

Warmth flowed in Zhou Yuan’s heart. He naturally knew how much pain King Wu had brought to his parents years ago. Although he and Wu Yao had chosen to bury the hatchet, it was difficult to avoid drawing out painful memories for his parents.

Wu Yao cupped her fists together towards Zhou Qing and Qin Yu. She could naturally sense the mixed feelings they had towards her and thus did not say anything else. She turned around, avoiding the crowd as she walked to the edge of the wall and somewhat sadly gazed into the distance where the Great Wu Empire once stood.

Su Youwei followed and softly consoled her.

Qin Yu took the opportunity to pull Zhou Yuan over and ask in a low voice, “Are you bringing back prospective daughter-in-laws to seek our approval?”

Zhou Yuan did not know whether to laugh or to cry. “What nonsense are you spouting?”

Wu Yao ignored him. “Su Youwei is extremely excellent and I was already very fond of her back then. Wu Yao, however…”

She hesitated for a moment but could only sigh in the end. “Forget it, it’s fine as long as that is what you want. You’re the Great Zhou prince and having many imperial concubines is only natural.”

But Qin Yu quickly followed, “What about Yaoyao? Su Youwei and Wu Yao clearly can’t be subdued by any ordinary person. If you wish for your queen’s court to be peaceful in the future, I’m afraid that Yaoyao is the only candidate.”

Zhou Yuan was dumbstruck. Soon after, he forced a smile and said, “Yaoyao’s situation is rather special and can’t come back this time. However, you’re really overthinking things mother.”

You plan on getting Yaoyao to subdue the queen’s court? I’m afraid the first one to be subdued will be your son instead!

Qin Yu wanted to discuss the topic further, but Zhou Yuan’s expression suddenly changed. He pulled her behind him, a fierce look rising in his eyes as he stared at the sky outside the city.

Space warped and a figure in white robes slowly appeared. The figure had a youthful face and skin like a baby's. White hair fluttered behind him as a pair eyes as deep as the starry sky looked over, causing fear to rise within anyone who saw them.

When he appeared, the entire world seemed to fall silent.

On the city walls, everyone ceased speaking as they looked towards the sky in endless terror, even Shen Taiyuan’s pupils shrinking to the size of pinheads. In the next moment, a horrified shriek pierced the air. “Palace master Sheng Yuan?!” 

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