Chapter 1385 Quelled

Thunderous cheers erupted from the entire city, the words ‘prince Zhou Yuan’ dashing the clouds and resounding in every direction.

The crowd on the city walls had finally returned to their senses as they stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure with complicated expressions. Everyone present, including Zhou Qing, Qin Yu, Shen Taiyuan and the others, would never have imagined that the young man who had walked out from the Great Zhou Empire years ago would now possess such godly might.

Putting a Law Domain expert to death with a single thought.

What kind of power was this?

That was a Law Domain expert, an apex existence in Cangxuan Heaven that could destroy the Great Zhou Empire with a wave of a hand. Let alone the Great Zhou Empire, if Pang Yang wanted to, he could have destroyed the entire Cangmang Continent.

However, they had personally witnessed such an existence being obliterated by a single swing of a palm. The shock value had been far too great, so great that the crowd on the wall became much more respectful when they looked towards Zhou Yuan again.

When strength surpassed one’s common sense, people could only worship and revere it.

Zhou Yuan turned around, seeing the many respectful gazes. However, he merely smiled and said, “Protecting the Great Zhou Empire has been tough on everyone.”

The Great Zhou Empire ministers did not dare to receive such words and hurriedly bowed.

Although the person before them was merely a prince of the Great Zhou Empire, the power he possessed far surpassed even the king’s. Everyone understood that a tiny empire was insignificant towards someone of Zhou Yuan’s power.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept across the ministers before pausing on a familiar figure.“It’s been years since we last me Black Venom King, looks like you’ve also stepped into the Divine Dwelling stage.”

Under Zhou Yuan’s gaze, beads of cold sweat began to appear on the Black Venom King’s forehead. He felt both nervous and honored as he replied, “I did not expect the prince to still remember me.”

“You know, I was the one who brought you back from Blackwater.” Zhou Yuan fondly recalled the past. His first trip out of Great Zhou City had been to Blackwater, where he subdued the Black Venom King.

The Black Venom King grinned as he felt the envious gazes around him. “Following his highness out of Blackwater to the Great Zhou Empire has been the best decision in my life.”

“You were clearly very reluctant back then. In the end, his highness had to plant a Genesis Rune on you to force you to serve the Great Zhou Empire.” A voice sounded from the side. It was great general Wei Canglan.

The Black Venom King rolled his eyes. “Is there anyone in the current Cangxuan Heaven who has the qualifications for his highness to plant such a Genesis Rune on them?”

Wei Canglan chuckled, but could not help but admit that this was true.

Zhou Yuan turned towards Wei Canglan and said with a smile, “Great general has also made heroic contributions to the Great Zhou Empire over the years.”

Wei Canglan hurriedly said, “I do not dare to receive such praise. It is only part of my duty.”

Zhou Yuan chuckled. With a flick, two tiny streaks of light were sent flying towards the Black Venom King and Wei Canglan. The two hurriedly caught the objects and found that they were two round pills that gave off astonishing qi.

“These are some of the pills that were not able to make the mark when I was helping produce Ancestral Dragon Pills. Though they are not useful for Nascent Source experts, they might be able to help you two, who have been stuck at the Divine Dwelling stage for many years.”

The Black Venom King and Wei Canglan were stunned, trembling as they held the pills in their hands. They had never heard of a pill of this level before, but the prince had passed it out to them so casually.

They understood how valuable such pills were to practitioners like them.

“Thank you, your highness!”

Unable to fully express their emotions in words, the two could only fall to their knees and bow repeatedly in gratitude.

The others watched in envy. However, they also understood that these two had met the prince when the Great Zhou Empire was far weaker than now. They could only say that they were really fortunate.

Zhou Qing scolded in a jovial manner, “You brat, you’re already buying the hearts of my subjects so quickly after you returned. These people will likely only acknowledge you in the future.”

If it was any other empire, a king saying such things to a prince would shake the entire upper echelons of the empire. However, everyone merely burst into laughter here. After all, Zhou Yuan’s strength and status already far outclassed Zhou Qing’s. It was impossible for a mere Great Zhou Empire to hold Zhou Yuan down.

Zhou Yuan retrieved several jade cases and passed them to Zhou Qing. The cases contained the remaining inferior quality pills which he had collected over the past half a year. It was a good time for him to pass them to Zhou Qing to win the hearts of the people and increase the Great Zhou Empire’s power.

Zhou Qing accepted all the cases without any fuss. Given Zhou Yuan’s current strength, any scraps he threw away were akin to huge blessings for the Great Zhou Empire.

Zhou Yuan cast his gaze towards Shen Taiyuan and bowed solemnly. “Peak master, thank you for protecting the Great Zhou Empire for so many years.”

