Chapter 1382 Destroy the City

As Pang Yang’s cold voice resounded in every corner of the Great Zhou City, everyone felt a chill run down their spine and their faces blanched with fear.

Pang Yang had clearly reached the Law Domain stage. He didn’t restrain the Genesis Qi pressure he exuded and every movement from him caused the heaven and earth to roar. 

In the thick, dark clouds behind Pang Yang were several figures exuding frighteningly fierce auras.

The important officials of the Great Zhou Empire on the city wall became ashen. The person in front of them was likely the first Law Domain expert they had encountered in their lives. Law Domain experts were high and mighty existences and they have never had the qualification to meet them.  

The powerful Great Zhou Empire was considered as worthless as an ant to them.

The Great Zhou had the power to fight against the Great Wu back then in Broken Dragon City, but this one thought there was any hope.

Even Zhou Qing wore a gloomy look and he couldn’t help clenching his hand that was holding Qin Yu’s. 

Feeling her husband’s emotions, Qin Yu held his hand tight without saying anything and just looked at him with a gentle look. Her unwavering determination hadn’t reduced in the slightest. She was determined to not let herself become a bargaining chip to blackmail her son no matter how terrifying the enemy was. 

She would rather die.

“Hmph, the master of a Sacred Palace Hall and Law Domain expert came to attack an ordinary empire?!” Shen Taiyuan coldly sneered. His voice echoed across the world like a clap of thunder. His white hair and beard fluttered though no wind stirred the air, and his imposing power pervaded the area. 

Only he, who was a pseudo-Law Domain stage, could somewhat withstand the opponent's power. If he didn’t stand up now, the morale of the entire Great Zhou City would be completely destroyed. 

“Shen Taiyuan…do you think you, the peak master of the Saint Genesis Peak, is qualified to make me feel afraid?” Pang Yang said indifferently as he looked at him with a mocking gaze. 

Shen Taiyuan smiled. “Although I have painstakingly cultivated for years, at least I have touched upon the pseudo Law Domain stage with my own hard work. This is better than you hall master Pang, who had to receive cleansing from the Divine Blood Altar. Your blood is tainted and your cultivation can’t progress any further, right?"

Pang Yang’s face immediately darkened and a ruthless look flashed across his eyes. Shen Taiyuan was right. He was only able to open up a Law Domain because of the Sacred Palace’s Divine Blood Altar, but he had to pay a huge price for that. Not only would his nature be corroded and he would become savage, it also consumed his potential. His life was greatly shortened and he was unlikely to make any progress in his cultivation level in the future. 

Shen Taiyuan had undoubtedly touched where it hurt the most.

“The Law Domain stage is already enough, would I dare to think about the Saint stage?” Pang Yang glared at Shen Taiyuan. “Also, do you think you can leave here alive today? Not only you, no one in this city can survive today.” he spoke indifferently, but the ruthlessness of his words made people’s hair stand on end.

With an icy look, Shen Taiyuan questioned, “In the past six months, your Sacred Demon Army has been non-stop slaughtering people in Cangxuan Heaven, what do you want?!”

He received intelligence that the Sacred Demon Army created bloodbath wherever it went in the past half a year. In a sense, they were no longer displaying their strength but wildly massacring. 

A red light flickered in Pang Yang’s eyes, making the smile on his face appear even more sinister. “Those who don’t surrender to the Sacred Palace naturally can’t live. After today, the Great Zhou City will also become a sea of blood and a mountain of corpses.”

Shen Taiyuan took a deep breath, shocked by the enemy’s murderous rage. Is this a consequence from the Divine Blood Altar’s cleansing? Or does the Sacred Palace have other plans? 

“If you want to massacre the city, break the defense boundary first!” Shen Taiyuan flicked his sleeve. The boundary was set up by sect master Qing Yang and it wouldn’t be that easy for Pang Yang, who was only at the first Law Domain stage, to break it.

Pang Yang’s smile deepened. “Shen Taiyuan, do you think I have just been waiting for your answer in the past three days?”

As his voice died away, he waved his huge hand and the dark clouds that obscured the world began to fade away. The clouds reeded, revealing hundreds of Sacred Demon Warriors standing in the air. Blood-red qi constantly spiralled out from the top of their heads like smoke. 

The blood qi converged to form a huge red vortex, and inside the huge blood-red vortex was a dark red scroll slowly rotating, drawing up vast amounts of blood qi. 

Shen Taiyuan’s expression changed dramatically when he saw the dark red scroll. This was because he sensed an extremely powerful aura from it and that aura was very familiar. It belonged to Sheng Yuan, the palace master of the Sacred Palace! 

“This is the Mysterious Light Destruction Art, specially created by our palace master to destroy the boundaries in the world. Say, do you think your boundary can withstand it?” Pang Yang roared with laughter. 

“It's just that it takes some time to prepare this art, so I gave you another three days to live. The time has come…it’s almost time for you all to die.”

Monstrous blood qi rose from his body like a heavenly pillar and poured into the dark red scroll. After a while, the scroll vibrated and slowly opened under the horrified gazes of the citizens in Great Zhou City.

