Chapter 1368 Yaoyao’s Changes

The stone dragon battle ended with Yaoyao’s universally shocking arrow.

The Sacred Race army was forced to retreat, leaving the stone dragon in the all-heavens’ hands.

The all-heavens army burst into thunderous cheers, several participants even weeping with joy. It had been a roller coaster ride, the many twists and turns constantly keeping them at the edge of their seats.

Fortunately, they had become the final winners.

Respectful gaze after gaze was cast in Zhou Yuan’s direction. Everyone understood that he was the chief reason for their victory. If not for his efforts in turning the tables at the final moment and defeating the seemingly invincible Tai Xuan, let alone obtaining the stone dragon, all of them would likely have been massacred by Tai Xuan, becoming mere stepping stones in his path.

After this battle, Zhou Yuan’s name would be known in every corner of the all-heavens. He would become the publicly acknowledged number one under the Saint stage.

The all-heavens Saint experts floated in the darkness outside the Stone Dragon Secret Domain. Prime sovereign Jin Luo stood next to Cang Yuan as they watched the giant stone dragon approach the Dragon Moving Array.

“The Sacred Race is far more powerful than our all-heavens. If not for the Third God, we would have likely lost again this time.” Prime sovereign Jin Luo sighed, a look of helplessness on his aged face. In the first world-ending war, too many of the all-heavens Saints had lost their lives with no lack of triple lotus prime sovereigns among them. Although the all-heavens had slowly recovered over the years, there was still a huge gap between them and the Sacred Race.

The Omega Shrine only had three prime sovereigns, while the Sacred Race had seven prime saints.

If the Sacred Mountain did not require several prime saints to be stationed there to provide the slumbering Sacred God with energy, the all-heavens would not even dare to step into this outer space domain. The threat of seven freely moving prime saints would force the all-heavens to hide in the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array and slowly wait for their deaths.

A grave look arose in Cang Yuan’s eyes. Practitioners below the Saint level only knew that the Sacred Race was strong and did not truly understand how powerful they were. Only Saint experts like them were aware of the disparity between both sides.

Moreover, this was not even accounting for the Sacred Race’s sleeping Sacred God.

For thousands of years, the Sacred Race had basically suffocated the all-heavens Saints.

At Cang Yuan’s silence, prime sovereign Jin Luo chuckled and consoled, “There’s no need to be overly pessimistic. The all-heavens have the Third God this time, and as the winds of change come, the remnant Ancestral Dragon will in this world will begin to stir. In such a time, who can say that our all-heavens will not have blessed individuals. Who knows, we might even be able to catch up in triple lotus stage experts.”

Cang Yuan nodded. Those blessed by luck always emerged in times of great change. Take the world-ending war for instance, the number of Saint experts born in that era had been unprecedented and would likely never be surpassed. If not for the Sacred God, the all-heavens would have had a real chance against the Sacred Race.

While the two were conversing, the enormous stone dragon finally touched the Dragon Moving Array. Bright light blossomed from the array, nearly illuminating every corner of the entire domain.

The all-heavens experts on the stone dragon were lifted by a gentle force and sent out of the Dragon Moving Array.

When they looked down, they could see the continent-like stone dragon rapidly shrinking as dozens of Satin experts worked together to compress it...

After half an incense stick of time, the enormous stone dragon had become five-foot-long. It looked life-like and was exceptionally detailed.

Countless gazes stared at it in desire. The five-foot stone dragon contained extremely concentrated Ancestral Dragon will, and would benefit countless all-heavens practitioners if refined into Ancestral Dragon Pills. Wasn’t this what the all-heavens experts had risked their lives to fight for? 

Prime sovereign Jin Luo beckoned with his hand, causing the five-foot stone dragon to arrive in front of him. He gently looked towards the all-heavens army and said, “After extracting the Ancestral Dragon will from the stone dragon, it will be refined into Ancestral Dragon Pills and distributed according to your contributions. For those who have fallen in battle, their clans and family will collect the reward on their behalf.”

Thunderous cheers erupted from the all-heavens army.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained rather calm because he had already obtained the biggest reward. He had established his Law Domain and his strength was already considered to be at the peak of the all-heavens Law Domain experts. What he seeked in the future was the Saint’s path that had stopped countless heaven prides. This was something that even the Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence would not be able to help him with.

“After helping Yaoyao refine the Ancestral Dragon will into Ancestral Dragon Pills, I should return to Cangxuan Heaven.”

Zhou Yuan’s gaze grew as deep as the night. Many years had passed since he left Cangxuan Heaven. The young Divine Dwelling stage practitioner who had left back then had now become a powerful and influential figure in the all-heavens.

There was still a debt he had to settle in Cangxuan Heaven.

The Sacred Palace and palace master Sheng Yuan.

The existence that had once been impossible to face was no longer untouchable to him.

As he recalled these memories, an icy light flashed in his eyes.

Zhou Yuan would never forget the main offender who had caused Yaoyao to fall into a deep slumber. He would never rest easy until he took his revenge.

While these thoughts swirled in his mind, Tuntun appeared on his head and yawned.

Zhou Yuan chuckled and said, “Let’s go home. Yaoyao is waiting for us.”

He bid goodbye to Su Youwei and the others before flying towards the spatial passage that connected to All-Heavens City.

No one stopped him. The Saint experts only cast a glance at him before withdrawing their gazes.

They knew what Zhou Yuan was going to do and were more than happy about it. After all, appeasing the Third God was likely the most important matter for the all-heavens. In the all-heavens, Zhou Yuan was likely the only thing that interested the Third God.

Zhou Yuan returned to All-Heavens City via the spatial passage and headed straight for the little courtyard at the center of the city.

He landed outside and slowly walked in.

The blooming flowers were just as gorgeous as before, while Yaoyao peacefully lay in a chair amidst the flower garden. Her beautiful face glowed enchantingly under the sunlight, like a sleeping beauty.

Zhou Yuan slowly walked to Yaoyao’s side and looked at her. He could sense the sliver of tiredness in her slightly knitted brows. Evidently, using such power had not been without consequence.

He reached out, grasped Yaoyao’s small ice-cold hand and softly said, “I think it would be best if you don’t use that power in the future.”

Yaoyao squeezed Zhou Yuan’s hand, placing it on her face as she lazily acknowledged with closed eyes.

Zhou Yuan smiled. “Why are your eyes closed?”

Yaoyao hesitated for a moment before she said, “I’m afraid I will scare you.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed. “What is it? Open them!”

Upon hearing the anxiousness in his voice, Yaoyao could only slowly open her eyes. Her right pupil looked normal, but her left pupil had become an endless starry sky. Earth, wind, water and fire seemed to swirl within it as if a world was being born again.

A heart-palpitating pressure spread from her left eye, and a single look made Zhou Yuan feel an indescribable fear, as if something terrifying had locked onto him.

The endless darkness of the starry sky and the ancient was a pupil that could only belong to a god.

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