Chapter 1380 Sacred Demon Army

The icy killing intent exuding from Zhou Yuan's body caused the temperature to plummet and even a thin layer of frost blanketed the mountains and forests. 

Xiao Tianxuan was also surprised by the sudden killing intent erupted from Zhou Yuan. Even if the killing intent wasn’t directed at him, he still felt a bone-piercing chill and shuddered with fear. 

“Senior brother Zhou Yuan, don't worry. The Great Zhou Empire is impregnable these years under the Cangxuan Sect’s management. Even if the Sacred Palace dispatched the Sacred Demon Army, it won’t be that easy to break through.” Xiao Tianxuan hurriedly reassured him.

Zhou Yuan's eyes flickered towards him and the chilling killing intent slowly dissipated. “What happened these years?”

“Your Highness Zhou Yuan has been away for too many years. It’s understandable that you don’t know that the current Great Zhou Empire is considered as one of the strongest empires in our Cangmang Continent. Many empires acknowledged allegiance to it and hundreds of empires would come to pay respect,” Xiao Tianluo said with a warm smile.

“The reason the Great Zhou Empire received that kind of treatment is firstly because of the empire’s strong Blessing and the other is it is under the care of the Cangxuan Sect. I heard sect master Qing Yang appointed peak master Shen Taiyuan of the Saint Genesis Peak to guard the Great Zhou Empire.”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback by what he heard. When he left Cangxuan Heaven, he indeed asked sect master Qing Yang to take care of his parents because he had angered the Sacred Palace and he knew they could easily destroy a little empire if it wanted to. 

He just didn’t think sect master Qing Yang would attach so much importance to that matter and even appointed the entire Saint Genesis Peak to protect the Great Zhou Empire. With the Cangxuan Sect’s support, it was natural that the Great Zhou Empire grew increasingly strong over the years. Moreover, the Cangmang Continent wasn’t considered a core continent in Cangxuan Heaven and so it wasn’t surprising that the Great Zhou Empire became one of the top empires there. 

“Cangxuan Heaven has fell into chaos because of the Saint Stamp fragments and some sects and factions had come to the Great Zhou Empire to search for fragments. This had caused huge disturbance and sect master increased the defense after that. He even said that you entrusted him to take care of the Great Zhou Empire so he couldn’t let you done,” Xiao Tianxuan said.

Zhou Yuan felt a warmth filled his heart. He nodded and said, “Sect master is too kind.” 

He had to repay this kindness no matter what.   

“The Sacred Palace was busy searching for the Saint Stamp’s fragments in the past few years and so it didn't pay much attention to the Great Zhou Empire. Therefore, it wasn’t that difficult to protect it. However, around half a year ago, the Sacred Palace’s strength suddenly soared and it even wiped out the Heavenly Ghost Sect overnight, forcing the other four sacred sects to combine their strengths. However, even so, the Sacred Palace still had the upper hand. Also, palace master Sheng Yuan hadn’t personally taken action yet.” Xiao Tianxuan smiled bitterly.

“Why did the Sacred Palace suddenly become stronger?” Zhou Yuan asked puzzledly.

“It’s because of the Sacred Demon Army!”  

“The Sacred Demon Army? Those people before?” 

Xiao Tianxuan said, “They are just a small team of the Sacred Demon Army and aren’t considered sacred demon warriors. The so-called Sacred Demon Army is an army that the Sacred Race has assembled in the past six months. I heard that the majority of the army are experts that the Sacred Palace recruited from all over Cangxuan Heaven. Anyone could tell that the Sacred Palace is extremely powerful and so many people didn’t hesitate to join them.”

“The Sacred Palace has colluded with the Sacred Race. They still received support from people?” Zhou Yuan furrowed his brows.

“This can only mean that the Sacred Palace is good at deceiving people. Even though our sacred sects have constantly made the Sacred Palace’s deeds known to the public, we were accused of being jealous and slandering the Sacred Palace. Not everyone in this world can tell right from wrong,” said Xiao Tianxuan helplessly.

