Chapter 1371 Pill Refining and Cultivation

When the Stone Dragon Battle ended, All-Heavens City didn’t stay in the chaos void anymore to prevent the Sacred Race’s wild counterattack and also to provide Yaoyao a safe environment to refine pills. With the help of all-heavens Saints, the All-Heavens City entered the all-heavens heaven domain and was put under the protection of the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array. 

After everything was stabilized, the All-Heavens City became much quieter compared to before and only the area around the Great Alchemy Hall in the city’s center was always surrounded by vast amounts of majestic Genesis Qi. 

The tremendous pill cauldron was operated day and night. It was a huge project to refine such a large amount of Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits into Ancestral Dragon Pills. Additionally, only Yaoyao could carry out the project and no other Saints were qualified. 

The Great Alchemy Hall.    

Fire blazed in the cauldron and Yaoyao was sat cross-legged in the main position and on her lower left side was Zhou Yuan.

However, the Law Domain experts who assisted in the pill refining before were nowhere to be seen. Instead, they were replaced by three Saints of the Omega Shrine!

The three saints were all at the one lotus stage, but such well-respected Saints were all acting in a supporting role and providing Genesis Qi as fuel in the pill refining. However, they had no objection because, after witnessing Yaoyao wound a Sacred Race’s prime Saint with an arrow, the all-heavens Saints were particularly respectful and polite towards Yaoyao. 

With the help of three Saints, the efficiency of refining Ancestral Dragon Pills was of course far better than anytime before. 

But even so, only one-fifth of the Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits in the Stone Dragon was consumed after a full month of pill refining. As expected, it would take at least half a year to completely refine them all. 

The huge cauldron suddenly buzzed, and waves of pill aroma swept across the area and filled the entire hall. 

Almost one hundred streams of light shot out from the pill mist like like a meteor shower, scattering everywhere.

But before they left the pill cauldron’s area, a powerful force descended from above. With a clench of her fist, the streams of light appeared in Yaoyao’s grip. Then, round smooth pills rotated while exuding an ancient and spiritual aura in her palm. 

With Yaoyao’s full strength, coupled with the assistance of three Saints, the efficiency and production of refining Ancestral Dragon Pill was far greater than before.

Yaoyao flicked her fingers and the Ancestral Dragon Pills flew over to the three saints. They were responsible for keeping them safe. 

After that, Yaoyao paid no other attention to the pill refining and immediately cast her clear and ethereal eyes towards Zhou Yuan, who was sitting cross-legged by the cauldron. 

There wasn’t a hint of Genesis Qi fluctuating around Zhou Yuan. He was like an abyss with no end in sight and made people shudder with fear. 

The refining Ancestral Dragon Pill brought huge benefits to Zhou Yuan. First of all, the pill fire that the cauldron was filled with was formed from the three Saints’ powers and so Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi was also refined when he guided those powers and as a result he became even stronger. 

In a sense, this was an extremely rare opportunity. After all, there was rarely any situation where Saints would turn their Saint power into pill fire and help someone at the Law Domain stage to refine their Genesis Qi. Moreover, not all Law Domain experts could withstand that level of refining. 

Even Zhou Yuan was almost on the verge of death during the initial period because of the pill fire formed from saint power. If it weren't for his strong foundation and his grade-9 Sacred Dragon Qi, his Genesis Qi foundation would have been completely incinerated the moment he came into contact with the pill fire. 

But after surviving the most difficult initial stage, Zhou Yuan started to taste the sweetness. After his breakthrough to the Law Domain stage, his strength had reached an unprecedented level and even reached the pinnacle of the Law Domain stage.

That huge increase in strength naturally came with some side effects. His body didn’t adapt right away to the sudden huge increase in power. 

The Saint power from the pill refining precisely strengthened and helped Zhou Yuan tidy his Genesis Qi, allowing him to regain control of his own power. 

Therefore, this month of refining pills was a very rare opportunity for Zhou Yuan.

