Chapter 1373 Sacred Dragon Body

Times passed like sand slipping through fingers. Half a year was gone before one knew it. 

While Zhou Yuan's name spread throughout all-heavens, he had never left the All-Heavens City. Instead, he spent all his time refining Ancestral Dragon Pill and improving his strength. 

All-heavens and the Sacred Race also got some rare peace and quiet in the past half a year. The friction between them also tremendously reduced. Many people were secretly relieved because the Sacred Race was known to be incredibly fierce and it would be best if all-heavens had some time to recuperate.

Particularly since Ancestral Dragon Pills were constantly being produced from All-Heavens City.

That huge number of Ancestral Dragon Pills allowed many Nascent Source experts’ and Law Domain experts’ strength to steadily increase. Moreover, many who had stayed at the same cultivation level for years made breakthroughs. 

The number of third Law Domain stage experts emerging in all-heavens in the past half a year was almost comparable to that in the past one hundred years!

This was the magical effect of Ancestral Dragon Pills!

Therefore, all-heavens were buzzing with joy in the past half a year, and as a result, the goddess sect expanded massively and its followers increased astonishingly. All the experts who benefited from the Ancestral Dragon Pills had to sincerely praise the goddess again. Zhou Yuan, who was an assistant in refining Ancestral Dragon Pill, also gained fame during that period and became a very popular figure in all-heavens. 


In a secluded courtyard in All-Heavens City. 

Zhou Yuan, whose fame resounded all over the world, was very quiet in that past half a year. When he wasn’t refining Ancestral Dragon Pill, he was improving his cultivation level. 

He sat cross-legged on an azure boulder with his eyes closed. His body, like a black hole, was absorbing the universe Genesis Qi within a radius of a thousand miles, causing a tremendous Genesis Qi tornado to form above the small courtyard. 

The tornado was wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, and as it revolved, vast amounts of Genesis Qi was drawn into Zhou Yuan’s body. 

That training lasted for around one hour before the huge Genesis Qi tornado in the sky suddenly descended, turning into a stream of clear light and entered Zhou Yuan’s body through his breathing. 

Zhou Yuan’s skin gave off divine light, making him appear indescribably vast and sacred. 

However, Zhou Yuan’s cultivation training didn’t end there. His eyes were still closed, and if any Law Domain expert was nearby, they could hear deep, ancient roars echoing in Zhou Yuan’s body. 

Yaoyao was sitting gracefully on a branch, her purple dress draped over her knee and her fair and slender legs gently swayed. Even the wisps of light passed through into the little courtyard seemed to be swaying along. Such a beautiful scene could easily make someone enjoy themselves so much that they forget to go home. 

She occasionally sipped the fine wine in the jade gourd in her hand and cast her clear and ethereal eyes towards Zhou Yuan. 

Others might not notice the changes happening within Zhou Yuan, but she saw it very clearly. The Sacred Dragon Qi in Zhou Yuan’s body was vibrating violently. The Genesis Qi roaming around his body resembled an ancient divine dragon soaring. At the same time, dragon roars constantly echoed and where the roar spread to, Zhou Yuan’s flesh, bones and meridians underwent evolution-like transformations.  

Wisps of purple-gold light gradually seeped to the surface of Zhou Yuan’s skin. Looking closer, one would notice those purple-gold lights were formed from countless purple-gold dragon scales. 

Tuntun stood up and unleashed a roar at Zhou Yuan. This was because he radiated an Alpha Holy Beast’s aura, and that aura existed in Tuntun’s inherited memory. It was an aura that only the top Alpha Holy Beasts in the world could possess. 

After the Ancestral Dragon created all beings and Alpha Holy Beasts were born, the Ancestor Taotie and the Sacred Dragon also met. 

Zhou Yuan’s physical body was gradually transforming like an Alpha Holy Beast. Of course, he wasn’t truly becoming a beast but he was changing on a much deeper level. In other words, Zhou Yuan was becoming a humanoid Alpha Holy Beast!

