Chapter 1381 Great Zhou City

Great Zhou City. 

The present Great Zhou City was no longer the same as it was in the past. The grand city was built along the great river and its towering walls extended across both sides with no end in sight. The buildings in the city were like a dense forest. 

The Great Zhou Empire had grown more and more prosperous with each day with the Cangxuan Sect’s support and had become the strongest empire in the Cangmang Continent. Hundreds of empires would come to the Great Zhou Empire every year to pay respect. 

It was just that the Great Zhou City was completely closed-off during that period and a huge boundary was operating within the city, forming a light barrier that fully covered the entire city. The waves of Genesis Qi released from the light barrier made even Nascent Source experts gleam covetously. 

This was because the boundary was personally created by sect master Qing Yang of the Cangxuan Sect and accumulated the powers of all the Cangxuan Sect’s peak masters. It perhaps couldn’t be compared to the defense boundary of the sacred sects in terms of defense power, but it could be considered an absolute top defense in the entire Cangmang Continent. 

Of course, there were exceptions to everything. The boundary might not survive the calamity that the Great Zhou Empire was facing. 

On the city wall of the Great Zhou City.    

Countless soldiers stood clasping their halberds and wearing uneasy expressions.

They cast their gazes outside the boundary’s light barrier that enveloped the city, only to see dark clouds scudding across, lightning flashing, thunder rumbling and terrifying Genesis Qi stirring the heaven and earth to the point they were quaking. 

It was like a disaster that could destroy the world was imminent. 


Torrents of berserk Genesis Qi occasionally roared out from the layers of dark clouds and, wrapped in bolts of lightning, bombarded the boundary outside the city. 

Under that bombardment, even the boundary light barrier rippled violently, and as each ripple widened out, countless people in the city trembled in fear and their faces became deathly pale. They all understood that the Great Zhou City would face destruction once the boundary was destroyed.

But what choice did they have in a battle of such a level. Even if they wanted to surrender, the people outside the city likely wouldn’t glance at them. After all, in their eyes, their lives were worthless like weed.

Therefore, they could only pray that the boundary light barrier protecting Great Zhou City could withstand the opponent's attack.

While the citizens in the city were praying, the core members of the Great Zhou Empire were gathered on the center of the city walls with worried frowns as they stared at the figures, who were emitting berserk Genesis Qi, looming in the dark clouds.  

“The Sacred Palace is regarded as one of the six sacred sects in Cangxuan Heaven and has such a high status, but it suppressed an empire in such a way!” A middle-aged man in black armor fumed. His eyes were filled with anger and panic as he peered at the outside of the city. 

If Zhou Yuan was here, he would recognize the armoured-man was the Black Venom King, the Blackwater lord he subdued in Blackwater when he left the Great Zhou City for the first time.

The Black Venom King had reached the advanced Divine Dwelling stage in recent years through the relationship between the Great Zhou Empire and the Cangxuan Sect. He had become well known in the Great Zhou Empire and was much stronger than when he was an overlord in Blackwater. 

“Commander, don't talk nonsense. The Sacred Palace wouldn’t care about what an empire like ours thinks.” A calm voice sounded next to him. It was an armored-clad middle-aged man with hints of white hair. Next to him stood a boy and girl. The girl was dressed in armor, making her appear slender and tall. She seemed very capable, but the boy next to her seemed somewhat weak. However, the rays of light shining between his brows indicated that he was skilled in Spirit cultivation. 

The Black Venom King shot an annoyed glance at him and snorted. Although he had considerable military credits from fighting for the Great Zhou Empire over the years, he still couldn’t be compared to the great general Wei Canglan in terms of seniority or military service. 

The young man and young woman beside Wei Canglan were of course his daughter Wei Qingqing and his son Wei Bin.

“General, the scene before us reminds me of Broken Dragon City more than ten years ago…” A mighty voice sounded from the front of the crowd.

Wei Canglan turned his head around and saw a middle-aged man in battle armor with a bright smile. Beside him stood an elegant woman in palace clothes.

