Chapter 1375 Saint Silver

Both prime sovereign Jin Luo and Cang Yuan weren’t surprised to see Zhou Yuan readily accept the mission. After all, they knew about Zhou Yuan’s past very well. Zhou Yuan was from Cangxuan Heaven and the Cangxuan Sect. Therefore, given his personality, he wouldn’t sit and do nothing if Cangxuan Heaven was in trouble. 

“The people who will go to Cangxuan Heaven with you have already been selected for you. They will assemble in All-Heavens City tomorrow. Due to the fact that the universe rules and regulations  in Canxuan Heaven are in disorder now, the inside is in a relatively closed-off state, which means we can’t send too many people in. However, given your current strength and your selected team’s, you should be able to contend against the Sacred Palace,” explained prime sovereign Jin Luo. 

Zhou Yuan nodded, and then, after a moment of hesitation, he asked, “Can’t Yaoyao come to Cangxuan Heaven with me?” 

Emotions rippled across Yaoyao’s eyes. She also had many memories in Cangxuan Heaven. It was where she spent the most time with Zhou Yuan and the memories there were unforgettable to her like fine wine.

The little Great Zhou City, the Saint Remains Domain and the Cangxuan Sect. There was also the small but particularly warm and peaceful cave dwelling. 

“It’s best if the goddess doesn’t go to Cangxuan Heaven.” Prime sovereign Jin Luo hurriedly persuaded. “The Sacred Race is already watching you. The Sacred Race is very vicious and might have prepared some unthinkable means. But the Sacred Race won’t stand a chance if the goddess is under the protection of the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array. But the situation in Cangxuan Heaven is unpredictable and the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array there isn’t perfect. The goddess’s appearance there could lead to unpredictable changes.”

Jin Luo wore a very solemn expression. Yaoyao hadn’t fully recovered, and if anything were to happen to her, the consequence would be much more serious than losing Cangxuan Heaven.

Zhou Yuan nodded. He reached for Yaoyao’s little hand and comforted, “There’s no rush. When I settle the situation in Cangxuan Heaven and fully protect the Cangxuan Heaven with the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array again, we can go back there together.”

Yaoyao nodded, but a trace of disappointment flashed in her eyes. 

Prime sovereign Jin Luo and Cang Yuan breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, there was still someone in this world that the goddess listened to. 

“By the way, do you remember you previously asked our Omega Shrine to help you refine Silver Shadow? There’s finally a result after half a year. Fortunately I can give it to you before you leave for Cangxuan Heaven.” Prime sovereign Jin Luo smiled at Zhou Yuan. Then, with a flick of his sleeve, a silvery light bloomed before him like a beautiful silver moon. As the light spread out, a coldness filled the air. That coldness could make one’s Genesis Qi still for a moment.  

As Zhou Yuan stared at where the silvery light was condensing, he saw a silver ball quietly floating in the air. Silver Shadow hadn’t seemed to have changed much compared to how it was in the past, but Zhou Yuan’s expression grew increasingly solemn. 

This was because he could feel the mighty power contained in the silver ball.

Saint Runes roamed around inside Zhou Yuan's eyes, and through them, Zhou Yuan saw countless ancient runes covering the silver ball’s surface. Those runes seemed to possess vitality, constantly integrating and combining with each other. It was a mysterious scene. 

An indescribable charm surrounded Silver Shadow.

That charm could only be born from a true Saint object. 

“Huh?” Zhou Yuan suddenly exclaimed. With the Decoder Saint Rune’s power, he could see a blurry shadow in the deepest part of Silver Shadow. However, although it was blurry, he could distinctly have eight arms. 

“It seems you noticed.” Seeing Zhou Yuan’s expression, prime sovereign Jin Luo said with a smile, “Strictly speaking, your Silver Shadow is a puppet, but it is of wonderful workmanship. Its creator is really amazing. Even the Saints skilled in refining in the Omega Shrine couldn’t help but marvel at its workmanship.” 

“I found it in the ruins of a sect in Cangxuan Heaven. I think it was called the Battle Puppet Sect. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in the Sacred Race’s sacred punishment, along with all beings within a radius of 80,000 li,” said Zhou Yuan.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo and Cang Yuan fell silent. Of course they were aware of the period when the Sacred Race dominated Cangxuan Heaven. During that period, the beings in Cangxuan Heaven were treated like pigs and they had no power to fight back against the Sacred Race’s slaughtering. 

The Battle Puppet Sect should be a sect from that period.

Zhou Yuan stared deeply at Silver Shadow. He couldn’t change the past in Cangxuan Heaven, but he had to stop history repeating itself in Cangxuan Heaven because his family and friends were in Cangxuan Heaven.  

“The several Saints in the Omega Shrine have harmonized Silver Shadow’s characteristics and helped it improve into a Saint object. It also developed a Saint Spirit. You can learn about these new characteristics later.”

“Saint Spirit…”    

A light flashed in Zhou Yuan's eyes. The so-called Saint Spirit indicated that an object possessed  spiritual intellect. Moreover, it wasn’t ordinary spiritual intellect, but the spirit of a Saint object. Silver Shadow could be considered a special life form. 

As Zhou Yuan stretched out hand, Silver Shadow immediately drew closer to him and landed in his palm. It turned into silver liquid and happily flowed around his fingertips like a mischievous fish. 

Silver Shadow clearly felt Zhou Yuan’s familiar aura.

“Congratulations, you finally evolved to such a state after so many years. Perhaps this is what the Battle Puppet Sect hoped you would achieve when it created you,” Zhou Yuan said with a smile. 

“Now that it is a true Saint object and became a Saint from a mortal, it is considered to have gained a new life. Perhaps it also needs a new name,” suggested Cang Yuan. 

Zhou Yuan nodded in agreement. Stroking the silver liquid flowing between his fingers, he pondered for a moment. “Your new name will be Saint Silver.”

The silver liquid surged, producing waves of excited cheering. 

Zhou Yuan smiled. As he pressed his palms together, the silver liquid flowed into his body through the pores and quickly disappeared.

“Thank you.” Zhou Yuan expressed his gratitude to prime sovereign Jin Luo.

“That’s your reward for refining Ancestral Dragon Pill." Prime sovereign Jin Luo waved his hand. He glanced at Yaoyao, who hadn’t said anything, coughed out loud and said, “We shouldn’t stay too long. I wish you return triumphant, sweep away the dark clouds around Cangxuan Heaven and make peace return to Cangxuan Heaven.”

He and Cang Yuan turned and left.

Zhou Yuan didn't urge them to stay longer. After the two left, he turned and said to Yaoyao, “Sorry, we have to be apart again and I can't take you to Cangxuan Heaven.”

He could feel Yaoyao's emotions. She indeed had deep affections for certain parts of Cangxuan Heaven.

“When I eliminate the Sacred Palace, I will take you there as soon as possible. At that time…I will bring you to meet my father and mother, and I will tell them that this is their daughter-in-law.” Zhou Yuan stared at Yaoyao with blazing eyes.

The corners of Yaoyao's lips curled slightly upwards as she leaned her cheek on Zhou Yuan's chest, gazing at the cold moonlight falling splendidly on the courtyard and illuminating the flowers.

She really wanted to return to Cangxuan Heaven...especially the small cave dwelling that held a lot of their memories…That was their little home, which she had spent a lot of time and effort taking care of.

Every plant and tree there were planted by her.

It had a spring, a medicinal herb garden, a peach tree…and most importantly there was a jar of peach wine stored beneath the tree. 

She was worried whether she would have such strong wine-like emotions when she return to Cangxuan Heaven in the future?

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