Chapter 1374 Changes within Cangxuan Heaven

“There are huge changes in Cangxuan Heaven?!” 

The news brought by prime sovereign Jin Luo and Cang Yuan caused Zhou Yuan’s face to blanch with fear. Although he had left Cangxuan Heaven years ago, it was still his home. Moreover, his parents were there and there was also the Great Zhou Empire.

Although even the position of lord of a continent had little importance to him, let alone a little empire, given his present identity and status, that little empire had irreplaceable significance to him.

“What happened?” Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath, suppressing his emotions.

Cang Yuan said gravely, “Cangxuan Heaven has been very chaotic in the past years. You should know about this, right?”

A light flashed in Zhou Yuan's eyes. When palace master Sheng Yuan forced him to flee Cangxuan Heaven, he crushed the Cangxuan Saint Stamp and made its fragments scattered throughout Cangxuan Heaven. That was the cause of the chaos in Cangxuan Heaven in the past few years. All sects and factions were doing everything they could to find fragments of the Saint Stamp and were caught in many battles because of that. 

But if Zhou Yuan hadn’t destroyed the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, it would have fallen into palace master Sheng Yuan’s hand. He was a lackey of the Sacred Race and if he got his hands on the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, Cangxuan Heaven likely would be removed from all-heavens and belong to the Sacred Race. 

“Cangxuan Heaven had become increasingly chaotic over the years due to the Cangxuan Saint Stamp fragments. All sects and factions are fighting for fragments. Among those forces, the Sacred Palace is the strongest and it constantly swallowed up other sects and factions and seized their Saint Stamp fragments. This sparked wars all over Cangxuan Heaven.”

“There were very few people from Cangxuan Heaven seen in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain Battle because the war in Cangxuan Heaven is so fierce that no force dared to withdraw,” explained Cang Yuan. 

Zhou Yuan looked a little surprised. He had also wondered why he didn't see any Cangxuan Heaven Law Domain experts in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain. 

“The Sacred Race is strong, but the other five sacred sects were able to compete with the Sacred Race by joining forces.

“However, the situation changed drastically while you were refining Ancestral Dragon Pills in the past half a year. The Sacred Race suddenly attacked and destroyed the Heavenly Ghost Sect, which is one of the five sacred sects, and this ruined the balance. Now, the Sacred Race is forcing the other four sacred sects to hand over the fragments they have.” 

“What? The Sacred Palace destroyed the Heavenly Ghost Sect?!” Zhou Yuan's pupils shrank. He remembered the Heavenly Ghost Sect and that Zhen Xu was in that sect.

“Why didn't the Omega Shrine intervene in the war in Cangxuan Heaven? Sacred Palace is the source of Cangxuan Heaven's calamity and given the Omega Shrine’s power, it could easily suppress the Sacred Palace, right?” Zhou Yuan asked with a deep frown. 

Prime sovereign Jin Luo sighed, “The Omega Shrine has to remain neutral, and the first rule it made when it was established is that it can’t interfere in other heavens’ matters. We can only gather the forces of all-heavens when we are facing the Sacred Race.” 

“The Sacred Palace is a lackey of the Sacred Race. Isn’t it right that you deal with them too?” Zhou Yuan asked.

Prime Sovereign Jin Luo said, “It's not as simple as you think. First of all, Cangxuan Heaven’s situation is different. It’s not controlled by a Heaven Master and it is difficult for outsider Saints to enter. In a sense, Cangxuan Heaven is regarded as separate from all-heavens and it also doesn’t have a close relationship with the other four heavens. Also, the Sacred Race has been closely watching Cangxuan Heaven these years. Any all-heavens Saint that got close to Cangxuan Heaven would be intercepted and killed.” 

Zhou Yuan furrowed his brows. He never thought Cangxuan Heaven had so many hidden troubles. It was no wonder that it was regarded at the bottom of all-heavens.

The absence of a Heaven Master in control meant that the universe rules had become disorderly and as a result it was impossible for the heaven to develop. The Saints born in Cangxuan Heaven couldn’t stay there because their strength would never improve if they stayed. This wasn’t something that Saints couldn’t tolerate. 

Not everyone was as selfless and righteous as old ancestor Cang Xuan.

“From the information we have received, the Sacred Race should be behind the Sacred Palace’s sudden attack. Their quietness in the past half a year is very strange but they were likely making preparations for that attack. I suspect that they want to aid palace master Sheng Yuan to seize the fragments and use the Cangxuan Saint Stamp’s power to force Cangxuan Heaven out from the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array’s protection. If that happened, the Sacred Race could march into Cangxuan Heaven and completely gain control of it,” explained Cang Yuan.

“What a huge appetite!” Zhou Yuan said through gritted teeth.   

“But four of the Saint Runes and one fragment of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp is with me. Even if palace master Sheng Yuan managed to seize all the other fragments, he can’t transformed them into a complete saint stamp, right?”

“Palace master Sheng Yuan indeed can’t become the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven without a complete Cangxuan Saint Stamp, but even an incomplete Cangxuan Saint Stamp could still shake Cangxuan Heaven. If he tampered with the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array, the Sacred Race should have other things planned.” Prime sovereign Jin Luo didn’t seem surprised that Zhou Yuan was holding four Saint Runes and a fragment. It was clear that he already knew. After all, Zhou Yuan had used the Saint Runes’ power more than once in front of him.  

The other saints might be unfamiliar with that power, but he couldn't hide them from prime sovereign Jin Luo.

Zhou Yuan’s face grew overcast as he said, “We can’t let palace master Sheng Yuan get what he wants.”

Cangxuan Heaven was Zhou Yuan’s hometown and he had deep affection for both the Great Zhou Empire and the Cangxuan Sect. He would never allow them to be destroyed by palace master Sheng Yuan. 

Zhou Yuan raised his eyes and looked directly at prime sovereign Jin Luo. “Prime sovereign, you didn’t specially come to find me to just pass on this information, right?”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo pressed his hands together, saying, “Don't be reckless. Although the Sacred Palace is very ambitious, our all-heavens wouldn’t let them destroy Cangxuan Heaven.

“I came to find you to ask you to lead a team of elites from all-heavens. The mission of that team is to return to Cangxuan Heaven, destroy the Sacred Palace, protect the peace of Cangxuan Heaven and sever the Sacred Race’s evil intention.

“But this task isn’t that simple because of Cangxuan Heaven’s special circumstances. No Saint could enter Cangxuan Heaven but Sheng Yuan already possessed quasi-Saint power. Even if you are the strongest below the Saint stage, the battle between you and Sheng Yuan is still unpredictable. The danger of going to Cangxuan Heaven isn’t small, but no one is more suitable than you for that role.”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo looked at Zhou Yuan. “What do you think?”

Zhou Yuan smiled confidently. “Even without this matter, I already planned to return to Cangxuan Heaven to settle a grudge in the past after I completed refining the Ancestral Dragon Pill. As for Sheng Yuan, there should be an end between us.

“I accept this mission.” Zhou Yuan grinned, showing his sparkly white teeth, but there was a coldness like the fangs of a wild beast. 

“I have been after his life for years. This time I will send him on his way to death."

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