Chapter 1370 Reward

The Stone Dragon Secret Dragon Battle result quickly spread throughout all-heavens when it ended and caused a stir. After all, although the battle wasn’t considered particularly spectacular in terms of the number of people, it was certainly at the top of the world in terms of quality.

After all, the people who participated were at least at the Nascent Source Stage.

In a sense, this was considered a head-on collision between the top elites of the two sides. 

All-heavens were always fearful of the Sacred Race. After all, the Sacred Race seemed extremely powerful from the many stories passed down since ancient times. On the other hand, all-heavens were always suppressed and seemed extremely pathetic.  

In the past few years, there were increasingly more movements from the Sacred Race and the sensitive people were all aware of a storm approaching. The forces in all-heavens were worried and pessimistic about this.

But the victory from the Stone Dragon Secret Domain Battle was undoubtedly a boost to the all-heavens morale. At least it made them know that although the Sacred Race was powerful, the all-heavens had the strength to compete.

Therefore, the battles in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain had spread to almost every corner of all-heavens.

The various all-heavens forces also learned about the earth-shattering pinnacle Law Domain battle between Zhou Yuan and Tai Xuan.

As a result, Zhou Yuan's name resounded throughout all-heavens. 

Zhou Yuan already had some fame in all-heavens in the past, but that was only within the Nascent Source stage and Law Domain experts didn’t attach any importance to him. But after that battle, no Law Domain experts dared to feel the same way as before because they knew what Zhou Yuan’s victory over Tai Xuan signified. 

It signified that Zhou Yuan would become the no.1 person below the Saint stage in all-heavens!

Many Law Domain experts, who hadn’t participated in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain Battle, couldn’t believe the result because Zhou Yuan was only at the Nascent Source Stage before participating in the battle and how could he surpass all top third Law Domain stage experts!?

However, regardless whether they believed it or not, that was the truth. Many arrogant Law Domain experts could only put away their doubts and truly acknowledge the new no.1 person at the Law Domain stage. 

Zhou Yuan's reputation in all-heavens also reached the peak after that battle. 


“Goddess, we have to rely on you to refine Ancestral Dragon Pills.”

As expected, when the Stone Dragon Battle was over, prime sovereign Jin Luo came to find Yaoyao with the stone dragon. This wasn’t surprising because Yaoyao was the only one in all-heavens who could refine Ancestral Dragon Pill.

Inside a stone pavilion in a courtyard, Yaoyao swept a cold glance over prime sovereign Jin Luo’s amiable face, and under her gaze, even one of the three influential people of the Omega Shrine, reddened with embarrassment.

“I won't make a fuss about Zhou Yuan's matter.” Yaoyao opened her mouth and uttered.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo breathed a sigh of relief, but he couldn’t help pulling a face immediately afterwards. 

“But do you think we are slaves? I didn’t mind in the past because it’s only a small-scale refining of Ancestral Dragon Pills but if you want to refine all the Ancestral Dragon Remnant Spirits in this stone dragon, it will take at least half a year,” Yaoyao said with a frown. 

How could prime sovereign Jin Luo, who had experienced countless things in his life, not read the meaning behind Yaoyao’s words? So, he smiled bitterly and asked, “Goddess, if you have any request, you can just say it.”

Yaoyao nodded. “Twenty drops of Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence. I also want to trouble prime sovereign Jin Luo to bring this object back to the Omega Shrine and ask all the Saints there to refine it into a true saint object.” 

As she lifted her hand into the air, a silvery light bloomed in her palm and then transformed into a silver sphere covered with ancient runes.

It was Zhou Yuan’s Silver Shadow.     

It had continuously evolved over the years as Zhou Yuan’s strength increased, and now it had the potential of becoming a true saint object. However, that kind of evolution wouldn’t be easy and it required huge amounts of treasures and materials as well as needing to be refined by Saint power. 

It couldn’t be better if the Omega Shrine handled that matter.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo couldn’t help raising his eyebrows when he heard Yaoyao's conditions. Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence were extremely rare and precious and only a handful of Law Domain experts would be given at most one or two drops. However, Yaoyao demanded 20!

He also knew that Zhou Yuan had already swallowed dozens of drops when he completed his breakthrough underground. 

In other words, Zhou Yuan alone had taken one-tenth of the Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence in the entire Stone Dragon Secret Domain. 

As for the additional condition of refining a saint object…it also wasn’t a simple matter. Even if the Omega Shrine had a solid foundation, it still needed the help of other Saints, and how would it be a simple matter to ask the Saints in all-heavens to help out? 

Only the Omega Shrine could do so. 

Prime sovereign Jin Luo glanced at Zhou Yuan, who was sitting quietly without looking sideways, like a monk meditating and showed no intention of intervening.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo shook his head helplessly in the end. He didn’t try to negotiate and smiled bitterly. “Goddess is asking a lot. Fine, I will accept those conditions on behalf of the Omega Shrine.”

Zhou Yuan marvelled, “As expected of one of the three influential people of the Omega Shrine. Those that have wealth indeed have more power than others.”

No other force apart from the Omega Shrine in all-heavens could fulfil those conditions. 

Prime sovereign Jin Luo gave a sulky look at Zhou Yuan, who was pretending to be a victim after gaining such benefits. The goddess clearly had no use for Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence and so they would eventually fall into Zhou Yuan's hands. However, prime sovereign Jin Luo had no objection to it. After all, Zhou Yuan had made great contributions in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain Battle. He only took away Zhou Yuan’s reward just to keep everyone quiet. But since there was a better reason, prime sovereign Jin Luo of course wouldn’t mind returning his reward.

After all, prime sovereign Jin Luo also regarded Zhou Yuan highly. He felt Zhou Yuan could reach the triple lotus saint stage in the future and even become one of the influential people of the Omega Shrine.

Seeing prime sovereign Jin Luo so readily agreed, Yaoyao’s cold expression seemed to have relaxed and become much gentler. “In that case, leave the refining of Ancestral Dragon Pill to me.”

Seeing Yaoyao finally nodded, even prime sovereign Jin Luo, who was experienced and knowledgeable, was secretly relieved. The goddess was really difficult to please, but fortunately she finally agreed to refine Ancestral Dragon Pill. Otherwise, the Omega Shrine really wouldn’t know what to do with the stone dragon that they fought so hard for. 

“Then we will have to trouble the goddess.”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo nodded. Seeing that the refining of Ancestral Dragon Pill was settled, he finally left.

It was just that he, from any direction, seemed like he was running for his life. 

It was as though he was worried that Yaoyao would change her mind and stab another knife at him. If that happened, he really didn’t know how to explain to the other Saints in the Omega Shrine.  

Zhou Yuan also couldn’t help laughing when he saw him hurrying away and gave Yaoyao a thumbs up.

Yaoyao was possibly the only one in all-heavens who could make the Omega Shrine so powerless. 

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