“Those unaffiliated cultivators might not be weak, but they can’t destroy the entire Heavenly Ghost Sect, right?” Zhou Yuan asked.

“Of course it’s impossible for them to do alone, but it is said that the Sacred Palace possessed a Divine Blood Altar which was handled by palace master Sheng Yuan. To become a Sacred Demon Warrior, one must receive the cleansing ceremony from the altar, and their strength would skyrocket after that. Many Nascent Source and Law Domain experts were born with the help of the blood altar! It is precisely because of the cleansing ceremony from the blood altar that made the Sacred Palace more powerful than ever. Even if the five sacred sects were to join forces, the Sacred Palace still would have the upper hand,” Xiao Tianxuan said fearfully.

“Divine Blood Altar?” Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. He had never heard any cleansing that could allow the strength of such a large number of people to skyrocket and even reached the Law Domain stage. Therefore, even if he hadn’t seen the Sacred Demon Army Warrior born after the cleansing, he could imagine that such a means would have huge consequences. 

But whatever consequences it would have was a problem for the future. The Sacred Palace had  indeed dominated the entire Cangxuan Heaven with its power. Moreover, there was still palace master Sheng Yuan, who possessed semi-saint powers.  

The Sacred Race must be behind the Divine Blood Altar. 

The Sacred Race was unusually quiet in the past half a year, but it seemed that they didn’t stop all activities or were lying low. Instead, they had shifted their target to Cangxuan Heaven. 

“The four sacred sects are most worried about palace master Sheng Yuan. It is said that his injuries have been healed and his strength has significantly improved once again. He is even closer to the Saint stage.” Xiao Tianxuan sighed and then gazed hopefully at Zhou Yuan. “All-heavens should be aware of Cangxuan Heaven’s situation, right? Are there any Saints willing to help?”

He obviously had no knowledge of the existence of the Omega Shrine. But in his opinion, Cangxuan Heaven belonged to all-heavens and the other heavens shouldn’t be able to stand watching the Sacred Palace create trouble.

“Cangxuan Heaven’s situation is more serious than you think. The Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array that enveloped Cangxuan Heaven has been tampered with and Cangxuan Heaven is now completely sealed-off. It is impossible for outsider Saints to enter. We were only able to be teleported here because of prime sovereign Jin Luo, who is a triple-lotus Saint. This should be part of the Sacred Race’s plan.” Zhou Yuan said gravely.  

Xiao Tianxuan’s face blanched. He clearly had no idea that behind the changes in Cangxuan Heaven was a battle of such a level.”

“Don't worry, I came back to settle a grudge with palace master Sheng Yuan.”

There wasn’t a hint of worry on Zhou Yuan’s face and his voice was particularly calm. “I won't let him create chaos in Cangxuan Heaven.”

Xiao Tianxuan stared blankly at Zhou Yuan. If someone else said that, he would have laughed out loud. But when Zhou Yuan calmly said those words, he felt terrifying determination, as though Zhou Yuan really had the ability to face off against the most pinnacle being in Cangxuan Heaven. 

Has the youngster who was forced to leave Cangxuan Heaven really reached that level already?

“Let’s not talk about this now. I have to go to the Great Zhou City first to remove all the troubles. If you are fine, you can follow along.” Zhou Yuan smiled at Xiao Tianxuan and then transformed into a stream of light and disappeared with a slight movement. When he reappeared he was already thousands of miles away.

The mysterious team in the sky also turned into streams of light and followed after Zhou Yuan. 

“Father, why don’t you bring the people back to restore Saint Remains City?” Xiao Tianxuan said to Xiao Tianluo, and then he peered in the direction that the team left in with blazing eyes. With a slight movement, he soared into the sky.

He knew that the entire Cangxuan Heaven would be shaken when Zhou Yuan appear with his mysterious and powerful team.

He, of course, didn't want to miss the scene of the return of the king.

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