Chapter 1372 The Sacred Race’s Plan

“Higher than grade-9…” 

Yaoyao, who was strolling down the path with Tuntun in her arms, suddenly paused and gazed dazedly at Zhou Yuan. It was only after a good while that she chuckled. “I’m surprised you still remember it.”

In this world, Genesis Qi was divided into nine grades, with grade nine being the highest.

Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi had reached the world's highest grade-9 level and was considered one of the best in the entire Tianyuan World in terms of quality. 

When Yaoyao gave Zhou Yuan the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, she did mention that this art could possibly be cultivated to a level that surpasses grade-9 Genesis Qi. It was just that that level was too distant to Zhou Yuan at the time. But who would have thought that he already reached that stage a few years later? 

“You didn't fool me at the time, did you?” Zhou Yuan smiled bitterly seeing the strange look on Yaoyao’s face.

In truth, ever since he broke through to the Law Domain stage, he had looked through many ancient books and was surprised to find that grade-9 Genesis Qi was the highest level. Since ancient times, no one had seen Genesis Qi that surpassed the grade-9 level. The Genesis Qi of many Saints, including the three prime sovereigns, had been refined into Saint force of the world but it was still only grade-9 Genesis Qi regardless how powerful it was. It was just that it was infused with the will and orders of the world. 

It was unheard of for Genesis Qi to surpass grade-9.      

Yaoyao gently stroked Tuntun's soft fur, saying in a gentle voice, “Genesis Qi that surpasses grade-9 has indeed never been seen in the past and present.”

Zhou Yuan pursed his mouth and looked bitterly at Yaoyao. It was as he thought. 

“But even if it has never appeared before that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”

Yaoyao stared at Zhou Yuan, and the young man's figure was reflected in her clear eyes. “But that step isn’t something you can touch upon now. If you want to use that to become a Saint, how do I say it…it’s like putting fine timber to petty use.”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips twitched. How many Law Domain experts had been pursuing the path to the Saint stage in their entire life? But Yaoyao told him that it would be a waste if he wanted to walk that path with the Ancestral Dragon Scripture. If the person in front of him wasn’t Yaoyao, one of the most distinguished people in the world, he likely would have given her a slap in the face and asked what nonsense she was talking about.

Yaoyao assumed a very serious and solemn expression and said, “Zhou Yuan, don't underestimate the Ancestral Dragon Scripture. It is the true no.1 cultivation art in the world. Even the Sacred God pried into it. The Ancient God Scripture that the Sacred Race heaven prides uses is also created from the Ancestral Dragon Scripture through the Sacred God’s prying.

“The Ancestral Dragon Scripture is left by the Ancestral Dragon and perhaps there are great mysteries in it.”

Zhou Yuan's heart trembled. What Yaoyao told him was undoubtedly a top secret of the world that even the Omega Shrine perhaps didn’t know about.

He had a hunch that the Ancestral Dragon Scripture would be extremely important in the future when they need to reverse the situation. 

“It is considered a huge leap from the Nascent Source to the Law Domain stage. Although your foundation is very stable these years, you still shouldn’t relax. This half a year of pill refining will be very beneficial to you. Those three are doing free labour for you so don’t waste it. Use their Saint power to make your foundation indestructible.”

“An unprecedented foundation is needed to reach an unprecedented peak.”

A light breeze passed, fluttering the corners of Yaoyao’s dress and swaying her fine black hair. Her stunning beauty was like a goddess of the moon palace. It was incredibly difficult for someone to move their gaze away from her elegance and beauty. 

Zhou Yuan furrowed his brows. He clearly found Yaoyao's words difficult to understand. There seemed to be a lot of things that she hadn’t said. However, he didn’t ask any more questions because he knew she had a reason to not tell him clearly.  

But one thing was certain—the Ancestral Dragon Scripture was extraordinary and he shouldn’t relax.

“I understand.” He nodded silently. He hadn’t tried to deeply understand his Genesis Qi after it evolved into Sacred Dragon Qi. Perhaps he should take advantage of the half a year of pill refining to get things flowing. Only when he sort out himself would he be able to clear away the fog and clearly see the path to the Saint stage. 


After the Stone Dragon Secret Domain Battle ended, the Sacred Race withdrew many of their prying on all-heavens, which made all-heavens heave a sigh of relief. 

But the Omega Shrine still didn’t relax it's vigilance. After all, they understood the Sacred Race too well. Although the power that Yaoyao showed had a deterrent effect, the present Yaoyao wasn’t the complete third god and therefore, it was too naive to think she had terrified the Sacred Race to the point that they didn’t dare to move.

Therefore, in their opinion, the strange quietness from the Sacred Race meant they were planning something else. Although they couldn’t speculate what, they still kept their vigilance.  

Shengzu Heaven was the core heaven of the Sacred Race. 

In the center of Shengzu Heaven stood an indescribably tall mountain. The mountain was so ancient that its age couldn’t be determined and seemed to have existed since the world first began. 

It was the Sacred Race’s Sacred Mountain!  

The Sacred God was said to be born from it when heaven and earth first began. 

Countless rings of majestic light surrounded every area of the Sacred Mountain and everyone from the Sacred Race would respectfully bow in the mountain’s direction because their creator god was there.

At the Sacred Mountain’s summit stood a golden palace that hadn’t changed since ancient times and seemed to have survived many vicissitudes.

Inside the palace was a giant bottomless hole that not even Saints could pry into. Moreover, the pitch-black hole made people shudder with fear at a glance. 

The palace was dimly lit like the starry sky.

Seven lotus platforms were partly visible in that darkness.

On each lotus platform was a lifelike statue, emitting ancient and tyrannical auras. 


Suddenly, a faint wave of energy spread across the palace hall. Then, dazzling light bloomed from the seven lotus platforms and the seven statues’ eyes shone brightly. 

“The Stone Dragon Secret Domain fell into all-heavens’ hands, and the third god was actually born…”

“I really didn’t expect it…”    

“The third god will be serious trouble for us. She hasn’t fully recovered so this is perhaps our chance now.”

“Correct. Although our god isn’t worried about the third god, as subordinates, we need to eliminate all threats in advance so when our god wakes up, this world will belong to our race.”

“Do we have a plan? Now that the third god is hiding in the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array, I don’t think there would be a chance…Also, even if she hasn’t fully recovered, her power shouldn’t be underestimated.”


There were mysterious, hoarse, and ancient voices coming from the seven statues.

However, their argument suddenly halted. Even though they were projections from the statues, their eyes were still wide with shock. 

This was because they saw wisps of divine light rising from the mysterious hole that even they couldn’t pry into. The wisps of light eventually formed a mottled spearhead covered with cracks. 

While the seven prime saints were taken aback, a mysterious and faintly discernible voice sounded as if it came from an unknown space.  

“Go…kill her.”  

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