Chapter 1361 Settling Things

“Settle things between us? What are you talking about? I don’t understand what you’re trying to say!”

Anger and alarm colored Xu Beiyan’s expression as he looked at Zhou Yuan, causing the other all-heavens experts to burst into confused whispers.

No one had expected Zhou Yuan to open fire on Xu Beiyan immediately after dealing with their biggest problem, the Sacred Race.

Was it because of the squabbles between them previously? But it didn’t seem appropriate to resolve things here, right?

Xu Beiyan’s gaze swept across the surroundings as he said in a heavy voice, “Zhou Yuan, are you angry because I closed the defensive boundary earlier? But you should try and understand that we would have been slaughtered by Tai Xuan if I did not do so. We did not have time to wait for you to complete your cultivation breakthrough and return!”

The nearby all-heaven experts could not help but nod in agreement. Many even spoke out to persuade Zhou Yuan.

“Grand elder Zhou Yuan, this is not Xu Beiyan’s fault. He was thinking about the big picture.”

“Although it might be a little harsh, it would have indeed been disastrous if he was a split second late.”

“Please think about the big picture grand elder Zhou Yuan.”


Although Zhou Yuan’s influence had reached tremendous heights, several all-heavens experts still spoke up for Xu Beiyan. After all, from their point of view, it was not a mistake to close the defensive boundary. Although it might be unfair to Zhou Yuan, tough times often called for tough decisions.

Xu Beiyan’s gaze flickered, realizing he could use this. He displayed a mournful expression and said, “If you do feel resentment, you can go ahead and unleash it all on me. I won’t put up any resistance. But if I have to make the same decision again, I’ll still choose to close the boundary!

“Since the boundary authority was handed to me, I need to be responsible for everyone!”

His righteous attitude instantly drew even more sympathy. More and more people began to support him verbally.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained indifferent. He ignored everyone else as he stared at Xu Beiyan and said, “Are you done acting?”

Xu Beiyan’s heart sank as he said, “What exactly do you want?!”

Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept across the crowd. Everyone who met his gaze immediately closed their mouths, because they could see the sliver of iciness in his eyes.

The surroundings turned silent.

Zhou Yuan’s calm voice sounded, “I’m not seeking him out because he closed the boundary, but because we were stopped by a surge of Spirit power a split second before we were about to enter the boundary. It was this split second difference that caused us to be stuck outside and hit by Tai Xuan’s fist seal.

“In other words, someone secretly tried to stop us from entering the boundary.”

As his words rang out, appalled looks appeared on the crowd’s faces. They never imagined that such a thing had happened during that critical juncture.

Confused gaze after gaze was cast towards Xu Beiyan. Zhou Yuan was clearly implying that he was the culprit.

Xu Beiyan’s expression changed. Soon after, he angrily said, “Zhou Yuan, I know that you’re unhappy that I pursued the goddess previously, but are you trying to frame me because of that?!

“You might have contributed the most in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain, but that doesn’t mean I did nothing. I was also risking my life for the all-heavens. Don’t you think it’s a little too much of you to make things difficult just because things are going well for you?!

“Do you really think anyone will believe such baseless accusations?!”

The surrounding experts had dazed looks, clearly confused by the two parties. They did not know who to believe.

Xu Beiyan appeared enraged on the surface but was secretly sneering inside. He had borrowed the boundary’s power to conceal his actions previously, and no one should be able to find out. As long as he stuck to his story, he did not believe Zhou Yuan would dare to take action against him with the all-heavens Saint experts watching.

“I can testify that we were indeed obstructed by a surge of Spirit power for an instant when Zhou Yuan was trying to bring us into the boundary!”

A voice suddenly sounded. The crowd immediately shifted their gazes, following the voice to find three figures appearing behind them.

It was a man and two women. They were Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao and Su Youwei, who had been smashed into the ground along with Zhou Yuan by Tai Xuan’s punch.

The trio had withdrawn their auras, however, they still gave off heart-palpitating Genesis Qi undulations. Some of the Law Domain experts were shocked when they looked over, because the trio had stepped into the Law Domain stage. Moreover, the faint Genesis Qi pressure from their bodies made it clear that they far surpassed any ordinary first stage Law Domain expert.

Many third stage Law Domain experts looked at each other. It seems that Zhou Yuan and the others had managed to find fortune in disaster.

The trio passed through the crowd, arriving behind Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan turned around to look at them. He was not surprised to sense their Genesis Qi undulations. The trio were top tier heaven prides after all, possessing talent that far surpassed the ordinary. Moreover, he had specially helped them break down and refine the Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence before he left. Given all these factors, it was only natural for them to advance to the Law Domain stage.

When Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept across Wu Yao, her long and narrow eyes trembled for a moment before she awkwardly looked away.

Su Youwei displayed her brightest smile as usual, however, there was a sliver of embarrassment hidden within her limpid eyes. As the link that helped to harmonize the Yin and Yang qi between Zhou Yuan and Wu Yao, the Spirit fusion had also affected her in a certain manner of speaking. Of course, she did not really mind but recalling it did make her heart beat faster.

It was fortunate that they had saved his highness, or Zhao Mushen would be a dead man!

Zhou Yuan suddenly looked towards Zhao Mushen. His arms had already regrown but there were several bruises on his face as if he had suffered a violent beating.

Zhou Yuan suspiciously asked, “Are you alright?”

Zhao Mushen was expressionless. He was about to reply when he felt two ice-cold gazes shoot towards him like daggers.

Hence, he rubbed his bruised handsome, chiselled face and nonchalantly said, “Don’t be a busybody.”

He could not possibly tell Zhou Yuan how awkward the atmosphere had been when Wu Yao and Su Youwei awakened. When Su Youwei revealed that it was him who had suggested the fusion of Spirits, Wu Yao immediately took out a giant chopper as if intending to turn him into mince meat.

While Zhou Yuan was fighting Tai Xuan above, Zhao Mushen was being viciously beaten by Wu Yao and Su Youwei underground.

Zhao Mushen was actually quite furious when he saw Zhou Yuan. If not for the Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence, he would have found some way to take revenge. The two women were completely unreasonable, Zhou Yuan was clearly the one benefited, so why the hell did they beat him instead?!

Women...heh, how dull. Thankfully, my only wish is to become a Saint expert. Beautiful women are merely terrifying creatures.

Zhou Yuan is really unlucky to have these two women pestering him. He will definitely regret this in the future.

“What kind of look is that?” Zhou Yuan frowned as he gazed at Zhao Mushen, feeling that his eyes were filled with mockery.

Zhao Mushen ignored Zhou Yuan and instead turned towards the uncertain-looking Xu Beiyan and indifferently said, “I’ll repeat myself. When we attempted to enter the boundary previously, a surge of Spirit power obstructed us. Everything Zhou Yuan has said is true.”

An uproar erupted around them.

Xu Beiyan's face turned frosty. “You guys are clearly singing the same tune. You just want to make things difficult for me.”

Zhao Mushen coldly said, “Don’t be so quick to deny. I’m proficient in devouring power and unwittingly devoured a sliver of the Spirit power that obstructed us. I shall release it now and we shall naturally find out who it belongs to.”

He raised his hand and a vortex appeared on his palm. Sure enough, a strand of invisible Spirit power was trapped in the vortex.

In this moment, Xu Beiyan, who had denied everything, felt a chill rise from the bottom of his feet, heading straight towards his head as his scalp seemed to explode.

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