The three Saints put away the Ancestral Dragon Pills and also shifted their gaze to Zhou Yuan, who was cultivating with his eyes closed. They exchanged glances with each other, looking helpless. How would they not know that their power was continuously used by Zhou Yuan during this month? However, their task was to provide Genesis Qi for pill refining and Zhou Yuan didn't make any other excessive demands. His improvement just happened naturally.  

However, the three saints were astonished that Zhou Yuan was able to withstand the pill fire formed from their Saint power.   

No wonder that he even defeated Tai Xuan. He indeed deserved the title of the strongest Law Domain Stage expert in all-heavens. 

Zhou Yuan's cultivation didn’t last long, and he soon opened his eyes.

His eyes were as deep as the starry sky and his monstrous fighting spirit had weakened a lot compared to when he fought Tai Xuan, but that wasn’t because he had become weaker. It was because he had begun to learn how to restrain his strength. 

His power, if broken out again, could dazzle all-heavens like a blazing sun in the sky.

In the center of Zhou Yuan's eyebrows, the Spirit light glowed faintly and a Spirit was sitting leisurely. The Spirit was as gentle as jade stone. 

During the pill refining period, not only did Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi benefit, his Spirit also improved. Of course the improvement in his Spirit had little to do with the three Saints’ saint power. It was more because Yaoyao deliberately cast some surplus refined Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits his way while she was refining Ancestral Dragon Pills.

Although the amount each time wasn’t huge, it happened several times. Therefore, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit also steadily improved in the past month. 

A jade Spirit showed that one’s Spirit was about to reach the intermediate Allroamer stage.

The divine light between Zhou Yuan's eyebrows gradually faded. He raised his eyes, looked at the three Saints and gave a cupped fist salute. “Thank you.”

Although the three Saints had only passively helped him in his cultivation, Zhou Yuan was still very grateful. 

The three Saints responded with a reserved smile, nodded to Yaoyao and then disappeared without a trace. 

Yaoyao stretched, picked up Tuntun, who was dozing off, stepped down the platform and came over to Zhou Yuan.  

Zhou Yuan smiled at her and walked out the alchemy hall with her. Together, they strode down a tree-lined gravel path. 

A light breeze passed by, stirring the leaves. The sunlight fell through the gaps in the leaves and landed on the two. The atmosphere was indescribably peaceful and warm. 

Neither of them said anything but they both evidently enjoyed the atmosphere.

It wasn’t after a good while that Zhou Yuan left his relaxed and leisurely state and sighed, “The road to the Saint stage is really as difficult as reaching the sky.”

He was now regarded as at the pinnacle of the Law Domain stage and so he wanted to try to walk the so-called path to the Saint stage. However, even if his strength had improved, he still felt there was a huge distance between him and that level. 

That was the gap between mortals and Saints. 

Since ancient times, it was unknown how many talented heaven prides couldn’t progress past that stage and died with regret. 

“If someone else hears this, they will likely beat you up. You have only been in the Law Domain stage for a few months and you are already trying to walk on the Saint stage path.” Yaoyao pursed her lips.

Zhou Yuan smiled. “I heard from my master that the Sacred Race hadn’t retaliated. Instead, it had become extremely quiet and even hid their traces. Many people said that they were terrified by your arrow.”

However, although he was smiling, Zhou Yuan's gaze was very solemn because he didn’t feel that way. The Sacred Race’s foundation was superior to that of all-heavens. Even if Yaoyao's arrow was terrifying, it was impossible for the Sacred Race to be afraid.

Therefore, Zhou Yuan felt very uneasy about the Sacred Race’s quietness. 

He was worried that Yaoyao would become her target now that the Sacred Race knew about her power.  

Zhou Yuan didn't tell her about his thoughts because, firstly, he was uncertain, and secondly, he didn't want to affect Yaoyao's mood.

This was the main reason why he wanted to step on the Saint path because he understood that only when he truly reached the Saint stage would he be qualified to become one of the players in the war between all-heavens and the Sacred Race. And only then would he be qualified to change something. 

Unfortunately, the path to the Saint stage was too difficult. 

As thoughts streamed through his mind, Zhou Yuan suddenly paused and looked at Yaoyao with a strange look. “I remember that when you gave me the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, you said that there is a higher grade than grade-9 Genesis Qi?” 

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