Chapter 1378 More People

In the mountain forest, a ray of sunlight passed through the dense leaves and created a flare, illuminating the youngster who wore a smiling expression in the shade of the tree. That scene seemed to not match the chaotic and tragic scene in the distance.

However, the youngster exuded a bearing that couldn't be ignored. Even just sitting there, indescribable power was emitted from him. It was as though he was the protagonist of the world.

Xiao Tianxuan stared blankly at the figure because the man’s face seemed very familiar. 

When he analyzed the joke that the youngster made, a light flashed in his mind, his body trembled and his eyes widened in disbelief. “You…you're Zhou Yuan?!”

Although Cangxuan Heaven was closed off and didn’t receive much news about all-heavens, Xiao Tianxuan was now an elder of the Cangxuan Sect and thus naturally was able to obtain some intelligence. What the Cangxuan Sect was most proud of all these years was of course the youngster from the Cangxuan Sect and went to another heaven. 

Zhou Yuan!    

Of course, they were aware of Zhou Yuan’s fame due to the Battle of Guyuan Heaven. Elites from Cangxuan Heaven had also participated in that battle, so they knew how Zhou Yuan defeated the sacred heaven prides from the Sacred Race and how he earned his glory. 

The disciples in the Cangxuan Sect felt very proud because Cangxuan Heaven was ranked at the bottom among all-heavens. No one in Cangxuan Heaven could deny that Cangxuan Heaven was indeed far inferior to other heavens in terms of strength. 

But Zhou Yuan, who was from Cangxuan Heaven, led all-heavens to victory against the Sacred Race in Guyuan Heaven and brought glory to everyone in the Cangxuan Sect. 

This included Xiao Tianxuan.   

Although the two had some grudges many years ago, more than ten years had passed and one’s name had resounded throughout all-heavens and the other was an elder of a sect. The grudges they had when they were young already vanished like smoke. This was particularly true for Xiao Tianxuan, who would deliberately bring up their past when he spoke to new disciples in the sect as a conversation topic.   

When Xiao Tianxuan said that someone would come back to get rid of the Sacred Palace, he indeed was referring to Zhou Yuan.

But he never thought he would appear right after he said that. He couldn’t believe it. 

“You, why are you here?!” Xiao Tianxuan stammered, showing his shocked disbelief. 

“As you said, I came back to get rid of some troubles,” said Zhou Yuan with a smile.

The Sacred Palace team snapped out from their shock and threw a sharp look over Zhou Yuan. 

The advanced Heavenly Sun stage leader stared coldly at Zhou Yuan, but he didn’t act right away because his intuition told him that the youngster in front of him, who didn’t exude the slightest ripple of Genesis Qi, was extremely dangerous. 

“Little friend, our Sacred Palace is dealing with our matters and I hope you won’t interfere and bring trouble to yourself,” he warned.

Zhou Yuan raised his eyes and said indifferently, “The scums of Sacred Palace all deserve to die.”

All Sacred Race experts’ expressions changed dramatically and they all glowered at Zhou Yuan. The Sacred Palace had become increasingly strong over the years. It even destroyed the Heavenly Ghost Sect, one of the six sacred sects, a few days ago. Any sects and factions shuddered with fear when they heard the Sacred Palace name, but the youngster dared to act so arrogantly in front of the Sacred Palace?!

The advanced Heavenly Sun leader’s eyes grew increasingly cold. This youngster has a death wish. 

He heard Xiao Tianxuan say the youngster’s name. Zhou Yuan? But that name didn’t sound familiar to him. After all, although the other sects and factions might promote Zhou Yuan’s achievements, the Sacred Race had a deep grudge with him and so it naturally blocked any information about him. Moreover, several years ago had passed and almost no one in the Sacred Palace remembered the name that previously brought a lot of trouble to the Sacred Palace. 

He lifted his hand and several Sacred Palace Heavenly Sun stage experts surrounded Zhou Yuan, blocking all his escape routes. 

“Although I don't know where you come from, since you came to interfere in the Sacred Palace’s matter, no one in Cangxuan Heaven can save you. You might be capable, but do you have more people than us?!”