Shen Taiyuan waved his hand and smiled. “You’re a member of Saint Genesis Peak. Of course we have to help you take care of your home while you’re away or how will we be able to explain when you return?”

Zhou Yuan grinned. “I have also brought a gift for peak master.”

Shen Taiyuan seemed nonchalant as he said, “Nothing can really interest my old bones, so there’s really no need…”

Zhou Yuan retrieved a jade bottle and offered it to Shen Taiyuan. “This is an Ancestral Dragon Pill.”

Shen Taiyuan suddenly stopped talking as he blankly stared at the bottle in which a wondrous glowing pill floated. Despite being sealed in the bottle, the pill fragrance was still able to excite the Genesis Qi in his body.

“An...Ancestral Dragon Pill?” Shen Taiyuan swallowed repeatedly. The Ancestral Dragon Pill was the most popular product in the all-heavens for the past few years. Countless Nascent Source and Law Domain experts did everything to get their hands on it, but often to no avail. Although Cangxuan Heaven had been quite closed off to worldly affairs, Shen Taiyuan had still heard of this magical pill. In the Cangxuan Sect, sect master Qing Yang had gone through tremendous hardships in order to secure one, and now Zhou Yuan was giving one to him?

After several seconds of silence, Shen Taiyuan’s hand darted forward like a bolt of lightning and grabbed the jade bottle as a smile blossomed on his elderly face. “I feel really bad for making you get such a wonderful gift…”

Although it was important for him to preserve face, what use was face compared to an Ancestral Dragon Pill?

Shen Tiayuan knew that the other Cangxuan Sect peak masters would go crazy with envy once they found out.

Zhou Yuan chuckled. Of course he knew how alluring tha Ancestral Dragon Pill was to Nascent Source and Law Domain experts. Almost no one would be able to reject such a gift.

Shen Taiyuan had helped him protect the Great Zhou Empire for a dozen years and Zhou Yuan owed him a big debt of gratitude.

As the atmosphere relaxed, Zhou Qing peered into the distance in worry. “Yuan’er, what about the Sacred Demon Army?”

Zhou Yuan had only killed Pang Yang while the Sacred Demon Army had scattered and fled. If left unchecked, the army was akin to a tumor that could potentially cause great damage in the Great Zhou Empire’s lands.

Zhou Yuan chuckled. “Relax father, no one can safely escape after harming the Great Zhou Empire.”

Though his tone was nonchalant, the meaning of his words made the crowd’s hearts shiver.

While they were confused, streaks of light suddenly began appearing in the horizon, each giving off an astonishing Genesis Qi pressure.

Their appearance made the city walls fall into panic again.

“What’s going on? Is the Sacred Demon Army back?!”

“Why do I feel that they’ve become stronger?”

Shen Taiyuan’s expression changed drastically as he cried out in alarm, “Careful, there are several Law Domain experts among them! Could the Sacred Palace have sent out all their forces?!”

Everyone was terrified.

While they were panicking, the first streak of light arrived in the sky above the city walls as human figures were thrown onto the city walls like sacks.

Thump! Thump!

The crowd looked over and found that they were members of the Sacred Demon Army that had just escaped. It seemed that all of them had been captured and brought back.

Shocked gaze after gaze was cast towards the sky as the light around the figures faded, revealing the imposing figures within. Everyone’s scalps turned numb because each figure gave off powerful Genesis Qi undulations and the weakest was at the Nascent Source stage!

What’s more, there were more than twenty that gave off Law Domain level undulations!

While the crowd on the city walls was shocked. The mysterious team in the sky cupped their fists together at Zhou Yuan. “Captain Zhou Yuan, we’ve captured all the escapees.”

On the city walls, the crowd turned their gazes back to Zhou Yuan with some difficulty. This group of powerful and mysterious experts were brought back by him?

Under their gazes, Zhou Yuan smiled as he explained, “These are the reinforcements I brought. I said that my goal this time is to...wipe out the Sacred Palace.”

Despite his seemingly calm voice, torrential killing intent seemed to tremble within the final five words.


Meanwhile, in the Sacred Continent, deep within the Sacred Palace.

An altar rose from a blood sea. On the altar sat a young man with white hair.

The entire world seemed to breathe along with him as he meditated.

He opened his eyes all of a sudden. They were deep like the starry sky and emotionless.

“Pang Yang is dead…”

He stared into space, seemingly crossing a vast distance to view the Great Zhou Empire. Everything that transpired was rapidly reflected in his pupils.

He then saw a certain young man.

“Zhou Yuan...

“So the dog that was forced to flee its home is finally back…”

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