The scroll opened, revealing countless blood patterns creeping across the scroll. They eventually formed a blood-red eye filled with terrifying and fierce qi. Then, it suddenly shot out. 


A beam of blood-red light tore through the sky like a destructive comet, speeding towards the Great Zhou City with unimaginable speed.


After a few breaths, the two collided and seemed to create an explosion of fireworks in the sky. A giant shock wave swept across the area, splitting the giant river apart. 

Countless buildings were torn down as though a giant earth dragon was roaming around. Panicked cries broke out and the city fell into chaos. 

The people on the city walls, headed by Zhou Qing, also turned deathly pale. They knew that even they wouldn’t have a chance of surviving under an attack of that level. 

The so-called Divine Dwelling and Heavenly Sun experts were as fragile as ordinary people under such an attack. 

Their only hope was the boundary that surrounded the city.  


Terrifying shock waves continued to erupt across the area and the boundary rippled increasingly frantically under horrified gazes. A tiny crackle sounded after a dozen breaths. 

That sound wasn’t particularly loud, but when it sounded, it resembled the sickle of the god of death slashing through the air to many citizens in the Great Zhou City. 

Suddenly, tragic cries erupted from the city and countless people fled in chaos due to the fear of death. 

Zhou Qing’s eyes reddened when he heard the chaos in the city. He had exhausted himself over the years to develop the Great Zhou Empire to its current state but all his hard work was completely destroyed.  

Qin Yu's face was also ashen, but she just tightly clasped Zhou Qing's hand. There wasn’t a hint of fear in her eyes, but there was some longing.

I wonder how my child is now.

Shen Taiyuan's face was grave. He could tell the boundary wouldn’t last any longer and the situation had reached its worst. He couldn’t defend the Great Zhou City anymore. 

What he could only do was protect Zhou Qing and Qin Yu and look for the chance to flee.

But could they really escape?

Shen Taiyuan didn't have much confidence to escape because Pang Yang was a true Law Domain expert after all.

“The Sacred Palace is this powerful now. It's our Cangxuan Heaven’s misfortune.” Shen Taiyuan sighed emotionally.


While Shen Taiyuan sighed, frightening power exploded in the sky. The boundary, finally reached its limit, broke apart under horrified gazes.

Destructive power poured down like a torrent, annihilating everything as it passed.

Despair filled countless people’s eyes.  

Zhou Qing and Qin Yu both closed their eyes, waiting for the last moment to come.

Shen Taiyuan sighed inwardly. He wanted to act and escape with Zhou Qing and Qin Yu.

However, just as he was about to act, his expression tensed up because he noticed that as the destructive force neared the city wall, it suddenly weakened and grew gentler and felt like a breeze of wind. 

It only stirred up everyone’s clothes.

Bewilderment came to Shen Taiyuan’s face.

The others on the city wall exchanged puzzled glances with each other. Zhou Qing and Qin Yu also puzzledly opened their eyes.

The Great Zhou City isn’t destroyed?   

They stared blankly at the fireworks of destruction in the sky for a good while, unsure what had happened. 

After a few breaths, a laughter finally rang from the city walls. “What a stunning firework, that old dog Sheng Yuan has become more fancy.”

Shen Taiyuan nodded in agreement.  

But he immediately felt something wrong and twisted his head to the side, only to see a slender young figure had unknowingly appeared on the city wall and was gazing up at the fireworks of destruction.  

Who is this person?! When did he appear? ! How would he appear here? Thoughts flashed through Taiyuan's mind like sparks. 

At the same time, the others on the city wall also sensed something strange and stared at the figure in astonishment.

Zhou Qing and Qin Yu also turned their heads and stared at the somewhat familiar figure.

Shen Taiyuan reacted the fastest. He hurriedly gave a cupped fist salute at the youngster and exclaimed, “Was it you who helped out? Our Cangxuan Sect will definitely remember your kindness!”


Understanding dawned on the faces of everyone on the city wall. It turned out that a mysterious expert had come to help. No wonder that power didn’t destroy the Great Zhou City!

Everyone fell to their knees.  

Even Zhou Qing and Qin Yu were so emotional and wanted to kneel down to express their thanks. He had saved everyone in the Great Zhou City and was worthy of their bow. 

“On behalf of all Great Zhou City’s citizens, I, Zhou Qing, must thank you for helping!”

However, neither he nor Qin Yu were able to kneel down because a gentle but powerful force prevented them from bending their legs.

“Master…” Zhou Qing panicked.


The mysterious figure coughed out loud and turned around embarrassedly. “I'm sorry father and mother. My life would be shortened if you bow to me…”

As the figure turned around, everyone saw a familiar young face.

There was deathly silence on the city wall.

That silence lasted for several breaths before Shen Taiyuan, Zhou Qing, Qin Yu and others cried out loud as they stared in disbelief at the young man before them. 

“Zhou Yuan?!”  

“Your Highness Zhou Yuan?!”   


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