Terrifying Genesis Qi erupted from all Sacred Palace experts as they all fixed Zhou Yuan with a murderous glare, as if ready to tear him to pieces.

Berserk Genesis Qi whizzed out, causing mountains and forests to tremble.   

The people from Saint Remains City also shuddered with shock. Xiao Tianluo murmured, “Why isn’t that kid running away? Does he want to die?”

The calmest person on the battlefield was Xiao Tianxuan. After all, he had heard about Zhou Yuan’s matter and knew he could defeat a sacred heaven pride of the Sacred Race a few years ago, let alone now?

He couldn’t help chuckling when he heard Xiao Tianluo's voice, “Old man, don't you remember him?”

Xiao Tianluo carefully looked at Zhou Yuan, muttering, “He looks somewhat familiar, his name also sounds familiar…"

Cangxuan Heaven was closed-off and the Saint Remains City was located in a little corner of Cangxuan Heaven. Therefore, Xiao Tianluo had never met Zhou Yuan before and so it was understandable that he had forgotten about him. 

“He was the one who came out on top in the Saint Remains Domain and finally entered the Cangxuan Sect. Back then, I had a grudge with him but you convinced me to let it go and not be enemies with him,” said Xiao Tianxuan.

Xiao Tianluo was taken aback. The memory that had been covered in dust was finally dug out and his eyes almost popped out. “He’s the youngster who came out on top in the Saint Remains Domain!? He was just a young boy back then, high-spirited and daring…”

Xiao Tianluo furrowed his brows. “But I haven't heard you talk about him in years? Is he also in the Cangxuan Sect?”

Xiao Tianxuan sighed. “Let alone Cangxuan Sect, even Cangxuan Heaven is too small for him now…” 

Xiao Tianluo’s mouth fell open. The Cangmang Continent was already extremely big to him and the Cangxuan Sect, one of the sacred sects, was even more tremendous. He couldn’t imagine the Cangxuan Heaven being too small for anyone. 

He looked skeptical for a good while. The youngster who is around the same age as my son has reached such a level? I really can’t tell. 

While they were talking, a group of Sacred Palace experts gradually approached Zhou Yuan. However, it was obvious that they were very cautious and tried to test Zhou Yuan’s strength first.

However, Zhou Yuan seemed very leisurely and continued to nibble the sour apricot in his hand. He clearly had no interest in the people in front of him. “Although you are scum in my eyes, I think you might have got something wrong…"

“What do you mean?” A Sacred Palace expert snorted coldly. 

Zhou Yuan stretched his body and indifferently raised his eyes. “I mean that I have more people than you.” 

The space suddenly distorted, several spatial vortexes emerged in all directions and many people strode out the vortexes under the astonished gazes of Xiao Tianxuan, Xiao Tianluo and others.

Every figure exuded a monstrous imposing aura and the Genesis Qi circulating around them was as vast as oceans. 

Under the pressure of such Genesis Qi, even several advanced Heavenly Sun experts from the Sacred Palace felt their bodies being crushed by stars and couldn’t even flick their fingers.


Some of them could withstand it for a while, but the Sacred Palace troops at the rear let out painful roars like an angry dragon before their body was crushed and exploded like fireworks in the air. 

The advanced Heavenly Sun experts stood dumbstruck for a good while, teeth chattering and eyes filled with fear. Around one hundred figures had appeared above and each one of them emitted Genesis Qi that surpassed theirs. 

Some even felt as deep as an abyss and couldn’t be seen through.

They had only felt something similar from the elites in the Sacred Palace — Law Domain stage experts!

In other words, the one hundred people were all at the Nascent Source or the Law Domain stage! 

The team lineup was so terrifying that many people shuddered with fear. It was enough to turn the entire Cangxuan Heaven upside down! 

Trembling, they shifted their gazes to the youngster smiling under the huge tree. Fear and despair filled their eyes. If the team lineup was already so terrifying, the youngster who could recruit such elites must be even more terrifying!

When did such a dragon-like being appear in Cangxuan Heaven?

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