Chapter 1365 Big Clash


The Dragon Moving Array outside the Stone Dragon Secret Domain finally began to operate. Countless threads of light flowed down from it like chains, connecting to the rising light threads from the stone dragon’s enormous body.

A vast power began to surge out.

The entire domain violently shook. Next, the all-heavens Saint experts were delighted to see the stone dragon slowly begin to rise and approach the all-heavens Dragon Moving Array.

“The Dragon Moving Array has activated!”

Joyous looks were revealed on the Saint experts’ faces. Once the stone dragon was near enough, they would be able to take action to retrieve it.

However, prime sovereign Jin Luo’s voice immediately rang out, “Don’t let your guards down!”

The Saint experts’ hearts shivered as they cast their gazes towards the other side of the domain where the Sacred Race army were stationed. Although the all-heavens had come out on top this time, the Sacred Race Saint experts were certainly not going to take this lying down.

Hence, they were definitely searching for an opportunity.

As for the rules that were established previously...the all-heavens Saint experts had experienced far too much, and naturally would not naively believe that such a flimsy thing would be able to restrain the Sacred Race at all.

With prime sovereign Jin Luo’s warning, an almighty power poured out, covering every corner of the domain. At the same time, terrifying power quietly gathered, preparing to respond to any sudden changes.

As the enormous stone dragon was slowly pulled towards the Dragon Moving Array, the expressions of the numerous all-heavens experts atop it gradually grew graver, their gazes continuously glancing towards the Sacred Race.

The entire domain became exceptionally silent.

The atmosphere grew so tense that it was nearly impossible to breathe.

When the stone dragon was ten thousand miles from the Dragon Moving Array, the silence was abruptly broken as the giant Genesis Qi barrier at the center of the domain was instantly smashed to pieces by an ancient and primal power.

Almighty blasts of Saint force pierced through space in an instant, mercilessly bombarding the Dragon Moving Array with overwhelming destructive power.

Every blast made the scalps of the all-heavens experts atop the stone dragon turn numb as they shuddered in fear. Let alone the rest, even Zhou Yuan’s expression shivered in terror. He understood that even though his strength had risen to an astonishing level, there was still an almost impossible to breach gap between himself and true Saint experts.

“Don’t even think about it!”

However, the all-heaven Saint experts were already prepared. When the Genesis Qi barrier broke, a loud noise rang out across the entire starry space. Space warped, forming countless spatial vortexes from which almighty power swept out, blocking the Sacred Race’s attacks.

There was no earth-shaking noise or disturbance from the collision of Saint force. When the two sides clashed, everything was silently destroyed, even space and Genesis Qi...

All Zhou Yuan and the others could see were enormous black holes rapidly being created in the endless darkness like the mouths of demons. They gave off a heart-palpitation feeling of infinite depth before gradually dissipating.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo impassively watched the great offensive launched by the Sacred Race Saint experts and indifferently said, “Tai Mi, you never disappoint.”

“Jin Luo, you should understand that everything my Sacred Race does in this world is right,” an equally indifferent voice sounded from the darkness, echoing across the entire domain, “Don’t push the mentality of the weak onto my great race.”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo mocked, “Since we’re weaklings, why did your Sacred Race fail to win the stone dragon?”

“That was merely a children’s game and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Jin Luo, whether or not you’ll be able to take away the stone dragon will depend on how capable you are.” Space was suddenly ripped open and an ancient scroll flew out. The scroll unfurled, revealing a majestic sacred mountain that gave off a pressure that made even Saint experts feel terror.

Triple lotus Saint artifact, Sacred Mountain Painting!

Prime saint Tai Mi clearly did not intend to play around and immediately summoned his strongest artifact.

A projection of the sacred mountain appeared, large and tall beyond comprehension. It loomed towards the all-heavens Saint experts with inviolable power.

However, prime sovereign Jin Luo also made his move. Genesis Qi soared out from the top of his head, turning into a giant cloud. A golden bell emerged from the cloud, giving a dazzling light that seemed to be capable of illuminating all nine heavens.

Triple lotus Saint artifact, Primal Chaos Golden Bell!

A halo of golden light blossomed from the golden bell as it rose to meet the sacred mountain projection.

The clash between two triple lotus stage existences wielding triple lotus Saint artifacts could only be described as world-destroying. The aftershocks made the entire Stone Dragon Secret Domain shake and if not for the Ancestral Dragon will’s influence, it would have likely been destroyed already.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo slowly said, “Tai Mi, the initiative is already with us, you alone cannot snatch away the stone dragon!”

Both parties were equally matched, making it impossible for Tai Mi to get past Jin Luo to destroy the already activated Dragon Moving Array.

A figure appeared, standing on a glowing lotus. It was prime saint Tai Mi. He looked down upon prime sovereign Jin Luo and said, “Jin Luo, if I am not enough, what about adding in another prime saint?”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo’s pupils shrank slightly. “Four of the seven prime saints are always stationed at the Sacred Mountain, not daring to take a single step out. As for the other two prime saints, the Omega Shrine’s other two prime sovereigns are always watching them…”

Prime saint Tai Mi chuckled. “Our god is in a deep sleep and needs to absorb Genesis Qi from four prime saints in order to recover from his terrible injuries. However, due to His gradually awakening, we no longer need as many prime saints. Hence, it is not difficult to get one of them out to deal with you.”

The sound of earth-shaking footsteps were suddenly heard, growing louder and louder. Zhou Yuan and the others watched in horror as space was hacked open and a giant emerged from the darkness. He carried a giant axe and was accompanied by a torrential aura of barbaric savagery.

The all-heavens Saint experts’ expressions changed as someone involuntarily cried out, “That saint Tian Zhan?!”

When the axe wielding giant appeared, two ancient figures opened their eyes deep within the Omega Shrine, their piercing gazes immediately penetrating through the heavens.

They immediately saw the giant prime saint. Just as they were about to act, however, they sensed two ancient and mighty presences lock onto them from far away.

“Di Long, Chi Ji…

“It would be best if neither of you try anything.”

A voice filled with indifference seemed to pierce the vast distance between them, sounding by the ears of the two figures deep within the Omega Shrine.

Stern and fierce looks emerged in the two figure’s eyes as they looked at each other. They ignored the other party’s warning and released a burst of astonishing Saint force to shatter space


Icy snorts from two Sacred Race prime saints rang out from the darkness. Space surged layer by layer as saint force unfurled, shaking the stars and blocking the all-heavens prime sovereigns.

Torrential killing intent erupted deep within the recesses of space.


While the two Omega Shrine prime sovereigns were being obstructed, the giant axe wielding titan descended outside the Stone Dragon Secret Domain as pupils filled with savagery locked onto prime sovereign Jin Luo.

The giant axe covered in blood stains was raised before swinging downwards.

At the same time, a thunderous roar boomed across the heavens, “Prime sovereign Jin Luo, this place shall be your grave today!”

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