Yaoyao comforted Tuntun, and then shifted her gaze back onto Zhou Yuan with a satisfied smiling expression in her eyes. Zhou Yuan hadn’t slacked off in the past half a year and managed to continuously improve himself with the three Saints’ power. This allowed his body and Sacred Dragon Qi to reach a perfect harmony. 

It was that harmony that allowed his Sacred Dragon Qi to fuse deeper into his body and achieve that kind of transformation.

Yaoyao took a sip of the wine. Only she knew how much Zhou Yuan had suffered in the past half a year, such as the refining from the three Saints’ power, the pain caused by the Sacred Dragon Qi shaking his flesh, and his flesh destroyed and then reshaped. Even so, Zhou Yuan had never thought of giving up. 

But the good thing was that his half a year of hard work was finally over.

While Yaoyao breathed a sigh of relief, Zhou Yuan, who was sitting cross-legged on an azure boulder, suddenly opened his eyes, revealing his purple-gold dragon pupils. Additionally, a gush of terrifying dragon power swept across the area and almost even split the world. 

However, Yaoyao was well prepared. She raised her beautiful hand into the air and an invisible but vast power spread across and dissolved the sacred dragon might that gushed out from Zhou Yuan’s body. 


Zhou Yuan breathed out a ray of purple-gold light like dragon breath.

There was undisguisable joy on his face because he could distinctly feel the changes within his body. His body had reached the strongest state it had ever reached and the power he possessed could move stars and turn over thousands of mountains. 

But what caught his attention the most was the mysterious information rushing to his mind. 

It was a flash of realization from the Ancestral Dragon Scripture. 

It was a Saint Genesis Art.  

Zhou Yuan savored it carefully, and the smile on his lips deepened. His hard work in the past half a year had finally been rewarded. The Ancestral Dragon Scripture was truly the no.1 art in the world and also the no.1 treasure in the world.

Zhou Yuan leaped down the boulder, lifted his head and saw a great pair of fair long legs when the dress fluttered in the breeze. He couldn’t help exclaiming, “Is this a reward for my hard time during this period?”

Yaoyao shot an annoyed glare at him and was about to say something, but her expression suddenly changed and she fluttered down.  

When Yaoyao landed next to Zhou Yuan, Zhou Yuan turned his head and saw two old figures emerging at the courtyard gate.

They were prime sovereign Jin Luo and master Cang Yuan.

“Haha, this half a year has been really hard for you two.” prime sovereign Jin Luo said with a smile. 

His gaze swept up and down Zhou Yuan and his eyes lit up with surprise. He immediately exchanged a glance with Cang Yuan because he could feel the considerable changes in Zhou Yuan compared to half a year ago.

“Compared to me, Yaoyao is more like your master.” Cang Yuan smiled bitterly at Zhou Yuan.

Ever since he accepted Zhou Yuan as his disciple, Cang Yuan hadn’t had much time to teach Zhou Yuan. Instead, Yaoyao had been with Zhou Yuan from when he unblocked his eight meridians.

Yaoyao tilted her head and looked at Zhou Yuan. “Then you really have to thank me. You should call me master.”

Zhou Yuan pursed his lips. “I have paid you with myself. Why do I need to say thank you? You should accept me already.”

 Yaoyao shot an irritated look at him.   


Prime sovereign Jin Luo and Cang Yuan both coughed out loud, as though saying you two shouldn't act like that in front of them.

“Prime sovereign, master, did you come here to announce that our mission is over?" Zhou Yuan said with a smile.

“This is just one of the reasons.”   

Prime sovereign Jin Luo and Cang Yuan assumed a serious expression. He looked at Zhou Yuan and said, “There is one more thing, which should be very important to you…”

“What's the matter?” Seeing the grave look on their faces, Zhou Yuan quickly put away his smile. 

Prime sovereign Jin Luo's and Cang Yuan’s words caused Zhou Yuan's pupils to shrink.

“There are huge changes in Cangxuan Heaven…”   

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