Chapter 1383 Return to Great Zhou City

The crowd on the city walls were shocked speechless for a time when they saw the mysterious figure turn around, disbelief flooding their eyes.

No one had expected the mysterious expert to be the very Zhou Yuan, who had left the Great Zhou Empire many years prior!

Shen Taiyuan’s mouth hung open, not daring to speak for a time. Although there was a warm smile on the young man’s familiar face, Shen Taiyuan could faintly feel a dreadful pressure spreading from the young man’s body.

This pressure was something Shen Taiyuan had never felt before even from sect master Qing Yang!

Zhou Yuan gazed at the deathly silent group and chuckled. “Although it’s been years since we last met, you guys don’t seem very friendly.”

“You...are you really Zhou Yuan?” asked Shen Taiyuan in disbelief. Although he had received some news of Zhou Yuan from the Cangxuan Sect, it was likewise quite outdated like Xiao Tianxuan’s. At the very least, news of the Stone Dragon Secret Domain had yet to spread to the closed-off Cangxuan Heaven.

Hence, he did not dare to believe that the disciple from Saint Genesis Peak had already become so strong...

Shen Taiyuan felt a little stupid after these words left his mouth. Even if it had been quite a number of years, the young man’s appearance and presence was still recognizable at a single glance.


One of the figures finally returned to her senses after and rushed towards Zhou Yuan. Who else could it be but Qin Yu?

Zhou Yuan hurriedly caught her. Her eyes were red and filled with tears as she kept touching him all over as if unable to believe he was real. “Yuan’er, is it really you?”

Zhou Yuan felt a sour feeling in his nose as warmth fluttered in his heart. He placed Qin Yu’s trembling hands on his face and said in the most gentle manner possible, “I’m sorry mother, I’ve let you worry for many years.”

Qin Yu forcefully shook her head, her voice choking with emotion, “Yuan’er, all that matters is that you’re safe.”

Zhou Yuan patted her back to console her before he looked towards Zhou Qing, who was still dazedly staring at him, and smiled, “Father, why do you always seem to be in trouble when I return?”

Zhou Qing stared at Zhou Yuan’s face. It still looked as young as before, but there was no longer any sign of immaturity. In its place, was a deepness that was near impossible to penetrate. It was clear that Zhou Yuan had changed tremendously over the past dozen years.

However, his speaking mannerisms were exactly the same as before.

Zhou Qing rubbed his eyes and happily scolded, “Stinking brat, you always make fun of your father.”

In the end, he also walked forward and hugged both Qin Yu and Zhou Yuan. His voice trembled faintly as he said, “It’s good that you’re back.”

On the city walls, the Great Zhou Empire’s numerous important ministers dazedly watched this scene.

“Prince Zhou Yuan…” The Black Venom King and Wei Canglan looked at each other, seeing the shock in the other’s eyes. They likewise never imagined that their prince would appear again just as the Great Zhou Empire was facing its destruction.

It was practically a repeat of the battle of Broken Dragon City.

Their prince truly was the Great Zhou Empire’s guardian deity.

Behind Wei Canglan, the tall and slender Wei Qingqing was also staring at the young man who she had not seen for a dozen years with a complicated expression.

Wei Bin asked in a low voice, “Big sis, is that prince Zhou Yuan?!”

Wei Qingqing chuckled, “His highness was the one who helped you neutralize the poison. Without him, you might not even be here.”

Wei Bin forcefully nodded, his gaze filled with worship as he stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure.

Zhou Qing quickly composed himself. After all, this was neither the right time nor place. His gaze scanned the surroundings as he asked, “Yuan’er, where are the experts you invited to help? Quickly call them over so we can properly show our thanks.”

Only now did it dawn upon him that the attack earlier had probably been neutralized by a powerful expert. Otherwise, the entire Great Zhou City would no longer exist now.

Zhou Yuan chuckled. “I did bring quite a few helpers, but I’m more than enough to handle a mere first stage Law Domain trash.”

Zhou Qing choked a little before quickly returning to his senses as he stared in disbelief at Zhou Yuan. “Were you really the one who interceded just now?”

Although it had been one of his initial guesses, he had quickly written it off as preposterous. After all, Zhou Yuan had been a mere Divine Dwelling expert when he left back then, how could he possibly have grown to the level where he could face a Law Domain expert after only a dozen years?

Even if Zhou Yuan’s cultivation had progressed rapidly for the past few years, Zhou Qing felt that even reaching the Nascent Source stage would already be a very proud achievement. As for the Law Domain stage, it was unthinkable.

Shen Taiyuan slowly said, “Your majesty, I told you that your Zhou clan sacred dragon’s fame in the all-heavens likely far surpasses your imagination. Since he rushed back in time, no one will be able to touch Great Zhou City anymore.”

On the city walls, numerous gazes stared at Zhou Yuan in surprise and respect. For them, Cangxuan Heaven was already a vast and endless land, and they truly could not imagine what kind of scenery the other heavens held. From Shen Taiyuan’s words, it seemed that Zhou Yuan was already a well known figure in the even vaster all-heavens.

The shocking news also made them feel a sense of pride. After all, he would always be the prince of their Great Zhou Empire.

Zhou Yuan looked towards Shen Taiyuan and cupped his fists together with a grin, “Peak master, it’s been a dozen years since we last met. It looks like you’ve also touched the Law Domain stage.”

When Zhou Yuan left, Shen Taiyuan had been at the Heavenly Sun stage. It was quite amazing progress for him to have reached the pseudo Law Domain stage after a dozen years given the Cangxuan Sect’s resources.

“My progress is shameful compared to you.” Shen Taiyuan smiled bitterly as he looked at the young man before him with a complicated expression. When he was appointed as the substitute Saint Genesis Peak master, Zhou Yuan had not even reached the Divine Dwelling stage. Now, however, Zhou Yuan had already far surpassed him.

Such talent was truly worthy of the sacred dragon title.

Shen Taiyuan finally understood how good sect master Qing Yang’s foresight was. These dozen years protecting the Great Zhou Empire was enough to win Zhou Yuan’s unwavering loyalty.

In the sky outside the city, Pang Yang’s expression changed indeterminately. Although the boundary had been broken, the attack that should have destroyed them had suddenly disappeared in an unexplainable manner.

Pang Yang stared at the city wall, ultimately finding the young man that had suddenly appeared. This person had not been on the wall earlier.

Who is that? Confusion flitted across Pang Yang’s eyes.

He could feel no Genesis Qi undulations from the young man, making him seem like an ordinary person. However, under that ordinariness, Pang Yang could feel a faint dangerous sensation that made even his Spirit tremble.

“May I enquire who you are? Why are you interfering in my Sacred Palace’s affairs?” Pang Yang slowly said, his voice rumbling across the city like thunder.

On the city wall, Zhou Yuan raised his head and gazed indifferently at Pang Yang as a completely calm voice sounded, “Are you the one who said you were going to destroy Great Zhou City?”

Pang Yang was initially stunned by the sight of the young man’s face. His head suddenly exploded as he remembered the young man’s identity, causing him to blurt out in shock, “You are...Zhou Yuan?! You’ve returned?!”

However, Zhou Yuan ignored Pang Yang. He merely stomped his foot as a calm voice infused with chilling killing intent that could freeze all things flowed out across the area, “Sacred Dragon Law Domain.”

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