Chapter 1363 Punishment

The purple-gold dragon claw slowly dissipated, leaving the extremely glaring pit on the ground. The entire battlefield was silent, emotions churning violently in everyone’s hearts as they dazedly stared at this scene.

No one had expected Zhou Yuan to actually kill Xu Beiyan.

That was a top-tier third stage Law Domain expert. Moreover, he had three Saint expert masters!

Given his background, who would dare to take his life?!

Gaze after gaze looked towards Zhou Yuan with mixed feelings though they all shared a look of admiration.

At the end of the today, it was Xu Beiyan who had committed such a vile act. In contrast, Zhou Yuan had righteously smited Xu Beiyan for the sake of his dead team members despite the watching Saint experts. His courage and character had earned their genuine respect.

After all, his dead teammates’ status and strength were a far cry from Xu Beiyan’s. If there was a choice between the two parties, there would certainly be no lack of people who would favor Xu Beiyan.

Rather than avenging a few dead people, it would obviously be much more beneficial to create good relations with a heaven pride like Xu Beiyan.

Everyone did understand, however, that Zhou Yuan’s killing intent had mainly been roused because Xu Beiyan had tried to end him in secret. Regardless, no one could deny Zhou Yuan’s hot-bloodedness and daringness.

This young man’s spirit could pierce the heavens.

Perhaps, this might also be the reason why he could alway boldly forge ahead...

When Zhou Yuan killed Xu Beiyan, the Saint experts outside the Stone Dragon Secret Domain were briefly stunned.

It was likely that they had never seen someone so bold.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo had already spoken, but Zhou Yuan had still taken the chance to end Xu Beiyan’s life.


While they were dazed, an almighty power suddenly erupted, causing the stars to tremble. The Saint experts looked over, only to find that it was Lu Liu. His complexion was ashen and it seemed as if fire was spouting from his eyes.

“Good! Good!” Lu Liu’s body shook with anger as a torrential aura surged from him. His gaze pierced through the space between them and locked onto Zhou Yuan’s figure, fire spewing from his eyes as if seeking to incinerate the latter.

“Lu Liu, what do you think you’re doing?” a low voice sounded. Cang Yuan’s sharp gaze had also locked onto Lu Liu as Saint light converged above his shoulders. The light Saint condensed into two spinning Saint lotuses that seemed to each contain an entire world within them.

“What am I doing?!” Lu Liu roared, “Cang Yuan, weren’t you watching earlier?! He dared to kill my disciple right before my eyes!”

Cang Yuan’s expression darkened. “What were you doing when your disciple tried to secretly kill Zhou Yuan in front of me?”

Lu Liu’s presence wavered for a moment before he gritted his teeth and retorted, “But Zhou Yuan didn’t die, right?! Even Xu Beiyan’s body and Spirit were utterly destroyed by him!”

“He didn’t die because he was not destined to. Xu Beiyan died because of his despicableness. He deserved everything.” Cang Yuan’s cold voice rang out. Everyone could tell that anger was rising within him. After all, if not for Zhou Yuan’s luck and tenacity, he would have really been killed because of Xu Beiyan.

“You!” Lu Liu was enraged. “Even if Xu Beiyan was guilty, he should be handed over to the Omega Shrine to decide his punishment. How dare a mere Law Domain expert take matters into his own hands? Moreover, prime sovereign Jin Luo had already given the order to hand Xu Beiyan over, but Zhou Yuan ignored the Saint order and insisted on murdering my disciple. Isn’t this showing complete disregard for the Omega Shrine?!”

“Old bat Lu Liu, you are still so vicious after so many years.” Cang Yuan indifferently said, “Xu Beiyan treachery not only caused Zhou Yuan to be seriously injured, but also forced him to witness the tragic deaths of the team members he was supposed to protect. He has always been a hot-blooded youth that has fought countless battles for the all-heavens over the years, which I believe everyone is well aware of. Hence, it is wishful thinking that your slander will change anyone’s opinion.”

