Chapter 1366 Goddess Forces Enemy into Retreat

Endless heavenly light was unleashed from the giant axe as it fell, seemingly capable of splitting the Stone Dragon Secret Domain in two. The light swung towards prime sovereign Jin Luo with overwhelming destructive power.

The scalps of Zhou Yuan and the others turned numb, while the all-heavens Saint experts’ expressions changed drastically.

The sudden appearance of prime saint Tian Zhan was clearly out of their expectations.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo was currently doing all he could to stop prime saint Tai Mi. Hence, the sudden participation of a second prime saint undoubtedly posed a great threat to him.

Once prime sovereign Jin Luo was injured, the all-heavens morale would definitely plummet. When that happened, they would no longer be able to hold on to their hardfought stone dragon prize.

Destruction descended in the form of a brightly glowing axe. Prime sovereign Jin Luo could naturally sense the incoming attack, the wrinkles on his old face crinkling even more. There was no sign of the other two prime sovereigns, likely obstructed by the Sacred Race. It seemed that the Sacred Race had made many preparations for the Stone Dragon battle, even going as far as to forcibly summon another prime saint from the Sacred Mountain.

“This doesn’t look good.” Prime sovereign Jin Luo sighed. With a thought, the Primal Chaos Golden Bell appeared around him. Dazzling gold light blossomed from it as golden halos rapidly appeared around the bell like enormous stars circling a planet.

Prime saint Tian Zhan’s destructive power was top three among the seven prime saints. In the face of such overwhelming might, even prime sovereign Jin Luo could borrow the Primal Chaos Golden Bell’s defensive ability.


While these thoughts flashed past in prime saint Jin Luo’s head, the axe smashed into the golden bell. An earth-shaking clang rang out, resounding across every corner of the domain before echoing towards the heavens.

The golden halos shattered one after another, neutralizing the destructive power.

After a dozen breaths, the glowing axe finally disintegrated. However, it also managed to leave a faint mark on the bell.

“Jin Luo, your turtle shell is much harder than before!” The axe wielding giant’s laughter boomed like thunder.

“I will suppress his Primal Chaos Golden Bell!” Prime saint Tai Mi chuckled icily and activated the Sacred Mountain Painting. The endless Sacred Mountain suddenly appeared from the darkness, sending out an almighty force that rushed towards the golden bell like a waterfall, continuously shaving away its golden glow.

Meanwhile, prime saint Tian Zhan continued to swing the giant axe in his hands. Destructive blows that could tear the heavens apart repeatedly rained down on the Primal Chaos Golden Bell.

Clang clang clang!

Some of the nearby Saint experts were unable to withstand the aftershocks, forcing them to retreat.

Worried looks arose in the all-heavens Saint experts’ eyes as they watched the two Sacred Race prime saints bombard the bell. The other side had clearly come prepared and if this continued, prime sovereign Jin Luo would really be in danger.

As a pillar of the all-heavens, any mishap that happened to prime sovereign Jin Luo would deal a devastating blow to the all-heavens.

If that was the outcome that awaited them, the all-heavens Saint experts would rather abandon the Stone Dragon Secret Domain instead.

An all-heavens Saint expert frowned deeply before he glanced at Cang Yuan and asked, “Supreme sovereign Cang Yuan, will that person come to our aid?”

The other Saint experts also looked over.

They knew who the Saint expert was referring to. It was obviously the goddess of All-Heavens City.

Cang Yuan cast a glance into the distance and replied, “She promised that she will definitely act if it does reach that stage.”

Another Saint expert worriedly said,“But prime sovereign Jin Luo is already in trouble.”

Zhou Yuan fell silent for a moment before revealing a bitter smile. “I’m afraid...that she intends to let prime sovereign Jin Luo suffer a little.”

The Saint experts were stunned. What did this mean?

Some of the more perceptive Saint experts suddenly looked towards Zhou Yuan’s direction and softly muttered, “Could it be...because of Zhou Yuan’s matter?”

The goddess must have seen everything that happened here. Although Zhou Yuan ultimately came out unharmed, the many twists and turns had been a rollercoaster ride.

