Chapter 1377 Xiao Tianxuan

Flocks of birds scattered in the mountains. 

An army haphazardly rushed into the mountain forests and the smell of blood filled the air amid painful cries, wails and fearful screams. Everything together formed a very tragic scene. 

Xiao Tianluo, who had grey sideburns, glanced at the miserable scenes around. His chest was dripping with blood, his body shivering and his eyes were filled with regret and fury.

He never imagined that the Saint Remains City, which he had painstakingly built over the years, would be destroyed in his hands.

“Old Yan, how is Tianxuan? Has he caught up?!” Xiao Tianluo’s voice trembled as he asked. 


The trusted aide called old Yan wore a very sorrowful expression as he said through gritted teeth, “junior city lord is bringing up the rear but there are four advanced Heavenly Sun experts in the Sacred Palace team and he’s only at the initial Heavenly Sun stage.”

“No, my son will be fine!” Xiao Tianluo's eyes suddenly reddened. He abruptly turned around and was about to charge out.

His son, Xiao Tianxuan, entered the Cangxuan Sect after the Saint Remains Domain and had been cultivating hard all these years. He finally surpassed his father with his talent and broke through to the Heavenly Sun stage and was promoted to an elder of the Cangxuan Sect.

Xiao Tianxuan was his pride.   

He had always bragged to his friends about his son.

But he never thought everything would change so quickly. A few years ago, he accidentally found a mysterious fragment in the Saint Remains Domain. He immediately recognized it was a fragment of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp because the Cangxuan Saint Stamp’s matter had already spread throughout Cangxuan Heaven at the time, and so he carefully hid it.

He knew that this could be an opportunity. Although he had little interest in such an opportunity given his age, he wanted to leave that opportunity for his Xiao Tianxuan so he could advance even further in his cultivation.  

But destruction came before that opportunity. 

People came to the Saint Ruins City under the name of the Sacred Palace and demanded him to hand over the fragment. Xiao Tianluo naturally refused and he secretly sent a letter to summon back Xiao Tianxuan, who was in Cangxuan Sect. After all, in his opinion, the Cangxuan Sect was one of the six sacred sects and the Sacred Palace should give face to it.

But what he didn't expect was that the Sacred Palace team immediately launched a bloodbath attack on the Saint Remains City when Xiao Tianxuan arrived. As a result, the army guarding the Saint Remains City was massacred under such terrifying power. 

In the end, he could only flee the city with some people, and in order to buy them time to flee, Xiao Tianxuan led the elites of Saint Ruins City to obstruct the Sacred Palace team.

Everyone knew what the result would be… 

“City lord, you can't go! You will just be throwing away your life if you go there!” The guards hurriedly stopped Xiao Tianluo.

“We cannot waste the chance the junior city lord bought with his life!”


Under everyone’s persuasion, Xiao Tianluo wept bitterly. He felt very regretful. If he knew this would happen, he wouldn’t be greedy for the Saint Stamp fragment. Then, perhaps his son wouldn’t fall into such a hopeless situation. 

All his hope was turned to dust. 

“Let's go, I will take you all to a safe place,” Xiao Tianluo uttered in a hoarse voice as he struggled free from everyone. 

Everyone fell silent. They could hear unwavering determination to sacrifice his life in Xiao Tianluo's voice.

However, Xiao Tianluo was in no mood to care about that. He dragged himself forward and led the group of people. But his body was too heavy and worn out. Suddenly, a demonic laughter resounded throughout the mountains.

“How much time do you think an initial Heavenly Sun expert could buy for you? What a group of country pumpkins.”  

Panic immediately broke out from the fleeing troops. Trembling, everyone lifted their heads to see a group of figures in sacred white robes and they all wore mocking and condescending expressions as they looked down at them. 

The middle-aged man who led the Sacred Palace team was surrounded in monstrous waves of Genesis Qi. He clearly was an expert at the advanced Heavenly Sun stage. 

“Are you waiting for your son?” He tilted his head and looked at Xiao Tianluo. Then, he grinned and waved his hand.

Someone suddenly hurled something across the air and it landed in front of Xiao Tianluo.

Xiao Tianluo’s eyes immediately reddened because he saw Xiao Tianxuan drenched with blood. His body was mangled with bone-deep wounds and his vitality was rapidly dissipating like a fish out of water. 


Xiao Tianluo pounced forward and held his son tight.

Xiao Tianxuan opened his eyes with difficulty. Seeing tears rolling down his father’s face, he said hoarsely, “Father, be careful. They are the Sacred Demon Army of the Sacred Palace. The Sacred Palace has waged war with the five sacred sects.”

“It's father’s fault that you became like this!” Tears continued to course down Xiao Tianluo’s face. He suddenly raised his head and begged the white-robed figure exuding murderous auras in mid-air. “I will give you the fragment, please let my son go!”

The advanced Heavenly Sun expert in midair stretched out his hand, demanding, “Hand it over.”

Didn’t dare to disobey, Xiao Tianluo tremblingly took out a jade box. The box glowed as it opened. Then, a fragment slowly floated up and universe Genesis Qi rapidly gathered around it. 

The Sacred Palace expert beckoned and the fragment darted over to him. He then took out a crystal ball that was almost liquid-like and it started to release rays of dazzling light as the fragment neared.

“It’s indeed a saint stamp fragment.” The Sacred Palace expert grinned, storing the fragment into the crystal ball. He looked at the army fleeing below and a ruthless and sinister look flashed in his eyes. “Kill them all.”

“You!” Xiao Tianluo’s eyes almost cracked when he heard him going back on his words. 

Xiao Tianxuan staggered to his feet, clasping a sword dripping with blood. He knew that only he could stop the enemies for a moment. The others would easily be slaughtered like weed.

But he also understood that he could collapse right away in his current state. 

But he couldn’t watch his father be killed.

“Old man, it seems that we’re going to die together,” he said weakly with a smile.

Xiao Tianluo said tearfully, “I am to blame.”

Xiao Tianxuan shook his head. Tightening his grip around his sword, he unyieldingly looked at the Sacred Palace experts approaching and said with a smile, “Your Sacred Palace shouldn’t look so smug. No one could restrain you in Cangxuan Heaven, but it won’t be long that someone will come and get rid of you all.”  

“Huh?” The Heavenly Sun stage leader mocked, “The Heavenly Ghost Sect of the six sacred sects has already been destroyed. You think someone from Cangxuan Heaven could contend with the Sacred Palace? Who do you think is qualified? Tell me and I will leave your dead body with no parts missing.”

Xiao Tianxuan didn’t respond but his face bore a look of determination, and he slowly lifted his sword. 

The domineering junior city lord who clashed with Zhou Yuan in the Saint Ruins Domain was no longer the same as he was ten years ago. 


The advanced Heavenly Sun stage expert shook his head and was itching to kill him.


But just as his Genesis Qi rushed forth, an ear-piercing noise rang in the mountain forest. 

The sound happened so abruptly that it dispelled all murderous spirits.

The Sacred Palace experts turned his head with a darkened face, only to see a youngster leaning his back against a tree while nibbling a sour apricot.

The young man's gaze moved past the Sacred Palace experts and fell on Xiao Tianxuan, who was standing up and gripping his sword. 

A smile came to that handsome face. “Xiao Tianxuan, the person you are talking about isn't me, is it?”

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