Chapter 138 Barefoot Uncle

The arrival of the envoys from the six sacred sects had undoubtedly become the most discussed topic in the city. The blood of every prided genius was boiling, the eyes on their raised heads filled with anticipation. Everyone had heard of the famed six sacred sects; entering any of them to train was akin to ascending the heavens in the single step.

The six sacred sects were just too powerful, the overlords of this world. Even an enormous continent like this was merely akin to a remote corner in their eyes.

However, the envoys did not show themselves after arriving at Saint Remains City. It was said that even the city lord Xiao Tianluo was unable to meet them in the city lord residence.

After all, the disparity in status between them was just far too great.

Even if one party was only an envoy, it was...

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