It was King Zhou Qing and Queen Qin Yu of the Great Zhou Empire. 

The two had changed a little compared to more than ten years ago, but they still had the same remarkable bearing, particularly Zhou Qing. He exuded an imposing aura, which was brought about by the prosperity of the Great Zhou Empire in the past few years.

The many important officials behind him fell silent. Ten years ago, two empires fought a decisive battle outside Broken Dragon City, and that battle determined the fate of the two empires.

But the Great Zhou rose after that and eventually ruled the Cangmang Continent.

When they thought of the Battle of Broken Dragon City, they couldn't help but think of the man who left a legend in the Great Zhou Empire...His Highness Zhou Yuan!

In the past ten years, almost every citizen of the Great Zhou Empire could repeat the songs passed on about Zhou Yuan.

Countless youngsters regarded him as an idol after hearing his story. 

Queen Qin Yu’s eyes suddenly glistened with tears. “I wonder how Yuan’er has been all these years…”

Zhou Qing fell silent for a while, and then he turned and said to the old man next to him, “Peak master Shen, you have always avoided answering questions about my son all these years. My queen and I won’t have a future anyway, why can’t you give us peace of mind?”

The old man addressed as peak master Shen was of course Shen Taiyuan of the Saint Genesis Peak from the Cangxuan Sect. He couldn't help smiling wryly when he heard those words. Then he said, “Our Cangxuan Heaven is relatively closed-off and I have only heard about him recently and also a few years ago. But don’t worry, he is safe now. Also, he has reached a level that you can’t even imagine.”

He lifted his head, peering at the terrifying waves of Genesis Qi spreading out from the dark clouds outside the city, and continued, “Perhaps the trouble we are facing today is because the Sacred Palace is jealous of Zhou Yuan and wants to threaten him…”

Zhou Qing was taken aback at first, and then he exclaimed, “Could it be that kid is comparable to even peak master Shen now?” 

Shen Taiyuan swept a glance over Zhou Qing and smiled. “If I haven't known you for years, I would have thought you are taunting me.”

All the important officials of the Great Zhou Empire on the city walls were dumbstruck. Shen Taiyuan had guarded the Great Zhou Empire for so many years and was regarded as invincible in many people’s eyes. After all, even a Heavenly Sun expert was considered a top expert in the little Cangmang Continent, let alone Shen Taiyuan, who was at the pseudo Law Domain stage. 

But Shen Taiyuan said that His Highness Zhou Yuan was stronger than him?!

Also, the trouble they were facing might be due to the Sacred Palace’s jealousy towards Zhou Yuan?  

They found it very hard to believe because the Sacred Palace was considered a giant in the entire Cangxuan Heaven and its strength was unimaginable to an empire. What level of power could make the Sacred Palace feel afraid? 

Zhou Qing was at a loss for words for a good while before he said with a proud grin, “As expected of the Zhou family's sacred dragon!”

He shifted his gaze to the dark clouds outside the city and his eyes blazed with determination. 

“It seems that the Sacred Palace wants to capture us to threaten Yuan'er, hmph…”

He turned his head to look at Qin Yu and when their eyes met, they immediately understood each other's thoughts.

They clasped hands.   

Even if they die in Great Zhou City, they wouldn’t let themselves fall into the Sacred Palace’s hand for them to use to blackmail Zhou Yuan.

While their faces bore a look of determination, the scudding clouds formed a throne in the sky. A figure leaned back lazily on the throne. He emitted monstrous Genesis Qi and his eyes, filled with ruthlessness and coldness, cast towards the city wall. Then, an indifferent voice reverberated throughout the world.

“I am the master of the Sacred Palace’s Golden Sacred Hall, Pang Yang…

“I gave you three days, but you still haven’t given me the answer I wanted. Now, can you tell me…do you want to surrender…or want everyone in the city massacred?!”

Monstrous murderous spirit flooded the entire Great Zhou City like torrents when he spat out the last two words.

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