Chapter 137 Advance Illusory Stage

The drop of Spirit source energy transformed into extremely pure Spirit Qi that endlessly poured into Zhou Yuan’s Spirit.

Meanwhile, the black and red Qi from the Underworld Spirit Fruit and Vermillion Blood Grass also flooded in, entwining with the pure Spirit Qi.


A change immediately occured when the three parties met. One could only watch as the pure Spirit Qi seemed to be refined once again, causing a faint crystal like rainbow radiance to emerge.

Strands of crystal Qi sprinkled onto the Spirit, while the latter greedily devoured the former. The illusory figure gradually began to become more and more corporeal.

As Zhou Yuan felt the climbing power of his Spirit, he began to activate the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method.

In the void, a limitless mottled grindstone slowly turned. It was as if all things that were cast upon its wheel would be crushed into nothingness.

However, the current Zhou Yuan’s fear of the grindstone had already retreated. His Spirit drifted forward, no hesitation whatsoever as it cast itself onto the wheel.


The divine grindstone began to revolve, pulverising the tiny Spirit.

Dreadful power enveloped Zhou Yuan’s Spirit, causing it tremble uncontrollably.

However, he gritted his teeth and desperately endured while the Spirit Qi from the Spirit source energy continuously supported him.

Thus, Zhou Yuan Spirit persisted as the divine grindstone turned.

The dark gold marking on the mottled grindstone slowly shifted.

Almost an eternity seemed to have passed, while cracks had begun to appear on Zhou Yuan’s Spirit, a sign that he was about to reach his limit.

Even so, even under the intense pain that was practically about to burst apart his Spirit from the inside, Zhou Yuan did not entertain any thoughts of giving up.

Meeting Wu Huang today had made Zhou Yuan feel some pressure. Regardless of what had happened, Wu Huang stood at the peak of the Cangmang Continent’s younger generation, and his strength was far greater than Zhou Yuan’s own.

For Zhou Yuan to shrink this gap, the upgrade of his Spirit had to succeed!

“If I can’t even overcome this little hardship, what right do I have to step onto the sacred dragon road again?!” A roar seemed to thunder in Zhou Yuan’s heart.


As if sensing Zhou Yuan’s will, a powerful ripple suddenly exploded from his Spirit as the cracks that had appeared on it were swiftly repaired.


A faint click was heard.

It was the sound of the dark gold vertical markings on the top and bottom halves of the mottled divine grindstone joining once again.

Zhou Yuan had finally endured the second revolution of the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method!

Every revolution a whole new realm!

A voice was transmitted into Zhou Yuan’s ears as he finally relaxed. His Spirit was pulverised as the grindstone began to revolve once again, reforming itself several breaths later outside the grindstone.

The reformed Spirit was several times more condensed than before, so much so that there were faint signs of it turning truly corporeal.

Advance Illusory stage!

Uncontrollable joy surged out in Zhou Yuan’s heart. After suffering numerous hardships, his Spirit had finally stepped into the advance Illusory stage!

Now that it was at the advance Illusory stage, he could finally learn grade 3 Genesis Runes.

Although his current Genesis Qi cultivation was still stuck at the advance Qi Nourishing stage, his true power was much greater due to the domineering Omni Python Qi and his blood-red Qi Dwelling.

As such, even if he were to only use Genesis Qi in battle, Zhou Yuan’s battle power would not lose out to a mid Heaven Gate stage expert.

When grade 3 Genesis Runes were thrown into the mix, advance Heaven Gate stage opponents would no longer be able to threaten him so easily.

However, Zhou Yuan felt a little regretful that these advance Heaven Gate stage experts did not include the apex prided geniuses like Wu Huang. These individuals already stood at the pinnacle of the advance Heaven Gate stage, and also possessed the ability to do battle with those at a higher cultivation level. Hence, for Zhou Yuan to face Wu Huang in a direct clash, the former needed to at the very least raise his Genesis Qi cultivation to the Heaven Gate stage. 

