Chapter 1367 Arrow Aimed at Lu Liu

When prime saint Tai Mi’s voice resounded across the domain, the numerous Sacred Race Saint experts immediately stopped what they were doing with dark and gloomy expressions. This outcome was not within their expectations.

After all, the Sacred Race had practically always been on the winning side in their many clashes with the all-heavens. However, they had been forced to retreat today.

Their gazes pierced through space, gazing at the beautiful figure holding a divine bow as graveness and wariness appeared in their eyes. Was that the rumored Third God? As expected of one of the gods, she was already capable of repelling the prime saints before her divinity fully awakened.

They understood that with her interfering, they had no choice but to retreat no matter how hard it was to accept.

The Sacred Race Saint experts gradually disappeared, several of them not forgetting to bring the Sacred Race army along.

In a few seconds, the domain that was originally filled with sounds of battle had become silent. It was as if the earth-shaking clash from before had merely been a dream.

In fact, the all-heavens experts were still somewhat in a daze.

On the enormous stone dragon, the numerous Law Domain experts blankly stared at the beautiful figure standing in the peaceful little courtyard. Yaoayo was not unfamiliar to them and was very popular among the many elite all-heavens experts during her stay in All-Heavens City.

However, her popularity was mostly due to her otherworldly beauty and the Ancestral Dragon Pill.

Many of the Law Domain experts were not aware of Yaoyao’s true identity, and thus inadvertently nicknamed her the goddess. They would never have imagined that the goddess, who only occasionally appeared to create Ancestral Dragon Pills, would actually possess such terrifying power.

That arrow from before had taken away their breaths and left them in a dazed stupor.

Zhao Mushen, Su Youwei and Wu Yao also blankly stared at the beautiful figure. This was the first time they had truly seen Yaoyao in action. Her power had made even the prideful trio feel a sense of defeat.

Su Youwei could not help but look towards Zhou Yuan and ask, “Is Yaoyao actually so powerful?”

Zhou Yuan also gazed at Yaoyao’s figure. There was no amazement on his face, but instead a sliver of worry deep within his eyes. He worried that using such power would affect her.

He said to the trio, “Yaoyao’s identity is not ordinary.”

The trio looked at each other, seemingly understanding something. After all, prime saint Tian Zhan had called her the Third Order God before he withdrew. Although they were still unable to access such information at their current level, it did not stop them from making their own conjecture.

The many Law Domain experts in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain were not the only ones who were stunned. Even the all-heaven Saint experts outside had slightly dazed expressions.

The Third God’s power had always been a point of discussion in the Omega Shrine, and no one had truly seen it before. Hence, the arrow’s power had shocked them all.

Injuring a prime saint with a single arrow.

Although prime saint Tian Zhan had been caught off guard, it was still enough to show how terrifying the arrow was. After all, Saint experts like them understood best how powerful a prime saint was and how difficult it was to injure one...

The Saint experts were silent. There was more respect in their eyes when they looked at Yaoyao again.

Although they knew her identity previously, it was not as impactful as personally witnessing her power.

Perhaps, when the Third God fully awakened, the all-heavens would finally gain the power to resist the Sacred God...

In the domain, the Primal Chaos Golden Bell slowly shrank, turning into a flash of gold as it returned into prime sovereign Jin Luo’s body. He gazed in Yaoyao’s direction and forced a smile. “If the Third God were to delay any longer, my old bones would probably be buried here.

“However, I still have to thank the Third God for aiding us. Our all-heavens is really blessed to receive your help.”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo bowed in Yaoyao’s direction.

However, Yaoyao’s face remained impassive. She appeared even colder than usual, her eyes seemingly containing the moon and stars as she looked down upon mortal beings.

She glanced at prime sovereign Jin Luo before slowly raising the divine bow again and aiming it at a certain figure under the crowds’ horrified gazes.

The target was...Saint Lu Liu!

With the bow locked onto him, all of Lu Liu’s hairs stood on end as a feeling of dread that he had not felt for many years surged out from the depths of his heart.

He was a mighty Saint expert, but he did not dare to even move at this moment. He had a feeling that once he did, the arrow that had injured prime saint Tian Zhan would rush straight towards him.

An attack that could injure even prime saint Tian Zhan was something that Lu Liu did not have any confidence in surviving.

Lu Liu’s old face trembled as it paled. How could he not know that the Third God was doing this due to Xu Beiyan’s scheming against Zhou Yuan previously?

Zhou Yuan had dealt with Xu Beiyan, and now the Third God was preparing her slaughter knife for him.

Regret rose in Lu Liu’s heart for the very first time. The Third God did whatever she pleased. If he knew this, he would never have allowed Xu Beiyan to provoke Zhou Yuan. However, who could have imagined that the seemingly emotionless Third God would have such a close relationship with Zhou Yuan?

Yaoyao’s actions also drew a commotion from the all-heavens Saint experts, causing several of their expressions to change slightly.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo’s figure appeared in front of Lu Liu, blocking Yaoyao’s aim as he said with a grave expression, “Please calm your anger, Xu Beiyan’s actions were his own discretion and does not have much relation with Lu Liu.

“The Omega Shrine will also punish him for his poor teaching in bringing up such a disciple.”

Lu Liu belonged to the Omega Shrine after all, and as a prime sovereign, Jin Luo could not idly sit by and watch him be killed by Yaoyao. Otherwise, the Omega Shrine’s position would be shaken.

Yaoyao calmly stared at prime sovereign Jin Luo. After a long time, she shifted her gaze towards the enormous stone dragon, where Zhou Yuan was worriedly watching.

Zhou Yuan naturally understood the meaning behind her gaze and shook his head with a serious expression.

Although he loathed Lu Liu, Yaoyao killing him would shake the all-heavens. With the Sacred Race eyeing them like a tiger, none of them would benefit from this.

Yaoyao slightly pursed her lips upon receiving Zhou Yuan’s answer and slowly put down the divine bow. Space rippled as the little courtyard gradually faded away.

A soft voice echoed from far away, landing in Zhou Yuan’s ear, “I’ll be waiting for your return.”

The Stone Dragon Secret Domain regained its peace once more as the Saint experts breathed heavy sighs of relief. Many of their backs were drenched with cold sweat. The Third God’s sudden actions were indeed extremely alarming even to them.

However, the crowd’s gazes soon turned towards Zhou Yuan, looking at him with strange and complicated expressions.

Even prime sovereign Jin Luo could not help but look at Zhou Yuan as well.

Although it had merely been a quick glance from Yaoyao, everyone was aware that she had ultimately withdrawn the bow because of Zhou Yuan’s decision...

This kid...could influence the Third God.

Or perhaps, it would be better to say that the love she had for him was far greater than they had imagined.

The Saint experts looked at each other and came to a common consensus. 

This kid is a treasure, we have to treat him like an honored ancestor in the future.

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