“Isn’t Zhou Yuan fine? That person...can’t act that way, can she?” One of the Saint experts was in disbelief. He truly could not understand why such an existence would value a single person so much.

Cang Yuan let out a soft sigh. Due to Yaoyao’s awakening divinity, she was starting to become increasingly apathetic and her feelings for Zhou Yuan were likely the final stronghold she seeked to protect. Hence, anything that even slightly transgresses this area would draw an extremely huge response from her.

Although prime sovereign Jin Luo had, strictly speaking, helped Zhou Yuan earlier, it might not have been enough in her eyes.

If Yaoyao was an ordinary girl, it might have been seen as wilfulness, but as god whose divinity was awakening, it turned into a scary indifference towards mortals.

The all-heavens Saint experts were speechless. They could only look at each other and hope that her anger would soon dissipate. After all, it was far too dangerous for prime sovereign Jin Luo to face two similar level opponents alone.

Clang clang!

While all-heavens Saint experts were worrying, the attacks from Tai Mi and Tian Zhen grew increasingly terrifying. The aftershocks from each collision caused the Stone Dragon Secret Domain to ripple violently. The level of power had already begun to become unbearable even for a domain that had received long exposure to the Ancestral Dragon’s will.

Everyone could visibly see the Primal Chaos Golden Bell dim slightly after each attack.

In the bell, prime sovereign Jin Luo’s eyes were lightly shut, his expression composed like an elderly monk.

It was at this moment that a ray of mysterious sacred light suddenly fell from above the Sacred Mountain. The ray seemed to contain a power and will that surpassed Saint force!


The mysterious ray of light shone on the bell, abruptly freezing it in time and space. It felt as if it had been removed from the now and placed in the river of time.

“The Sacred God’s will?!” Prime sovereign Jin Luo’s expression finally changed. To think that the Sacred Mountain Painting contained a wisp of Sacred God will force that had instantly banished his Primal Chaos Golden Bell.

Although the banishment would not last long, prime saint Tian Zhen would not miss this opportunity.

“Jin Luo, you’re dead!”

Sure enough, prime saint Tian Zhan’s icy voice rang out as another blast of axe light was unleashed, descending with power that could extinguish a million stars.

The attack was headed straight for Jin Luo!

The all-heavens Saint experts cried out in alarm.

However, right before the torrential axe light arrived, space was suddenly ripped open above prime sovereign Jin Luo. Countless people saw a small, peaceful courtyard within the spatial crack.

The little courtyard was extremely familiar to Zhou Yuan. It was Yaoyao’s residence.

Yaoyao was currently standing amidst the flowers, her beautiful face cold and uncaring as usual with nothing but indifference in her eyes.

She wielded a divine bow, her slender fingers pulling back the bowstring. A power that reigned above saint force gathered in an instant, turning into an arrow that looked as if it was made from starlight. It was a beautiful arrow with countless ancient Genesis Runes carved onto its body.

She released the string with apathetic eyes.


The ancient starlight bow penetrated the laws of space, appearing in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain and colliding with the torrential axe light.

There was no loud noise from the impact. However, the axe light torrent swiftly melted away like snow under the burning sun.

“The power of Order?!” Prime saint Tian Zhan’s thunderous voice boomed, containing a sliver of terror.

Prime saint Tai Mi’s expression also changed drastically.

The Third God has already reached that level of awakening?!

This thought flashed in their hearts as the starlight arrow completely obliterated the axe light torrent. In the end, the arrow vanished, while prime saint Tian Zhan’s titanic body disappeared into the darkness amidst the crumbling space. At the same time, a painful roar echoed from far away, rippling the Stone Dragon Secret Domain.

Both the all-heavens and the Sacred Race watched this scene in shock.

Terrified gaze after gaze stared at the beautiful figure standing among the flowers.

No one had expected the arrow to injure a prime saint!

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, the beautiful figure shifted the ancient bow in her hand, pointing it at prime saint Tai Mi.

Terrifying power once again gathered towards the bow.

Prime saint Tai Mi’s expression changed drastically as his eyes fluctuated with uncertainty. In the end, his figure burst into bubbles and vanished.

At the same time, his voice rang out by the Sacred Race experts’ ears, “Everyone, retreat!”

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