Though this was so, Zhou Yuan was not discouraged, because the gap between them was rapidly shrinking.

In the room, Zhou Yuan’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened, while the flickering light between his brows gradually receded. He raised his head and looked outside the window, where the night sky was slowly withdrawing as the first rays of dawn broke through the heavy layers of clouds, shining onto the magnificent Saint Remains City.

While his eyes peered outside, his five fingers slowly tightened into a fist.

“Wu Huang, let’s fully settle the grudge between us in the Saint Remains Domain.”


After ascending to the advance Illusory stage, the first thing Zhou Yuan did was find Yaoyao.

“You’ve broken through?”

The latter immediately asked upon seeing him. When she saw Zhou Yuan nod, she too nodded as a slight smile emerged on her lips. “Only when one knows shame can one truly display one’s power and courage. Not bad.”

She was clearly referring to yesterday’s event when they met Wu Huang. Zhou Yuan had turned that pressure into motivation for his breakthrough.

Zhou Yuan grinned and said, “Can you teach me grade 3 Genesis Runes today?”

The Saint Remains Domain was about to open so he needed to make use of what little time he had to learn a few grade 3 Genesis Runes. Only then would he have some insurance when he entered the Saint Remains Domain.

“Good idea, I can avoid those two dragging me out to window shop.” Yaoyao lazily stretched her back. She was really somewhat helpless with regards to the situation. Luluo had already been too energetic, and now, there was another Zuoqiu Qingyu who looked at Yaoyao in a strange manner. To the peace loving Yaoyao, their attention was practically akin to torture.

Thus, the two found a quiet room and began to practice grade 3 Genesis Runes.

The lesson went on all the way from the early morning till the sun was setting in the sky.

Yaoyao rubbed Tuntun as she said to Zhou Yuan, “You should now have some elementary understanding of these few grade 3 Genesis Runes. However, you still require a tremendous amount of practice in order to successfully utilise them.” 

Zhou Yuan nodded. “I will master them as soon as possible.”

Yaoyao’s bright eyes looked towards Zhou Yuan. “Looks like Wu Huang has given you a substantial amount of pressure.”

Zhou Yuan smiled and nodded, not denying it. “He indeed stronger than me. I need to raise my strength.”

Yaoyao touched her cheek with one hand as the slender fingers of her other hand tapped the table. “Wu Huang is indeed a remarkable person.”

After yesterday’s encounter, even Yaoyao with her high standards had judged that Wu Huang was considerably outstanding amongst the younger generation.

Although he was arrogant, he had the ability to back up his pride.


Yaoya suddenly paused, staring at Zhou Yuan as she said, “His life has been smooth sailing since young, his triumphs and rapid progress naturally making him arrogant.”

“But from what I can see, compared to him, the you that broke free from your hopeless situation and never felt inferior as you earnestly worked hard to move forward, is even more outstanding than him.”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback, a smile involuntarily forming on his face. “Are you praising me?”

This was far too rare. Given Yaoyao’s standards, Zhou Yuan had never seen her praise in such a tone.

Yaoyao’s red lips lifted slightly. “It can be considered praise.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. “Thank you.”

Burning battle intent rose in his eyes. Like Yaoyao had said, Wu Huang’s strength originated from the smooth road king Wu had paved for him, an easy road of triumphant progress.

On the other hand, he had to face despair since young. His eight meridian channels had been nowhere to be found, making it impossible for him to cultivate.

He had ultimately created his own path through these tribulations one step at a time.

He had never felt that he was any less a person than Wu Huang.

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath, calming the emotions in his heart. In the next instant however, their expressions suddenly changed slightly as they stood up and cast their gazes at the sky outside Saint Remains City.

At this current time, six shooting star like objects were streaking past the horizon as vast and indescribably mighty auras filled the land, enveloping the entire city.

The Genesis Rune boundary above Saint Remains City began to open at this moment.

A powerful voice rang out across the entire city.

“Saint Remains City, Xiao Tianluo , respectfully welcomes the envoys of the six sacred sects!”

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