Chapter 1362 Xu Beiyan’s Death

The conflict between Zhou Yuan and Xu Beiyan naturally drew the attention of the all-heaven Saint experts outside the Stone Dragon Secret Domain.

“What’s going on?” The all-heavens Saint experts frowned slightly, evidently unclear on why Zhou Yuan was suddenly making things difficult for Xu Beiyan. One must know that they had just repelled their mortal enemy. Wouldn’t such conduct make them look like a joke?

Saint Lu Liu’s expression sank. He immediately looked towards Cang Yuan, demanding an explanation. “Supreme sovereign Cang Yuan, your disciple is so domineering. Is he trying to boss others around just because he made a big contribution?!”

The other Saint experts also looked towards Cang Yuan, only to find him rather composed with what seemed to be slight mockery in his eyes. As individuals that could become Saint experts, they were naturally not fools and immediately understood that this matter was not so simple. Zhou Yuan seemed like a rational person and was definitely doing this for a reason.

“Saint Lu Liu, quietly watch and see. Your disciple is far more cunning than you think,” said Cang Yuan with indifference, not bothering to explain anything to Lu Liu.

Lu Liu’s expression darkened. He turned towards prime sovereign Jin Luo, but found that he was also very calm, causing Lu Liu’s heart to sink even further.

The all-heavens Saint experts turned their attention back to the Stone Dragon Secret Domain and listened to Zhou Yuan’s reasoning.

“Xu Beiyan obstructed Zhou Yuan from entering the barrier, causing him to be smashed into the ground by Tai Xuan and sustain heavy injuries?!”

“I can’t believe that such a thing happened!”

“I did observe Zhou Yuan’s body pause for a split second just as he was about to enter the boundary, but thought that it was because he ran out of Genesis Qi. To think there was such a hidden detail!”

“I’m shocked at Xu Beiyan’s ruthlessness.”

The Saint experts were extraordinarily capable individuals, and it naturally did not take them long to realize several suspicious points.

Supreme sovereign Lu Liu’s face turned as black as a wok bottom as his gaze rapidly flickered in thought. In the end, he gritted his teeth and said, “Prime sovereign Jin Luo, that’s only Zhou Yuan’s one-sided account. Although Xu Beiyan’s contributions cannot match up to Zhou Yuan’s, he should not be allowed to slander someone else so easily. Otherwise, who would willingly fight for the all-heavens in the future?”

Cang Yuan coldly said, “You took the words right out of my mouth.

“After doing such a great service for the all-heavens, how disheartening would it be if Zhou Yuan was forced to swallow this unfair treatment? Xu Beiyan was so evil and committed such a terrible crime. He cannot be forgiven!”

“You! Cang Yuan, on what basis do you accuse Xu Beiyan! We’ve not even gotten to the bottom of this matter!” Anger flared in supreme sovereign Lu Liu’s eyes.

Cang Yuan’s bottomless eyes stared at the Stone Dragon Secret Domain, watching the Zhao Mushen trio reveal themselves. Cang Yuan focused on the devouring vortex in Zhao Mushen’s hand and said, “Let’s continue watching.”

Unknown emotions swirled in the eyes of the many Saint experts as they cast their gazes back to the Stone Dragon Secret Domain.


The dragon head battlezone.

Everyone solemnly looked over when Zhao Mushen revealed the devouring vortex on his palm. The gazes of several people already began to change when they turned back to Xu Beiyan. After all, Zhao Mushen must be confident if he dared to make such claims.

In contrast to Zhao Mushen, Xu Beiyan’s face gradually paled, his earlier confidence slowly slipping away.

Before opening the devouring vortex, Zhao Mushen said to Zhou Yuan, “Zhou Yuan, seal the area first in case someone tries to escape.”

Zhou Yuan faintly nodded. With a wave of his sleeve, Genesis Qi gradually converged behind Xu Beiyan, turning into a cage of sorts.

Zhao Mushen then lifted his hand and the devouring vortex began to blossom like a flower, peeling off layer by layer. The strand of Spirit power trapped within it slowly began to rise into the air.

Xu Beiyan stared at the strand of Spirit power that was slowly being released. Its aura had already been refined by Zhao Mushen, making Xu Beiyan unable to sense any connection to it.

This bastard must be trying to scare me!

Veins crawled out in Xu Beiyan’s eyes as his heartbeat quickened. His intuition told him that Zhao Mushen was most likely bluffing.

But...what if it was real?!