The Saint experts sighed inwardly. To be frank, this matter could have been resolved at a later date, but who could have expected that Zhou Yuan would be so unyielding. However, owing to his many contributions over the years, the Saint experts present would naturally not be swayed by a few words from Lu  Liu.

After a brief silence, the Saint experts looked towards prime sovereign Jin Luo. The verdict ultimately depended on the highest ranking prime sovereign.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo’s face was impassive, making it impossible to tell what he was thinking. He likewise stared at the young figure in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain for a long time before he slowly said, “Xu Beiyan only has himself to blame for this outcome. However, Zhou Yuan is also at fault for disobeying orders and taking matters into his own hands. He will be stripped of the final reward for the Stone Dragon Secret Domain.”

These words concluded this affair.

The Saint experts’ gazes flickered in thought as they nodded, only Lu Liu’s expression remained dark and gloomy. This punishment was basically nothing to Zhou Yuan. The brat had already secretly absorbed a substantial amount of Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence and even stepped into the Law Domain stage. What would he need any reward for?

Hence, the penalty was completely meaningless!

Lu Liu gritted his teeth and said, “Prime sovereign, this punishment is unfair!” 

A heart-palpitating chill rose in prime sovereign Jin Luo’s eyes as he stared directly at Lu Liu. “Lu Liu, cease your annoying whining. Although Cang Yuan and I were already aware of Xu Beiyan’s actions, we did not say anything because we sensed that Zhou Yuan was still alive.

“Let me make one thing clear, if Zhou Yuan died, I would have personally killed Xu Beiyan...and you.”

A chill swept across Lu Liu’s entire body as he dazedly stared at prime sovereign Jin Luo. As the oldest and most experienced all-heavens prime sovereign, he was an existence that was respected by all the Saint experts. He usually came across as a very gentle and kindly person. This was the first time Lu Liu had seen such a frightening look from the prime sovereign.

The other Saint experts were silent. They naturally understood what was implied by prime sovereign Jin Luo’s words.

Zhou Yuan might not be of much importance to the Saint experts, and even adding in Cang Yuan did not amount to much in the Omega Shrine’s eyes. However...Cang Yuan was not the only one behind Zhou Yuan.

There was also the Third God!

The hope that the Omega Shrine had spent thousands of years plotting to find.

Although the Saint experts could not comprehend the relationship between Her and Zhou Yuan, none could deny there were deep feelings between them. If Zhou Yuan died, they could not imagine what She would do.

Though she had seemed harmless for the past few years, merely absentmindedly doing whatever she wanted, only Saint experts like them truly understood how terrifying the Third God was.

Hence, if Zhou Yuan died because of Xu Beiyan, prime sovereign Jin Luo would not have hesitated to kill Xu Beiyan and even Lu Liu. In a manner of speaking, he needed to use their lives to appease Her wrath.

“Lu Liu, you should be glad that Zhou Yuan did not die at Xu Beiyan’s hands.

“Moreover, as his master, you are also greatly responsible for this outcome. Xu Beiyan might not have understood how important and terrifying She is, but you know you can’t claim the same. Perhaps you might have neglected this because of a Saint’s arrogance? Do you wish for the hope of our all-heavens to be destroyed by your hands?!”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo’s low voice sounded like thunder in Lu Liu’s ears, causing him to stumble backwards as his face gradually paled.

In this moment, Lu Liu felt what it was like to be struck by a thunderbolt.

Over the years, he and Xu Beiyan’s other two masters had formed a small camp of their own, establishing a place for themselves in the Omega Shrine. Hence, he had been unafraid of the double lotus Cang Yuan. However, he had not expected this powerful alliance to be completely worthless in the face of what should have been an insignificant Zhou Yuan...

Only now did Lu Liu taste for the first time what it was like to humiliate himself.

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