Xu Beiyan felt very afraid, because he knew full well that he was the culprit. If the Spirit power captured by Zhao Mushen was his, Zhou Yuan would likely kill him on the spot.

Given Zhou Yuan’s current strength, it was impossible for Xu Beiyan to resist.

Xu Beiyan’s eyes frantically flickered in thought.

No, I can’t stay here. Zhou Yuan is already too strong and I will very likely be killed if my guess is wrong. I need to somehow return to master’s side. Even if the truth is revealed and I have to be punished, master will at least be able to safeguard my life. I can always make a comeback in the future!

Thoughts rapidly flashed across Xu Beiyan’s mind in that split second moment. In the end, he made his decision right before the strand of Spirit power was about to be released.


Powerful Genesis Qi abruptly erupted from Xu Beiyan’s body and smashed apart the still forming Genesis Qi cage at lightning speed. His figure immediately soared into the air, clearly intent of fleeing from the Stone Dragon Secret Domain.


Xu Beiyan’s sudden movement shocked the all-heavens experts. Anger soon flooded their faces. His actions had already proved he was guilty.

An all-heaven expert angrily roared, “Damnit! Xu Beiyan, you are far too disappointing!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were akin to bottomless pools as he watched Xu Beiyan turn into a streak of light. How could Zhou Yuan not know what Xu Beiyan was thinking? He obviously intended to escape and borrow his master’s power to preserve his life.

Zhou Yuan frostily remarked, “All that talent is truly wasted on you.”

Soon after, he extended his hand and swung.


An enormous spatial crack suddenly appeared in the sky and a purple-gold nine-claw dragon claw reached out. It seemed to blot out the sun as it sealed the area and swatted Xu Beiyan with extreme force.


Space shattered as Xu Beiyan’s body plummeted from the sky, creating a giant pit when it smashed into the ground.


Blood wildly sprayed from Xu Beiyan’s mouth. Before he could respond, the purple-gold dragon claw descended and pressed onto him, trapping him in place. He felt as if he was being crushed under an endless mountain range, unable to move. Even his internal Genesis Qi had been sealed.

This greatly horrified Xu Beiyan. Was the gap between him and Zhou Yuan already so large?

Zhao Mushen indifferently asked, “Xu Beiyan, what are you so afraid of?”

The devouring vortex on his palm finally scattered as he pinched the strand of Spirit power between his fingers. The strand did not drift towards Xu Beiyan, but instead flew towards Wu Yao’s head.

Everyone realized that the strand of Spirit power did not belong to Xu Beiyan.

Xu Beiyan angrily roared, “So you were bluffing?!”

He had already suspected this outcome, but had not dared to risk it due to his guilty conscience.

Xu Beiyan turned towards Zhou Yuan, whose eyes were filling with murderous intent, and sternly said, “Zhou Yuan, you can’t kill me! Even if I committed a crime, the Saint experts should determine my punishment, not the likes of you!”

Zhou Yuan’s expression was indifferent as he slowly walked towards Xu Beiyan.

Terror surfaced in Xu Beiyan’s eyes as he hurriedly shouted, “Master, save me!”

Space suddenly rippled as a mighty power appeared, causing Zhou Yuan’s footsteps to stop. At the same time, prime sovereign Jin Luo’s voice rang out, “Zhou Yuan, Xu Beiyan has been found guilty. Will you hand him over to the Omega Shrine? We will give you a satisfactory conclusion.”

Every gaze looked towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan was silent for a moment. He watched Xu Beiyan breath a huge sigh of relief and slowly said, “I was trying to send eighteen people into the boundary previously. They are my team members and although I can’t fully recall all of their names, it is my responsibility to bring them back safely as their captain.

“However, because of Xu Beiyan’s sinister actions, only three of the eighteen managed to survive.

“The other fifteen were turned into pulp by Tai Xuan right under my eyes.”

His voice contained unconcealable rage and frustration.

Soon after, Zhou Yuan lifted his head and stared into space, making sure to slowly enunciate each word, “I failed to protect them. Hence, I can only try to appease their departed souls.

“No one needs to give me a satisfactory conclusion, because I will do it myself!”

As the final word rang out, Zhou Yuan unleashed his power without hesitation. The purple-gold dragon claw abruptly exploded into tyrannical sacred dragon qi that rapidly poured into Xu Beiyan’s body. In the next instant, a destructive force violently erupted.

The world around them shook as it seemed to wail in agony.

Xu Beiyan was unable to even shriek as a terrifying power annihilated him from the inside.

The all-heavens experts stared in shock...

Xu Beiyan had been terminated by Zhou Yuan...

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